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Business Intelligence Services

With business data becoming more complex and voluminous, we often find our clients struggling to track and derive business insights from this data for better decision making.

SunTec specializes in offering business intelligence services to clients from across the globe. We closely work with managers, executives as well as analysts and auditors to help them understand how insights drawn from business data can aid them in achieving their goals. We usually start with creating a basic dashboard tailored for each user type. We then offer search tools like Search Engines, Directories, Meta Indices, etc., according to their requirements and finally move to proactive dashboards that alert users about potential problems before they occur.

With the help of our business intelligence services, our clients can attain an edge over their competitors as they are able to manage issues, even before their competitors know that some of these issues exist.

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Business Intelligence: Value vs. Cost

We help our clients determine the real value of their business intelligence project. Usually this involves understanding the objective behind the BI project. For example, if you know your customers are purchasing more of product A than product B what will be the value of knowing this today, instead of knowing this after a month? So, before initiating a business intelligence project, determine the value that the information is going to provide.

Business Intelligence: Big Data

There is a lot of hype and confusion surrounding big data. Big Data is an evolving term and we have helped our clients make the most of it in numerous ways such as:

Public Accessibility

One of the most common way in which big data is used is by publishing all the required information for people to search. We have helped political organizations, government organizations as well as agencies to create big data web portals. We begin by taking voluminous data that is usually poorly formatted, taken from multiple sources and is difficult to access. Once the data is collected from diverse sources and organized we figure out how users will be searching for information. We often devise ways to help users search for information by location depending on the type of data in consideration.

Trend Analysis

The goal of big data is not to track individual transactions but to provide more insights and sense trends from the information available. Big data can be extremely useful for organizations trying to determine resources required in future or to understand issues that occurred in the past. In such scenarios, the main aim should be to collect as much information as possible, organize the data so collected and present the data in such a manner that the information makes sense to various stakeholders.

We leverage our 16+ years of experience and expertise in delivering IT solutions on a variety of Big Data management and integration tools like Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend and Pentaho to help your organization become a truly data driven enterprise.

We will partner with you right from devising your strategy for data management, then through implementing data warehouses, all the way through developing the analytics and visualization frameworks to help you discover insights for your enterprise.

How Can We Help You?


From defining the capabilities necessary to make your Big Data initiative a success to developing and deploying an integrated IT strategy to deliver effective and secure data mining and data management.

Implementation Services

Application design & implementation, customization, enhancements, application integration and testing, migration & re-engineering services.

Support Services

Ongoing application maintenance and support, enhancements, performance tuning and operational support.

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"At SunTec, we got our idea of an easily navigable app for efficient management of leads. Developers at SunTec matched the quality standards which we expected and completed the project on-time. We can now manage our leads, distinguish between the qualities of the leads and easily track, report and consolidate our leads at one place with a simple touch." Brian Walter, COO,
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