Text Annotation Services

With Extensive Functional Expertise, we Create Cost-Effective and Reliable Training Data Sets that Can Facilitate Precise Detection and Prediction in AI/ML Models.

Outsource Text Annotation Services for Machine Learning

The right amount of relevant data is critical to creating a quintessential training set for machine learning programs. But, processing and annotating text for machine learning projects of varying natures while preserving precision and quality can present severe logistical challenges to enterprises.

To save time and resources while producing high-quality text annotations and eliminating inefficiencies, businesses have to fall back on the expertise of reputed text annotation services.

Partner with SunTec India for a Complete Range of Text Annotation Services for Machine Learning

As an industry leader, SunTec India has spent 25+ years in the digital domain, adapting its services to support on-going technological advancements. We have assisted numerous enterprises worldwide with text annotation and metadata labeling services to train artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms.

With a suitable combination of the latest industry tools and techniques, we create, test, and correct data sets that best correlate with your algorithms’ intended use case. Our professional annotators provide state-of-the-art accuracy when preparing data sets for computer vision models. The resultant training data facilitates easy pattern discovery and smooth inferring.

At SunTec India, we employ a balanced tagging and labeling process that represents an almost comprehensive range of classifiers. After determining text and subsequently analyzing it, our annotators process the text based on the labels most relevant to the project’s learning environment.

Our Text Annotation Techniques

Text Categorization

Our annotators align text elements in any documents according to categories predefined by the client.

Semantic Annotation

Various elements in a document are annotated with a relevant concept pertaining to their nature.

Phrase Chunking

By tagging different parts of speech with their grammatical or linguistic contexts, we ensure a better understanding of phrases in different languages for machines.

Entity Linking

Our data specialists carefully analyze the text recovered from a document and assign an appropriate relationship between different parts of sentences/phrases.

Text Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Our training data sets are produced through an operational workflow that allows smart utilization of tools fitting custom client requirements. Through text annotation, labeling, tagging, keynotes addition, review, and revision, our data specialists ensure a comprehensible outcome that easily recognizable by computer vision models.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

How Do we Create Accurate & Precise Text Annotation Results?

  • Radically Efficient Systems
  • AI Models Trained Within Hour
  • Agile Data Collection Approach
  • Production-quality Training Data
  • State-of-the-Art Insights
  • Frequent Process Upgrades

We utilize multi-purpose annotation tools to facilitate faster, cost-effective text annotation. We also use web-based text annotation tools when necessary to deploy and manage your requirements.

The typical range of text annotation services offered at SunTec India involves OCR text correction, text extraction, multilingual handling, component analysis, and feature tagging, among others. But, to create accurate outcomes for a client’s specific requirements, we also create and implement custom workflows. This ensures that your objectives are met in time.

With high-quality visualization capabilities, our text annotation services for machine learning also support -:

  • Multi-lingual data capabilities
  • Multi-tier monitoring
  • Deep textualization
  • Automated Corpus Processing (Context, Grammar, Vocab)
  • Integrated quality control

The most significant use cases for our text annotation outsourcing service includes AI-based models for speech recognition, sentiment analysis, natural language query processing, document classification, translation, summarization, etc. Every data point is labeled according to the AI/ML algorithm’s capacity and objectives.

Text Annotation with Right Metadata Labeling

Our services go beyond simple text annotation, labeling, or tagging activities. When you outsource text annotation services to SunTec India, we provide you with professional annotators and data specialists trained on the subtleties of large-scale text analysis.

To ensure accurate metadata labeling, experts at SunTec India attach additional descriptive information to text elements. Such semantic tagging helps in creating a data set that can be easily interpreted and reused by machines.

text annotation - meta data labeling
  • In-depth concept and relationship extraction
  • Highly-structured metadata tagging
  • Indexing, classification, and interlinking of concepts
  • Internal/external links to additional related information
  • Unambiguous tagging

With the help of fast and reliable metadata labeling services, we generate a training data set that makes it easier for your computer vision models to search, filter, link, and inference information.

Why Outsource Text Annotation Services to SunTec India?

When you hire text annotation experts from SunTec India, you get round-the-clock assistance, absolute accuracy, and a training data set that complies with the highest security and quality regulations.

  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Highly-trained text annotators
  • NDA-supported data confidentiality
  • ISO 27001:2022 Certified ISO For Information Security
  • Scalable outsourcing model
  • Fast turnaround; swift deliveries
  • Comprehensive Label Support
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Proven operational methodologies
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified ISO For Quality Management

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