Product Description Writing Services

Hire eCommerce Product Description Writers to Get Compelling, SEO-Friendly, and Unique Descriptions that Set your Listings Apart!

eCommerce Product Description Writing Services

Struggling to write compelling product descriptions that convert? We get it. Crafting descriptions that grab customers' attention, precisely explain key features and benefits of your products, and support SEO efforts can be a major challenge- especially at scale.

That's where our professional product description writing services come in. With deep eCommerce expertise and top-notch copywriting skills, we take the hassle out of product description creation. Our team thoroughly researches your products, brand voice, and target audience to produce engaging, conversion-focused descriptions tailored to your needs. Whether you need new product launch descriptions or want to update previous descriptions, we've got you covered!

Driving Sales & Engagement with eCommerce Product Description Writing Services

Whether you have a dedicated eCommerce store or are selling on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., we have a team of skilled copywriters who specialize in crafting customized product descriptions tailored to each platform and marketplace in a quick turnaround time. We focus on every aspect of writing product descriptions, including:

Bullet Points

Long paragraphs can turn off customers. Hence, our product description services emphasize clear, concise bullet points to highlight product key features and benefits. Our copywriters craft succinct yet compelling bullet content that includes all the crucial details customers need to quickly grasp the core selling points and easily understand the product's value.

Catchy & Optimized Titles

Our eCommerce product description writers study title character limits, keyword opportunities, and formatting guidelines to create catchy titles that are well-optimized for your platform/marketplace of choice. We further ensure that the description titles have the necessary information about the product needed by customers to make the purchase.

SEO-Friendly Content

To drive traffic to your listings, our eCommerce copywriting services focus on producing SEO-friendly content for your eCommerce store. Our team identifies the most relevant keywords and strategically incorporates them in descriptions. We further ensure that the descriptions are unique, and have proper paragraphs and headings to ensure that your listings rank well on the marketplace as well as search engines.

Original Descriptions

Simply copying descriptions from manufacturers' sites can hamper your SEO efforts. Hire eCommerce product description writers to get 100% original and unique content. Our product content writing services can also help you edit AI-produced descriptions. However, our specialty lies in producing original content to distinguish you from the competitors.

Clear CTAs

When crafting product descriptions, we use clear, enticing, and actionable CTAs that move customers to take the desired action (whether adding a product to the cart or buying a product). This helps you boost your conversions and sales significantly.

Product Descriptions Tailored to your Business Needs

Product Descriptions for Online Stores

We highlight product benefits, features, and brand story on your eCommerce site, built on Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.

Product Descriptions for Amazon Stores

We produce attention-grabbing and keyword-rich descriptions, within Amazon's specified character limit.

Product Descriptions for eBay Stores

We help you to stand out on the eBay marketplace with uniquely written product descriptions that persuade shoppers to buy your products.

Product Description for Etsy Store

Our copywriters produce creative, concise, and compelling product descriptions within Etsy's guidelines.

Product Descriptions for Email Marketing Campaigns

We highlight the key selling points and write gripping descriptions to promote your products through email marketing campaigns.

Product Descriptions for Social Media

We follow your unique brand tone to create engaging copy tailored to social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Elements of a Professional Product Description

We craft engaging product descriptions that effectively communicate key information and persuade customers. This includes highlighting product benefits, features, availability, shipping details, usage instructions, return policies, and other key elements, including:

  • Bulleted list of features
  • Relevant keywords
  • Meta title & description
  • Catchy headline
  • Product overview
  • Powerful CTAs

Product Description Writing Workflow

  • Requirement analysis
  • Delegating team
  • Copy creation
  • Proofreading
  • Client approval
  • Final delivery

Get Original, Human-Powered Product Descriptions that Make a Difference!

With a team of skilled copywriters, we help you stand out in the competition, and write creative and personalized descriptions. While AI has a long way in producing content, our human expertise is still unmatched when it comes to producing unique and high-quality product descriptions at scale.

Why Outsource SEO Product Description Writing Services to SunTec India?

Over the years, we've helped 5000+ eCommerce stores meet their business goals. With end-to-end eCommerce content writing services, we have experience in producing high-converting content, tailored to your brands and products. Here are some reasons why you should consider our product description writing company for your eCommerce content writing needs:

20+ years experience

Quick turnaround time

ISO-certified processes

Flexible hiring models

Free revisions

No-obligation free sample

Let's connect!

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Want Faster Results but Unsure about Using AI for Product Descriptions?

Explore our AI-content editing services.

  • Get expert human editors to enhance AI-generated content.
  • Save up to 50% of traditional writing costs.
  • Get original, relevant, and error-free content faster.

Grow your eCommerce store with our AI copyediting experts.

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