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eCommerce Catalog Copywriting / Unique Product Description Writing Services

SunTec brings to you unique product description writing services as a solution to your varied ecommerce copywriting requirements.

Our product copywriters help you with:

  • Effective SEO product descriptions with an ability to appreciably increase search engine traffic and sales conversion
  • Concise yet vivid descriptions that will leave a long lasting impact on the minds of the readers
  • Sharp and crisp descriptions that are free from factual errors
  • Relevant copies that provide answers to the product related questions of prospective buyers
  • Keyword-rich product specification copies that will result in more hits on your website
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Original Product Description Writing Services: What Sets SunTec Apart From Others:

A qualified team of seasoned product description writers

Our team is our strength and hence we are able to deliver you content that compels the readers to buy.

Originality runs in our blood

Count on us for descriptions that are unique and attractive. Not only will they impress your readers but will also create a niche for your product in the marketplace.

Words that will convey the features of the product

Our product description writers are masters in the art of writing product specification and catalog copywriting that is simple, clear, and informative and drafted in an attractive manner. It will have everything that you would want your customers to know.

Customer oriented descriptions

You get point-to-point engaging product descriptions that will instantly click with your customers. It will give them a feeling that the product is tailor-made for them and will precisely meet their needs.

The Need for Product Description Services

Today, we look up to Internet as a source of fast information. Just type a word on a search engine and it throws up countless results in a fraction of a second. It will not be wrong to say that many consumers largely rely on the information they read over the Internet while making a purchase decision. Thus, while selling a product online, it is crucial to back it up with quality product description.

Many years of market study, identification of the target audience and in-depth research in developing the final product goes in the process of launching a product. Heavy investment is made in developing a marketing strategy before the product is launched. But, all the hard work and planning goes in vain when you see your product losing its identity and being thrown into the clutter. This is precisely why you need a compelling product description. Since you are selling online, your customer cannot reach out and touch the product and sometimes even the image is not enough. But with a killer product description, you can convey everything you always wanted the customer to know about the product. And once the readers like what they read, a sale is guaranteed, provided that the description is persuasive enough.

Content Tailored to a T
  • Unique and original content at competent pricing
  • Meticulously researched, keyword optimized, compelling content
  • A qualified team of seasoned writers
  • Small, free sample work to exhibit our writing style and quality
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For any further queries concerning our SEO Product Description Writing Services and eCommerce Catalog Copywriting Services, kindly write to us at We will get back with you shortly.

“I have many live websites that require regular update of product catalogues. To say the least, my websites were fraught with poorly written or repetitive descriptions. This was directly impacting my business. The product description writers at SunTec have been particularly reliable and experienced. I am very pleased both with their quality and quick responsiveness. I have already referred their name to quite a few of my business associates.” Chloe Oates, Online marketing manager