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CASE STUDY: Development of an Educational Website on Joomla

Client: Dragons in Europe
Website: http://dragonsineurope.com

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Client Background:

Dragons in Europe is a specialist provider of Mandarin teaching materials and the services of professional Mandarin teachers to UK and European Schools. The client has provided its services to over 800 schools. Parents, teachers, school principals and other individuals interested in speaking Mandarin can also shop for different textbooks and study materials used in many primary and secondary schools on our client’s website.

Client’s Objective:

The client wanted us to develop and design a functional website which could spread their business across Europe.

Project Challenges:

The client needed a highly functional site with the ability to engage visitors who could be anyone from a language teacher, school’s principle, an adult or a parent interested in speaking or teaching Mandarin to their children. Designing a website as per the mindset of different users posed a challenge.

In addition to it, maintaining the site’s loading speed without hampering the user experience was also a key demand of our client. Also, the site must be easily navigable and its content must be easily editable.

Solutions Offered by SunTec:

Using the information we were given, we chose Joomla as the CMS for developing our client’s website. We divided the web development process into multiple stages and bought together a team of web developers, designers and technology consultants. The team first carried out the requirement analysis which was followed by creating wireframes and prototypes. Once the wireframes and prototypes were approved by our client, they moved on to coding the website and complete the web development process.

We provided the following solutions to our client:

Technologies Used:

To design a functional and bespoke website for Dragons in Europe, we used the following technologies:

  • Joomla
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • MySQL


The result is a website optimized for search engines which showed better results in comparison to its competitor websites.

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