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eCommerce Product Data Enrichment

How often your customers visit your online store, but leave it in no time at all because they could not find the relevant information they needed to make their final purchase decision? Enriched product data means that your customer is not left out speculating about the particulars of your product, and consequently reduces the rate of customer drop outs.

When you leave your customers conjecturing about the product, it is possible that they drift away to your competitors for precise information. Provide them with enhanced product images, apt description, schematics, availability and product warranty data, and you'd observe your customers buying more items and returning less.

Product data enrichment enables you to value-add information to your product presentation on a range of landing pages and navigation links, making it rich and comprehensive. It helps you set your eCommerce Store apart from your competitors, allowing numerous product search criteria, and decreasing calls for assistance from customers.

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SunTec India is well-appointed with a team of eCommerce data management professionals, and well-developed process of product data enrichment - capturing data from numerous sources comprising:

  • Print catalogs together with manufacturer and distributors' websites
  • Finding information pertaining to collateral damages from various sources, such as safety, health and environment web sites, instruction manuals, etc.
  • Matching data and / or assigning unique identifiers corresponding to classification organizations, such as UNSPSC, UPC, etc.
  • Procuring/ processing the product images, and schematics
  • Verifying the product attribute data

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“Our experience with SunTec India has been great and we're extremely pleased with the quality of work received so far. We are looking forward to do more projects with the eBay listing services team of SunTec in the near future.” John Smith,