Product Data Matching Services

eCommerce Product Matching for Efficient and Successful Selling

eCommerce Product Data Matching & Deduplication Services

Sell efficiently, maintain regulated inventories, and price your products smartly. With eCommerce product data matching services from SunTec India, stay ahead of the competition through data-driven awareness.

  • Lower Inventory Costs by 50-60%
  • Save Time With Automated Workflows
  • Offer a Single Product View to Users
  • Grow Globally with Competitive Insights
  • Get Industry-standard Product Taxonomy
  • Enrich Your Product Data Store
  • Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Increase Brand, Product, and Label Popularity

Our eCommerce product data matching & deduplication services are designed to add value.

We create optimized matching strategies customized to your niche and needs. Join hands with us for product matching in eCommerce and stand a chance at multiplying your profits, reducing expenses, and staying one step ahead of the competition- always!

What Can You Do With Product Matching In eCommerce?

  • Control, Optimize, and Monitor the Price of Your Products with a Dynamic Strategy.
  • Get Deep, On-Point Insights about Competitor Products, Pricing, and Performance.
  • Offer a Consolidated, Consistent, and Comprehensive View of your Product Catalog.

Types of Product Data Matching And Deduplication Services Offered at SunTec India

Find the product you want. Match across the globe. Leave no stone unturned.

eCommerce product data matching & deduplication services at SunTec India give you instant access to an encyclopedic product database comprising GTIN, EAN, and UPC. This inclusivity enables us to compare, match, and enrich your data across categories.

Private Label

Meet your customers’ expectations and step ahead of the competition at once. Compare your private label products to other private label products in your niche. We will identify products with similar attributes and optimize your data store accordingly.


Get a stern hold on your inventory and pricing strategies and prepare your brand to reach customers across the globe. Our experts will compare your branded products with other brand competitors worldwide and provide

Private Label Vs. Branded

Grow your business with a smart pricing strategy. Compare and match your private label product attributes with those of your branded competitors. Stay competitive while maintaining your reach and inventory limits.

Price Your Products Efficiently with Product Matching in eCommerce

Product matching is an eCommerce necessity. It is as much a data quality process as it is a market differentiator. Especially when pricing your products amidst cut-throat competition, product matching eCommerce listings become a superpower.

Price comparison is a ritual in retail arbitrage- an unofficial dogma of sorts.

The premise is simple- group identical products and compare their prices to set a profitable costing standard for your listing. However, in implementation, the science behind separating a 95$ toothbrush from a 2$ toothbrush is quite complicated.

That is where our eCommerce product data matching services come in.

How Do Our Product Data Matching Services Enable Price Comparison?

Our data processing experts differentiate identical products from variations via a hybrid of AI, ML, and manual sorting. In addition, we focus on minimizing false positives and curating search results for any product with absolute precision through our eCommerce product data matching services.

  • SKU-level product matching
  • Adherence to local and international trading standards
  • Thorough parsing of long descriptions
  • Shopping portal-specific product matching
  • Ethical individual and brand website crawling
  • Dynamic price monitoring

To give you the most benefit of product matching in eCommerce, we perform data searches directly on competitors’ websites, not just on Google. This tactic helps reduce instances of ‘false positives’ while also producing better data insights for price comparison, monitoring, and management.

Offer a Consolidated Catalog With Our Product Data Matching Services

Drive qualified prospects and purchase-ready customers to your eStore with a hyper-targeted and intricately integrated catalog.

Product data matching and deduplication services at SunTec India focus on cleaning your listings and optimizing your catalogs. We group similar products together and test the relationship between variants or products of similar intent and use. We also merge multi-dimensional product information into a single SKU wherever needed.

Through such in-depth product matching in eCommerce stores, we prevent data duplication. That leads to a refined user journey and enhanced search result quality.

How Do You Avoid False Positives When Product Matching eCommerce Listings?

When product matching in eCommerce, false positives can occur in two cases.

  • When similar products are mistaken for identical products
  • When identical products are missed during matching

Ensuring an identical match and avoiding similar matches is a matter of detailed analysis. We use automated systems and run the process through our specialists simultaneously to guarantee dual accuracy. Our product data matching services go through every description and detail, leaving nothing to chance.

Missed matches usually happen when sellers try to use search engines to look for similar products online. Google or Bing may not show all the matches available for a particular product. To fix these issues, our eCommerce product data matching & deduplication services cover every competitor website, covering every possibility.

Employ Automated Copyright Infringement with Product Matching in eCommerce

Are you worried about the unauthorized use of your brand logo, product images, titles, descriptions, or other textual and multimedia content across the internet?

With our eCommerce product data matching services, you can rest assured that all such problems will be handled with finesse!

At SunTec India, we adopt a multi-head approach to product data matching and deduplication services. For every product listing, we run similarity algorithms on the title and image. We match the design, presentation, and appearance. At the same time, our product data matching services also check the information presented alongside the picture.

  • We use AI models to understand product designs
  • We study multiple customization possibilities for any image
  • We train our AI models to identify a product through its use cases and features
  • We employ professionals to vet the final results

This process for product matching eCommerce listings allows comparisons to the core. Nothing is missed, thanks to this standardized process.

This is how we ensure complete copyright protection for all our clients and immediately inform you of any breaches in real-time.

eCommerce Product Data Matching & Deduplication: Our Process

Despite the multiple layers of complexities in exhaustive product matching in eCommerce, the governing principle of this process remains straightforward.

If a product fails the similarity test, it should be discarded from the data set.

Our eCommerce product data matching and deduplication services translate this principle into a stepped series of actions. Each stage in our methodology is designed to determine product matches while imposing stringent quality checks on the process.

Data Summary Report Creation

Identifying data cleansing requirements is the first step when product matching in eCommerce. We collate relevant product data for your listings from multiple sources and sort through them to highlight values that need to be completed, validated, or re-entered.

Product Attribute Standardization

To ensure complete data parsing and thorough understanding, we go beyond basic product attribute standardization. Our eCommerce product data matching services ensure this by breaking down long descriptions and isolating unique product attributes.

Data Context Analysis

At this point, the data we have is mostly scattered and unstructured. We use AI/ML algorithms to analyze this information, understand product use cases, and create a contextual base for further processes.

Catalog Categorization

Based on the context thus obtained, our product data matching and deduplication services run a cycle of identification, classification, and categorization. Further, this information is used to create a hierarchy and taxonomy.

Product Matching

We go into product matching with a clean, classified, and standardized data set. Our eCommerce product data matching services use a wide range of similarity algorithms to compare data and identify identical, similar, and duplicate results.

Data Deduplication

When building a consolidated product view, we delete every duplicate entry identified in the product matching phase. The data entries that can not be deleted are modified or enriched with new, contextual information.

Price Comparison

A significant objective of product matching eCommerce listings is to create price comparison charts, monitor the dynamics, and build a pricing strategy accordingly. Our product data matching services handle this part on a website-specific basis.

99% Accuracy; Unbeatable Quality: Product Data Matching Services @ SunTec India

AI-powered crawling systems, ethical processes, and astonishing results; Get direct access to these advantages and many others with eCommerce product data matching services from SunTec India.

From the world’s largest online marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.) to particular websites and platforms, we leave no stone unturned when product matching in eCommerce. In addition to an unwavering commitment and a perfect record, our product data matching and deduplication services are also recognized by several other facets.

  • 20+ Years Of Industry Experience
  • Professional Resource Pool
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Consistent >99% Accuracy Levels
  • Iso-Certified Processes
  • 8530+ Global Client Connections
  • 95% Client Retention Rates
  • Flexible Scaling And Payment Modules

Outsource eCommerce Product Data Matching Service Or Try a Free Demo

To know more about our eCommerce product data matching & deduplication services or outsource this service to our experts, reach out to our team at

You can also book a demo session or request a sample job. This is a free-of-charge offering extended to all our prospects as a testament to our expertise and capabilities. Request this free sample/demo of our product data matching services through an email at or fill the contact form on this page.

eCommerce Product Data Matching Services: FAQ

Product matching is a part of data processing. In eCommerce, product matching services are used to compare a product with an identical competitor product. The purpose of product data matching services is to achieve one or more of the following objectives.

  • A dynamic pricing strategy attuned to the niche market
  • A comprehensive product catalog that simplifies navigation for end-users
  • Detailed, on-spot competitor insights for informative strategizing

In most cases, product matching in eCommerce is implemented by targeting multiple data sources and using machine learning as well as automated systems. At SunTec India, product data matching and deduplication services are performed with the help of top proprietary software, ML algorithms, AI modules, and professional experts.

We use:

  • The best comparison tools
  • Clustering algorithms
  • Appropriate similarity algorithms
  • Image similarity checking programs
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Attribute extraction programs
  • Price outlier detectors

Our eCommerce product data matching & deduplication services follow a flexible pricing model. You can quickly scale the team size by your needs. Simultaneously, you can pick from multiple payment models to ensure that you only pay for the services you avail of.

With our product matching services, there are no hidden costs!


We are ardent followers and advocates of ethical crawling. Our product data matching services utilize artificial intelligence and deep learning to build and deploy crawlers that seek out similar product matches. At the same time, we ensure that all our crawling and data extraction activities are entirely legal, moral, and responsible.

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