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Data Extraction Services

Get quick access to meaningful information with full-cycle, enterprise-grade data extraction solutions, and empower your business decisions with critical analytical insights. Data extraction services at SunTec India ensure a constant flow of high-quality, relevant data, bespoke services, and quick turnaround time.

  • Reusable Extraction Templates
  • Automated Extraction Workflow
  • Quality Validation, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Easy Data Exportation to Popular Destinations
  • Data Compliance Management
  • Web, On-Premise, & Cloud Deployment

SunTec India’s Exclusive Range of Data Extraction Services

Web Data Extraction

  • Extracting data from primary and secondary web sources concerning competitors, consumers, and prospects, market trends, etc.
  • Mining meta-data information from websites
  • Assembling, organizing and encapsulating all relevant information about your business by mining online news and PR websites

Database Extraction

  • Extracting data from databases through appropriate queries
  • Gathering data from RDBMS as well as NoSQL sources
  • Culling out vital data through various databases and database formats
  • Data tracking, mining, and research
  • Extracting data from social networking sites, blogs, and forums to recapitulate user/customer views and reviews

Document & PDF Data Extraction

  • Comprehensive document data extraction
  • Hybrid extraction approaches with best industry practices
  • Latest document processing software with batch processing capabilities
  • Advanced image processing tools
  • In-built quality and precision control

On-Premise Data Extraction

  • Large-scale on-premise data extraction, migration, and management
  • Industry-standard data encryption and security
  • Data standardization, querying, and analysis
  • Centralized interface, on-premise data integration tools, easy access

Cloud-Based Data Extraction

  • ETL solutions (Extract, Transform, Load) for cloud data warehouses
  • Ad Hoc analysis of different data sources
  • Real-time data extraction using cloud
  • Automatic vulnerability verification
  • Customized classification and processing formats

Data Extraction Services from Financial Documents / Company Reports

Data Extraction Services from Financial Documents

How Our Data Extraction Company Functions

As one of the leading web data extraction companies in the industry, we follow the best practices to combat the challenges of web data extraction easily while yielding productive outcomes. By utilizing a variety of data extraction tools, legacy batch processing tools, proprietary tools, and cloud-based tools, our data professionals extract relevant information for organizations.

Our end-to-end data extraction services follow an established and proven approach to ensure appropriate outcomes.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Customized Crawler Creation
  • Data Cleansing & Structuring
  • Data Relevance Analysis
  • Data Formatting And Information Organization
  • Delivery in Client’s Preferred Format

Our data experts identify the right data sources, categorize and document them, and gauge its reliability and quality. The next step is to build a crawler that can fetch useful results with built-in quality validation systems to ensure security compliances.

Enterprise Applications of Our Web Data Extraction Services

Because of our robust in-house infrastructure, global presence, and 20+ years of data processing experience, SunTec India is uniquely positioned to offer guidance, assistance, and advance your business towards growth. We scrape and deliver data from diverse sources while taking care of complex back-end activities and maintenance. With qualified teams and ample technological expertise, outsourcing data extraction services to SunTec India can turn in numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Sentiment Analysis

We extract, explore, and analyze massive volumes of social data to identify overall consumer sentiment. Brands can use this sentiment report to create better upselling opportunities, monitor agent effectiveness, recognize influencing triggers, train chatbots, provide adaptive service, and handle multiple consumers in real-time with ease.

Smarter Market Research

Our web data extraction experts sift through large volumes of data points, images, and text on the web and gather data relevant to a particular market research project, ensuring prompt and precise results.

Pricing Intelligence

Through our data extraction services, eCommerce businesses can easily monitor their competitors’ pricing data on multiple marketplaces. That data can be analyzed further to deduce and assign ideal prices to your catalogs while ensuring profitable outcomes.

Contextual Advertising

Through appropriate user-data extraction and analysis, we help businesses identify elements that the users engage with. It can help you increase the value of web pages by placing contextualized ads in spots where they are likely to attract a visitor’s attention.

eCommerce Cataloging

Our data professionals have years of experience in deep web crawling and intelligent data extraction from a wide variety of eCommerce structures. You can depend on our web data extraction services to get accurate information about sellers, SKUs, product details, stock availability, quantity, variety, reviews, etc. which would enable you to update catalogs and discover new categories with ease.

Brand Monitoring

Businesses use our customized data extraction solutions to review the market, study competitors, monitor popular forums in their domain, social media, etc. It helps them stay updated about their brand voice across global markets, enabling them to modulate customer behavior and maintain their brand reputation appropriately.

Trend Monitoring

With remote/offshore data extraction services available around the clock, you get frequent reports about the latest market changes, news, and trends.

News Feed Aggregation

Build unique news data feeds for your business with faster, high-volume content extraction and aggregation services from SunTec India and get the benefit of better insights and niche-specific, current information at your fingertips.

Citation Databases

With a comprehensive stack of web data extraction services, we collect a wide variety of digital publications relevant to your niche. Such sources are mined for appropriate data and used to create a structured database of references and citations.

Web Data Integration

We use sophisticated approaches to scrape data from the web through end-to-end web data integration processes. With more focus on quality and control, our web data integration solutions help in extracting hidden data, assess deep transaction flows, apply strict QA processes, and facilitate on-demand data extraction, cleansing, comparison, and analysis.

Social Media Data Extraction

We collect data from different social media platforms to build a refined candidate list for unique users while eliminating false associations. That data can be used to understand consumer behavior and enrich user experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Better Customer Service

By extracting user-generated content, we help companies understand popular consumer sentiment. It helps enterprises in analyzing the market attitude and creating customer-focused offerings that are more likely to perform well.

Data Extraction Services: Extract Intelligence from Data with SunTec India

When you hire data extraction experts from SunTec India, you get the advantage of unique solutions, tailored to match your business needs. As a leading data extraction service provider company, we hire the best talent in the global market to assure our clients of absolute quality, precision, and security.

While mining relevant data from various online and offline sources databases, we also help explore the demographic characteristics and behavior of your customers with exhaustive analysis and reporting. We can also publish your data in different formats simultaneously and deliver the outcomes as and when you prefer them.

Here’s What Sets our Web Data Extraction Solutions Apart

  • Custom-built solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Transparent services with complete accountability
  • Frequent and multi-level Quality Analysis sessions
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security & data confidentiality
  • ISO 9001 certification for superior data quality
  • Skilled programmers and technically rich infrastructure
  • 20+ years of industry experience
  • Secure data transmission tools
  • Scalable and flexible outsourcing operational model

We offer a broad range of data extraction services, including scraping of web/HTML pages, semantic/syntactic scraping, extracting data from emails, PDF files, and databases, etc. To know more about the diversity and business benefits of our data extraction services, reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com.

Client Speak

Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

Ed Wolf, Italy
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