Data Extraction Services

Outsource Data Extraction Services to Obtain Clean and Structured Data from Diverse Web Sources in a Quick Turnaround Time

Web Data Extraction Services

To stay competitive, businesses across all industries must gather crucial data on their customers, employees, sales, and various other operational aspects. However, the process of extracting diverse data can be complex, tedious, and time-consuming, which calls for professional data extraction services. At SunTec India, a reputable data extraction company, we excel in assisting businesses in promptly gathering relevant information from a wide range of online sources.

As a top data extraction services company, we understand the rules, regulations, and implications of data collection. Our services go beyond simply providing data; we assist you in cleaning and formatting the data as per your specific requirements. Our web data extraction services employ both automated and manual techniques to extract data from reliable sources, ensuring both speed and accuracy. By outsourcing data extraction services to us, you can free up your time and resources and focus on your core business operations.

Timely and Efficient Data Extraction Services for Varied Business Processes

Having 25+ years of industry experience, our experts extract data from multiple sources and further structure it to be easily stored, processed, and analyzed. Our data extraction services primarily include:

Website Data Extraction

As one of the leading web data extraction companies, we can capture relevant data (using scripts, APIs, and manual techniques) from any of your desired websites- competitor websites, educational sites, new websites, blogs, etc. Furthermore, we perform data cleansing and sorting to make sure that the extracted data can be easily retrieved and analyzed.

Prospect/Lead Data Extraction

Ready-to-use databases can sometimes be ineffective when it comes to finding the ideal prospects and often results in waste budgets & efforts. Our data collection services provide a customized approach to gain deeper insights about your target audience, identify relevant data sources, extract customer lead data, and provide you with a customized list of prospects to boost your sales and marketing efforts.

As a part of our data extraction services, we retrieve data such as user profiles, posts, comments, user information, etc., for various purposes, including market research, sentiment analysis, user profiling, etc., from leading social media platforms- LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Moreover, our experts adhere to data protection and regulations while extracting social media data.

Data Extraction for Competitor Analysis

By leveraging our data extraction services, you can gain access to critical data points about your competitors, including prices, service offerings, promotions, news coverage, backlink profile, etc. Our professionals can extract relevant information about your competitors from different sources- annual business reports, competitor websites, social media platforms, company profiles, business listing sites, etc.

Data Extraction for AI/ML Models

High volumes of data extraction is the most challenging task for any machine learning project, and this is where we help. Our data extraction company can support your AI/ML model training needs by capturing relevant data, including text, video, images, and audio from your specified sources to help you build your custom training AI dataset.

We offer comprehensive support for research initiatives through data extraction services tailored to your market research needs. Our dedicated team can scrutinize thousands of web sources and provide you access to relevant data on target audiences, previous research, etc. Additionally, we offer data support services that involve data processing, enrichment, cleansing, and validation of your market research data.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Our Web Data Extraction Services Support Multiple Industries and Vertices

Our data extraction services cater to the needs of different industries and niches, including but not limited to:

eCommerce Product Data Extraction

We can extract product details, like prices, descriptions, attributes, and other product-related data, from online retail sites, manufacturer sites, and marketplaces.

Financial Data Extraction

Our data extraction company can collect financial data, including but not limited to financial reports, current exchange rates, stocks, share prices, etc., from numerous online sources.

Real Estate Data Extraction

Based on your project requirements, our professionals can extract foreclosure data, mortgage property daya, property listings, and other real estate data from your desired sources.

Data Extraction for Sales & Marketing

We support you by gathering and acquiring relevant information about customers, prospects, market trends, and other factors that can impact sales and marketing efforts.

As a HIPAA-compliant data extraction company, we can collect & give you access to clinical data from medical records, insurance claims data, healthcare databases, public EHR data, etc.

Travel & Hospitality Data Extraction

We can help you gather data from competitors and other travel portals pertaining to current trends, flight prices, hotels, travel itineraries, and more.

Data Extraction Workflow

  • Project requirement analysis

    After establishing contact, our team carefully understands your project requirements, sets clear deliverables, and prepares service-level agreements.

  • Data extraction source identification

    Having understood your business needs, our experts scrutinize multiple web sources and identify the most relevant sources to extract data.

  • Data extraction using automated or manual techniques

    Depending on your requirements, our experts employ scripts and crawlers to extract relevant data. Where automated techniques fail, we perform manual data extraction.

  • Data sorting and cleaning

    Data extracted from diverse sources can be heterogeneous, irrelevant & unstructured. Hence, our experts remove irrelevant data, sort and cleanse the dataset before delivering it.

  • Secured data delivery

    We deliver the final dataset in your desired format via a secured FTP server or encrypted email to ensure no data security breach.

Why Outsource Data Extraction Services to SunTec India?

As one of the leading data extraction companies, we have helped several clients get access to accurate data pertaining to their use case, enabling them to easily convert it into meaningful insights. Additionally, our data extraction outsourcing solutions ensure time and cost-savings without you having to worry about the accuracy and relevancy of the extracted data.

Outsource data extraction services to us and avail the following benefits:

Quick turnaround time

Regardless of the data complexity or volume that needs to be scraped, we offer a quick TAT and deliver the project in the committed time frame.

ISO-certified processes

Our web scraping company is ISO 9001:2015 and 27001 certified for its information security management and quality management systems.

25+ years of experience

With over two decades of industry experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as one of the top data scraping companies.

Competent team

We have a skilled and experienced data scraping team who use industry-best scraping tools, APIs, and customized scripts to give you the data you need.

Our team works 24*6 in shifts to offer you uninterrupted web scraping services, thereby supporting your time zone for easy collaboration.

To help you gauge our expertise, we offer a free demo before getting down to signing to the final project, wherein our experts can scrape your specified data and provide you with a sample dataset.

Struggling to extract relevant data from disparate sources?

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Data Extraction Services: FAQs

As a part of our data extraction services, we can extract data from multiple sources, including but not limited to job portals, competitor websites, research papers, online databases, online business reports, eCommerce marketplaces, blogs, online directories, among others.

Outsourcing data extraction services not just helps you focus on core business operations but offer several other benefits, including-

  • Cost and time savings: Outsourcing data extraction services is cost-effective as compared to setting up an in-house team. Moreover, data extraction companies can meet your data extraction needs and deliver the project in a quick turnaround time.
  • Higher expertise and experience: Top outsourcing companies specialize in gathering and organizing data. They have the necessary skills and possess the higher experience to extract and process data efficiently.
  • Improved data quality: Data extraction service providers follow best practices to ensure accurate and relevant data. They validate & clean the extracted data, resulting in improved data quality for businesses.
  • Compliance and data security: Reputable outsourcing companies adhere to industry standards and regulations and have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

At SunTec India, our experts carefully check the relevancy of the extracted data as per your use case. We perform data cleansing on the raw data gathered from diverse sources. Our QA team further verifies and validates the final dataset to ensure that there are no duplicates, errors, or inconsistencies.

Yes. On receiving a sample task from you, we aggregate data as per requirements to help you gauge our process and expertise. Moreover, we sign an NDA to ensure that your data will not be used by our company.

Our data professionals can convert and deliver data in your preferred formats like .txt, .xls, .csv, .tsv, XML, PDF, JSON, and more. We can also integrate the extracted data into your systems if needed.