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Outsource Word Processing and Formatting Services

Neatly and well-presented products or services instantly engage the audience and create an impression that lasts. Your business documents, data, and marketing collateral are no exception to this rule. Documents such as company reports, manuals, survey forms, questionnaires, presentations, resumes, newsletters, and product manuals, etc. have their own specific symmetry. For a document to make perfect sense to the intended reader, it needs proper formatting. Hence converting your existing documents into the right formats such as Excel and PDF etc. can greatly enhance their usability and accessibility. Similarly audio and video typing content and storing it in official and legal formats enables you to repurpose it as per your individual needs. Only well-trained word processing and formatting professionals can do it for you.

SunTec India provides you easy access to professionals who can format all sorts of documents with complete accuracy and precision. Holding extensive experience and domain knowledge, our professionals are adroit at applying various templates, borders, and techniques to design and format your documents, as per your specific requirements. To efficiently manage your data, they use the most appropriate format, font-face, font-size, and page layout while processing your word documents, thus enabling you suitably structure and easily access and retrieve business-critical information, as and when required. SunTec India gives you the best-in-class service and unmatched data security, thanks to our ISO-certified processes. Being in the industry for more than 20 years gives us the capability to deliver bespoke services with speed and accuracy.

Key Benefits Of Outsourcing Word Processing Services

Benefits of Word Processing Services

More productive time

Outsourcing frees up more productive time and resources for you that can be utilized to take care of your core business.

Customized services

When a specialized word processing company works on your specific needs, you can expect customized word template designs from them. Your vendor can deliver the completed work as Microsoft Word Documents with proper HTML or PDF formatting.

Easy access to key skill sets

Word processing might be an auxiliary business function for you but for your vendor, it is their bread and butter. Hence they have word processing experts with an in-depth understanding of the work. Outsourcing gives you easy access to this talent.


Outsourcing not only gives you customized services well within the stipulated timeframe but also saves your hard-earned dollars. Thanks to labor arbitrage, your service provider charges much less than local resources.

A Glimpse Of Our Word Processing Services

Desktop Publishing

As part of our word processing services, we can create word documents from business literature, reports, proposals, mailshots, presentations, newsletters, brochures, reports, sales pitches, marketing materials, book manuscripts, and legal documents.

Text editing and formatting

Our experts format your existing text as per your specific needs. This includes formatting headings, lists, and numbering, adding footnotes, and applying title casing. Our language experts check the text for logical flow, organization, sentence structure, transition, phrasing, and ambiguities.

Tables and figures

To ensure that your data is presented clearly, we use tables and figures. Our experts deftly create a table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables.

Page Layout

We design the page layout to suit your requirements. Our experts set margins, footers, headers, page numbering, columns, and orientation.


Our professionals use the most appropriate font, color, and style along with your company's logo, front cover, borders, headers, lines, and fills.

Captions and References

To support your figures, facts, and tables, we add captions and references throughout the document.

Extra Design

We also create diagrams, cover design, images, and spreadsheets, as per your project requirements. Simply share your specific requirements with us and our experts will deliver the desired results.

File compilation

Our experts add images, tables, and appendices to your document. They meticulously check your document for the casing, spaces before full stops, and single/double spacing, if any.

Mail Merging

We help businesses to create promotional documents such as newsletters that can be sent to customers via email. Our mail merging experts personalize these documents by adding the right email address and proper salutation.

Scanned files or PDFs to text

Optical character recognition tools usually cannot decipher scanned text and handwritten documents. Our seasoned professionals do it manually for you and convert the scanned PDFs and documents into editable and searchable content.

Images to text

With the growing popularity of smartphones, a lot of content is clicked and stored haphazardly. With our word processing services at your disposal, you can convert this digital content into a machine-readable format and manage it conveniently.

Video to text

As part of our video to text transcriptions services, we transcribe audio or text contained within video files. The text is then formatted as per your individual needs. Whether it is spoken content, burned-in captions, or subtitles our experts can transcribe everything for you.

Audio typing and transcription

Media, education, and entertainment often have a humongous amount of data in the form of audios and videos. Our experts are adept at transcribing this content into error-free text. Whether it is podcasts, interviews, presentations, conference calls, speeches, or voice memos our seasoned experts can transcribe them all for you.

Choose Our Word Processing and Formatting Services for Excellent Outcomes

Meet your particular business needs while saving nearly 50% or more of your operational costs by choosing our word processing and formatting services.

In addition to competitive prices, we also provide you with exceptional scaling opportunities. Our exclusive resources work as an extension of your team. A dedicated project manager keeps you updated and in the loop at all times. Plus, our wide assortment of word processing services ensures high customer satisfaction.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

A Study conducted by SunTec India on 50+ clients.

Word Processing and Formatting Services: The SunTec India Advantage

Customized solutions

We customize our solutions to cater to your specific business needs and deliver maximum benefit.

24*7 support

We are available round-the-clock to answer your queries and provide project updates.

Cost-effective services

We provide services at the most competitive prices, thus assuring you cost reductions by up to 40-50%

Complete accuracy

As an ISO 9001 Certified organization, we deliver 99.995% accuracy in all our projects.

Data Security and Confidentiality

As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we ensure complete data safety and protection of your valuable information.

Join hands with SunTec India for text editing and formatting services and give your business a chance at higher productivity and operational excellence. Reach out to us at info@suntecindia.com to discuss requirements or get a free trial.

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