Client Success Story

Achieving 67% Higher Sales and 400% RoAS with Google and Amazon Ads Optimization

The client

US-Based Manufacturer of Tire Covers & Accessories

The client is a prominent manufacturer based in the United States specializing in the production of premium tire covers and accessories. Their primary focus lies in designing and manufacturing these products specifically for popular vehicle brands such as Jeep, Hummer, Toyota, Ford, and Land Rover. To broaden its reach and enhance its online visibility, the client has started selling its products on Amazon.


Low Product Visibility and Declining Sales

The client was facing significant challenges in boosting their organic visibility and sales. Despite implementing promotional activities, they were unable to achieve substantial growth through Google and Amazon ads. They needed to find an effective way to reverse this decline and achieve significant growth.

Recognizing the need to scale their business, they approached our team for assistance. Hence, to meet the client's needs, we moved forward with the following goals in mind:

  • Enhance organic visibility
  • Improve keyword indexing
  • Implement effective PPC campaigns

Google Ads Optimization

To address the challenges faced by the client and maximize their performance on Google PPC Services, our team implemented the following solutions:

Keywords Research & Analysis

To target the right audience and improve ad campaign performance, our experts began by researching and selecting relevant keywords. This process aimed to increase the relevancy of the ads shown to users, attract more qualified leads, and improve click-through rates.

Landing Page and Google Merchant Center Optimization

We thoroughly optimized landing pages (by fine-tuning CTAs, product descriptions, product images, and other page elements.) and Google Merchant Center (by creating relevant & accurate product feeds) for enhanced user experience and improved sales.

Keyword and Product Type Bifurcation

To make the most out of ad campaigns, we bifurcated keywords and product types to be used for search & shopping campaigns. This strategic approach improved the visibility of all keywords and products, effectively targeting the right audience and increasing their chances of conversions.

Campaign Optimization

We conducted a comprehensive review and optimization of new and existing campaigns. This involved analyzing costs, clicks, keywords, and search terms to identify areas of improvement. We further implemented Performance Max campaign and manual bidding campaigns to drive higher sales and increase the return on ad spend.

Responsive Search Ads

We created responsive search ads that dynamically adjusted their format and content to match the user's search query. This allowed us to deliver engaging ads, increasing the likelihood of click-throughs and conversions.

Keyword Bid Optimization

Due to the dynamic nature of bidding on Google searches, we had to brainstorm and adapt our bidding strategy to align with changing demands and search trends. We worked diligently to optimize keyword bids, ensuring the best possible positioning and ad visibility while maximizing the return on investment.

Segmented Targeting for Keywords and Products

To refine the targeting efforts, we created new campaigns for segmented targeting based on keywords and product categories. This approach allowed us to tailor our messaging and bids to specific customer segments, driving more targeted traffic and conversions.

Optimization Checklist

  • Campaign level optimizations
  • Keyword level optimizations
  • Negative keyword audit
  • Optimization score
  • Ad-group level Optimizations
  • Bid management
  • Review quality score
  • Conversions
  • Test responsive search ads
  • Check landing pages
  • Identity search intent
  • Review audience demographics bid adjustments

Amazon Ads Optimization

To drive growth on the Amazon marketplace, we assigned a team of three dedicated Amazon experts to handle the following tasks:

Product Page Optimization

We started with optimizing the product pages by researching & selecting the right keywords (using ), optimizing Amazon listings, enhancing the titles, enriching keywords, adding bullet points & writing A+ content for the client. This helped us in improving the indexing of the products and scaling the overall performance on Amazon.

Paid Ad Campaigns

With Our Amazon PPC services, we developed a diverse range of campaigns, including automatic and manual targeting using Sponsored Products, Product Targeting, and Sponsored Display ads. Through daily management and optimization, we focused on maintaining optimal ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), ensuring efficient campaign performance and profitability.

Improved Product Visibility

We addressed the client's challenge of low visibility on top search pages by implementing targeted keyword strategies. Through careful keyword selection and bifurcation of keywords and product types in ad campaigns, we focused on lowering the clients' overall TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale) and ensuring their products consistently appeared in front of their target audience.

Project Outcomes

SunTec India
SunTec India

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