Client Success Story

Creating Premium Amazon A+ Content for a Global, Framed Art Creator & Retailer

The client

A Global, Framed Art Creator & Retailer

Our client is a global retailer of framed art with presence in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, France, and mainland China. The client has a team of art procurement spotters, buyers, and reproducers, who source artworks from across the world and recreate it as ready-to-buy framed art for homeowners, interior designers, corporate locations, and art galleries. The last few years witnessed the client gain a foothold in the online marketplace for fancy mirrors and rugs apart from many other types of home décor accessories.

Project Background

Initial Impressions

Despite a global presence and a handful of different brands with patronage, our client was struggling to keep up with the competition on Amazon US. While the Shopify store(s) were garnering sales, the overall performance was not satisfactory. Many inventories had a near-zero presence, sales were plummeting, and this had been a pattern despite repeatedly spending on Amazon Advertising. The client needed someone who could understand their team’s perspective and recreate their presence on Amazon. We provided them with samples of our Amazon copywriting services and A+ listing services, upon reviewing which, they handed the project over to our team.

Project Challenges

Understanding the Challenges: We Ran the Diagnostics

Unorganized Data

Multiple stores on Amazon, one for each brand, but none of the stores were managed, with most product listings being incomplete and the absence of any branding efforts. It was difficult to generate performance reports or get an instant overview about different inventories as the Storefront data did not always represent the facts.

Failure to Perform

Emerging, younger brands owned by the client contained huge inventories but many of the listings had zero views and little/no sales while many listings failed to garner a basic level of daily/weekly clicks. The difference between the bestsellers and underperforming products was often debatable as some items did not perform on Amazon but sold impressively via the web store.

Lack of Copywriting Experts

Often the product descriptions were created by art procurement specialists who understood the product but could not create customer-friendly copies or follow SEO best practices [like keyword optimization] to help the content rank better on Amazon’s search result pages. For instance, the titles were without the format prescribed by Amazon, and the product’s utility was seldom explained.

Lack of Ownership

There was a distinct lack of ownership for the Amazon data with repeated change of hands in the client’s US team and across multiple digital agencies and Amazon store management service providers that were tried in the recent past – nobody was responsible for the client’s Amazon store(s) performance.

Unresolved Cases

The client owned a large number of suppressed product listings on Amazon without anybody tracking the reason or remedy to bring these listings back to life.

Solutions Offered

Our Range of Solutions for Amazon Marketplace Management


Setting up Specialists

The problems needed a better-than-conventional approach to address different disciplines of Amazon marketplace performance. We put together a team of seasoned copywriters, keyword-mining specialists, and content creators specializing in creating illustrated banners & infographics, adept at using tools like Canva [as a platform] and Photoshop [for image editing]. We added an Amazon data specialist to ensure that running repeated updates across large streams of inventory data did not take up much time and was done with 100% accuracy.


Organizing the Data

Our team started with segregating the product data to ensure each listing was placed under the relevant collection and across the apt categories and subcategories to ensure the products gained more visibility. This involved removing a lot of duplication too.


Establishing Design & Theme

We recreated their Amazon storefront design, developed a core theme for the Amazon stores, and ensured that the look & feel was replicated across the A+ / EBC listings to drive the branding efforts which also helped the brand stand out in the competition.


Recreating EBC Listings

We overhauled the approach to EBC / A+ listings, removing the text-heavy layout that was not addressing the client’s main appeal – artistic creations with a massive visual appeal, substituting it with more creative banners that are also easier to browse on smartphones.


Redesigning Amazon Storefronts

We recreated Amazon Storefront pages for each of the client’s brands. We populated the Storefront with more tabs and worked on making the bestsellers easier-to-view & buy. The existing Storefront had no space for new arrivals whereas new additions were being added almost each week – we ensured navigational ease for buyers to easily view the more saleable, newly-listed items.


Fixing Suppressed Amazon Listings

We diagnosed and resolved the suppressed listings, fixing one listing at a time and found that wrong and incomplete product information was the primary reason for the problem.


Getting Maximum Leverage

We worked on the brand's credentials, providing Amazon Support with more documents and supporting information to help authenticate the client's data, opening up more publishing avenues in terms of Amazon seller features.


Creating Sales Opportunities

We started grouping items, identifying closely matched framed art pieces that could be presented as options on a single listing. The idea was to create a higher probability of sales conversion on one listing through Amazon category management. This had an almost instant impact with more clicks & sales for items that were previously undiscovered.


Filling in the Gaps

Often the information on the web store [primary reference for all product listings] was also incomplete. Our copywriters had to map all such products and get some inputs from the client's team to weave an engaging product copy. Lately, our copywriters have also started updating backend keyword search terms for maximum seasonal relevancy of a product listing.


Streamlining the Communication

We recommended, and succeeded, in establishing a single point of contact in the client's team for discussing all the escalated cases, specifically suppressed listings, and updating for new inventory additions which often came in with little data.


Project Outcomes

The client values the expertise and results we provide through our Amazon A+ listing service. We continue to work with them, adding hundreds of listings each week. Every week, we collaborate with the client’s team over a call to discuss the creative strategy and summarize the week gone by. It is a challenge to work with a team of art creators who expect artistic perfection in every banner we create but we have learned via a mutually beneficial collaboration. We will soon take over the operations for the client’s web stores, ensuring that product listings on the eCommerce store and Marketplaces have a similar, more standardized appeal.


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