Client Success Story

Salesforce Data Cleaning & Account Profiling Helps a Client Boost its Marketing and Sales Efforts by 52%

The client

A Leading US-Based Water Technology Company

Our client is a prominent company in the water technology sector that focuses on developing innovative technology solutions to tackle global water, wastewater, and energy challenges. The company specializes in providing efficient water technologies, industrial pumps, and application solutions that reduce energy consumption and overall costs while promoting sustainability.


Improving Data Quality by Cleansing & Enriching CRM Data

Our client uses the Salesforce platform to store and manage its customer's information which contains data on over 500k existing customers and prospects. However, the CRM data was staled with outdated and incomplete information leading to a waste of marketing efforts and slow sales. To make the most out of the Salesforce data, the client needed professional help in managing its large volume of data, cleansing, and appending the missing information.

We were facing significant challenges in managing our CRM data, as it contained outdated and incomplete information that hindered our marketing efforts and sales performance. Despite investing heavily in advertising, our email marketing campaigns were not yielding desired results, and we were struggling to reach out to new prospects effectively.

- Client


Managing Confidential, Multilingual, and Outdated Data in the Client's Salesforce Platform

  • Data Security

    The client wanted no data to be moved outside their Salesforce platform. The data provided by the client was sensitive or confidential and our team needed to take appropriate measures and be extra cautious to ensure the security of the data throughout the project.

  • Multilingual Support

    Since the client worked with global companies, we were required to work on multiple languages, including Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, etc.

  • Manually identifying & fixing outdated data

    The data provided by the client was not updated periodically, resulting in outdated information stored in their CRM. This data was to be thoroughly verified and updated.


End-to-End Data Management Solution for Cleansed & Accurate Customer Data

We allotted a team of eight dedicated Salesforce data experts for the project who are well-versed with the platform's features and functions and performed the following tasks within the client's CRM software:


Data Cleansing & Verification

For the client's existing Salesforce data, our data cleansing experts meticulously verify the accuracy and completeness of each record on the platform, including obsolete entries such as old addresses, unresponsive email ids, and outdated contact numbers. We ensure that all details, including name, title, company, and contact information, are verified and updated with accurate data.

  • External data verification: We check the person's information and company's existence on search engines and verify any changes in their name, title, or company affiliation. We then update the records as per the findings.
  • Duplicate records elimination: We thoroughly review the Salesforce data to identify and eliminate any duplicate entries in the contact and company records.
  • Email verification: Our experts send text emails to verify email ids. If the email is not bounced back, we mark it as 'valid' if not, we create different email patterns or research their accurate email ids and add a valid email id into CRM.

Data Enrichment and Appending

For companies & prospects with missing addresses, contact information, and other details, our data appending experts carry out web research to extract relevant data from their respective websites, social media handle, or other sources and enrich the salesforce database. We also include the country code and other details specified by the client in addition to the pre-set fields.


Custom list building and account profiling

  • The client provides us with a list of companies and contacts they want in their Salesforce from time to time. To ensure accuracy and avoid any duplication, our experts carefully cross-check the company name or prospect name against the existing Salesforce database.
    • If found matching result - When we find that the company name already exists in the CRM, we further verify the details of the company, update erroneous or obsolete information, and fill in the missing information if it persists.
    • If no record is found - In cases where the company details are not found within our existing records, our professionals enter all the relevant details of the contact/company provided by the client into the CRM.
  • As an additional step, we further create detailed account profiles of the companies and contacts within the CRM. Under this task, our experts carefully fill in all relevant information about the company, including Account name, account website, industry, account currency, contact number, billing country, billing city, etc. For missing details, our web researchers find relevant information from diverse sources and fill the information gaps.
  • As the client provided us with the list of prospect companies, our researchers are also responsible for finding details of prospects from the organization on leadership roles from online databases, LinkedIn, company websites, etc. We capture details of people in senior leadership with high decision-making authority, like Assistant Sales Manager, Head Of Sales, Directors Of Sales, VP In Sales, etc., and prepare a custom list of prospects. We further create detailed account profiles with relevant information, including last name, company, industry, email, city, mobile number, address, and more.

Multilingual Salesforce Data Entry

Our client's global reach demanded a multilingual approach to Salesforce data entry. With customers across Europe, the APAC region, and beyond, the client wanted us to accurately enter data in a variety of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, and more. To meet this requirement, we assigned dedicated multilingual data entry experts to enter the client's data into Salesforce and create detailed accounts in the appropriate languages.

Keeping Data Security at the Core

We are an ISO-certified company for data security and so our client's data is worked on in a completely safe environment. We implement all necessary data protection measures, including-

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Network Security Policy with updated firewalls, multi-layer IP address netting, and secure VPN access.
  • Encrypted email & FTP to prevent unauthorized data access or breaches.
  • Supervised data operations

Project Outcomes

Our account profiling and custom list building services provided the client with a comprehensive understanding of their customer base, allowing for more effective personalization and targeting efforts.

The client's email delivery rate was boosted by 39%, and its click-through rate improved by 25% in mere 3 months.

The client saw an overall boost of 52% in its sales with clean and accurate data.


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