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LinkedIn Data Extraction Services

LinkedIn data is a valuable source of information for businesses to make informed decisions, find potential customers and partners, and expand their network. Investors, entrepreneurs, managers, thought leaders and a big part of the general workforce maintain accounts on LinkedIn. However, converting that crowd into a list of qualified leads that meet your business needs and goals takes time and effort.

That is where our LinkedIn data mining expertise comes in. We create a relevant list of prospects and leads by meticulously extracting data from diverse LinkedIn accounts. Our experts use APIs, scripts, and other advanced mining techniques to access information such as contact details, company names, locations, and email ids.

As one of the distinguished LinkedIn data mining companies globally, we comply with LinkedIn's terms of service, laws, and regulations to ensure secure outcomes. Partner with us to grow your brand with a promising prospect list and relevant network information.

A Comprehensive Suite of LinkedIn Data Mining Services

Gain a competitive edge in your niche & build a sales pipeline with a high likelihood of success. Explore our multifaceted, 360-degree bundle of LinkedIn scraping services to understand how we help you succeed in the competitive marketplace.

LinkedIn Contact List Data Mining

We employ manual and automated processes to extract critical contact data, including phone numbers, email ids, or addresses from diverse LinkedIn profiles. The data is entered into a consolidated database or list for easy accessibility.

LinkedIn Contact List Indexing

We categorize and index every dataset based on certain identifiers such as keywords, skill sets, education level, or other goal-specific fields. This makes the contact data cross-referenceable and easily accessible for data analysis.

LinkedIn Data Cleansing

As a part of LinkedIn data mining services, we thoroughly verify the collected data to eliminate any redundancies or inaccuracies. This ensures you have access to an updated and accurate database that only contains meaningful data.

LinkedIn Data Enrichment

We enhance your existing database by adding relevant information. Our experts use advanced techniques to extract data from diverse LinkedIn profiles or company pages to help you build comprehensive customer or employee profiles.

Root cause analysis of bad data in company datasets

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Key Data Points We Extract from LinkedIn

We extract a variety of data points from LinkedIn to help businesses make data-driven decisions.

  • Name
  • Email addresses
  • Contact information
  • Job title
  • Location
  • Current area of work
  • Industry category
  • Profile page URL
  • Profile picture
  • Total connections
  • Recommendations
  • Past experience
  • Previous and current designation
  • Skills and endorsements
  • Educational details
  • Areas of interest
  • Work responsibilities

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LinkedIn Data Mining

Outsource LinkedIn Data Mining for Better Reach and Targeting

When you outsource data mining for LinkedIn, we offer structured and useful information that can be integrated with your business operations to produce unique solutions. Additionally, you can avail a list of potential benefits, including

Lead Generation

We meticulously scrape data from diverse LinkedIn profiles to identify potential customers. Your sales team can further use the data for effective lead generation and nurturing.

Competitive Analysis

We scrape data from your competitors' profiles to give you an overview of their strengths, weaknesses, or marketing strategies. You can analyze the data, create relevant strategies, and gain an edge.

Market Research

LinkedIn scraping services can also be used for market research purposes. We scrape data from relevant profiles and company pages to give you an understanding of the latest industry trends, launches, and other factors via market research processing.


Data extraction from LinkedIn gives you deep insights into your target audience's interests, preferences, and behaviors. This information can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement.

Use Cases of LinkedIn Data Mining

LinkedIn Posts Data Extraction

Based on keywords and hashtags

Job Data Extraction

Based on company, experience, and posted date

Company Data Extraction

Based on location, industry, and keywords

Contractor and Employee Data Extraction

Based on company, title, and keywords

LinkedIn Data Mining Process We Follow

We follow a systematic approach to give you quick access to relevant information about prospects, competitors, or customers.

  • Requirement Analysis and Discussion

  • Sample Dataset Delivery and Evaluation

  • Cost Estimation and Approval

  • Data Mining and Scraping

  • Database Creation

  • Data Verification and Validation

  • Final Dataset Delivery

Why Outsource LinkedIn Data Mining Services to SunTec India?

With 20+ years of experience, SunTec India has been serving businesses globally with an exceptional range of data mining services. We assist businesses in targeting top prospects, building better connections, and reaching a wider audience with end-to-end LinkedIn data research services.

Here are additional reasons to outsource LinkedIn data mining services to us

Skilled data mining professionals

2X faster turnaround time

Scalable solutions

Up to 60% cost-savings

Flexible hiring models

24*7 customer support

To share your requirements, get a free consultation, or request a quotation, write to us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Several laws revolve around using information available on LinkedIn and related consent. Most of them deal with fraud, abuse, and copyright issues. We abide by all these rules and only deal with data that is publicly available and accessible.

Regardless of the project size or industry, we have been helping global clients with LinkedIn data extraction for several years. Our team has relevant expertise and experience working on small, medium, and large-scale projects with due accuracy and precision.

As an ISO-certified partner for data quality, we implement robust quality control procedures, well-defined SOPs, employee training programs, and security measures. We also comply with LinkedIn regulations and policies.

Our outsourcing costs depend on the project size, complexity, urgency, and other specific requirements provided by the client. We will offer you a free cost estimate once we have analyzed the particulars above.

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