Client Success Story

Discover How we Generated $3.5 Million Revenue for 17 Businesses with our White-Label eCommerce Services

The client

An eCommerce Marketplace Management Agency

Our client provides end-to-end eCommerce and marketplace support to some of the top brands, manufacturers, and resellers. It helps brands in regaining control over different marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., and grow their online business with effective product listing and marketing solutions. The client particularly caters to businesses that deal in automotive parts & accessories, home & garden, and sports & leisure categories.


Provide eCommerce Support Services to the Client's Clientele through a White-Label Partnership

The client needed specialized and experienced resources who were well-versed in different marketplaces and knew the best product listing and optimizing practices. They wanted our team to function on a "white-label agreement" and work for their clients.

Tasks delegated to our team:

  • Identify the right sources and capture product data to populate listings
  • Product listing creation/uploads on different marketplaces using platforms
  • Optimize product listings for better outcomes
  • Manage inventory and pricing of the products
  • Product image editing as per the guidelines of different marketplaces
  • Leverage channel support in case of any issues

High Proficiency in Multi-Channel eCommerce Solutions and Practices

  • We have provided dedicated ChannelAdvisor management service to many clients across other projects. However, this client required support on many marketplace management platforms (depending on their clientele's needs). Our team had to operate efficiently on Linnworks, SureDone, Ad-Lister, and Volo simultaneously.
  • The client used a proprietary application for seller activity management. Our team had to acquaint ourselves with this platform, requiring training from the client.
  • The client expected us to follow the tasks, time, instructions, and updates closely because we were serving their customers.
  • The client expected 100% accuracy in product information and hence wanted resources to be well-versed in the client's product lines (automotive industry and its related products) to avoid any mistakes or discrepancies in managing product data.

An eCommerce inventory & order management tool allowing businesses to sell through multiple channels.


All-in-one platform to list, manage and sell products on multiple marketplaces effectively.


An eBay listing platform that allows product upload, listing editing, image editing, and much more.


An online multi-channel solution provider that connects marketplaces & online stores for easy management.


Multi-Channel Marketplace Management with Industry-Leading Platforms

With a team of seven dedicated resources, the client assigned us a multi-channel marketplace management task for seventeen of its clients. We worked as an extension of their team. Furthermore, we guaranteed complete confidentiality of the work being done. We worked in a completely transparent manner and hence our client would have complete access to our team at all times.

In order to effectively collaborate, track time, and manage operations, the client used the '.' We provided all the necessary details of the team members for setting up the PMA logins and account logins. The client further provided extensive resource training to equip our professional with complete knowledge of the product line, usage of the PMA tool, and proprietary multi-channel marketplace management platforms usage.


Product Listing for Online Stores & Marketplaces

We performed product data entry using multichannel management platforms (Linnworks, SureDone, Ad-Lister, and Volo) to upload products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart for different brands. To populate and add new products to brands' eCommerce websites, our experts performed Shopify product upload, Magento product listing, and WordPress product data entry.


Product Listing Optimization

To enhance the overall visibility and ranking of products on the marketplaces, we offered eBay, Walmart, and Amazon listing optimization services. We identified the right keywords and meticulously worked on product titles, descriptions, product images, bullet points, and other aspects of the listings to ensure that they were compelling and SEO-optimized.


Product Data Extraction

To create new listings and fill product data gaps in the old listings, we assigned data extraction experts to collect data from diverse sources- manufacturer sites, competitor sites, product catalogs, etc. After filtering and sorting the required product attributes, we consolidate and use this data for the brands' product listings.


eCommerce Product Photo Editing

As the image uploading guidelines vary on different marketplaces and online stores, our photo editing experts edited the images for each platform and marketplace, making them fit for upload. From background removal to adjusting colors, shadows, picture size, and other areas of the product image, our experts ensured that the product images were attractive and in accordance with the specified platform/marketplace guidelines.


Product Inventory and Pricing Management

Our professionals monitored inventory levels for each brand. Using the multichannel marketplace management platforms, our experts ensured that the inventory levels were in sync. We also raised restocking requests to the suppliers to ensure that the stock levels were effectively managed across Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. We further automated the pricing update process across all sales channels.


Communication with Channel or Marketplace Support

Our experts provided channel support for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and other eCommerce platforms to help our client promptly deal with suppressed listings, restricted product categories, technical support, account issues, and other such issues. By offering communication support services, we ensured that the client received a quick resolution to issues and no sales were impacted.

Project Outcomes


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