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Robust Application Enabling Traders to Find & Choose from the Elite Diamond Collection

Project Overview:

Celsteel is a third-generation company trading diamonds all over the world since 1952. Celsteel Ltd is one of the leading diamond wholesalers in the UK, located in Hatton Garden, that supplies polished diamonds to the trade throughout the UK and worldwide. Resonating with its brand, the client wanted to develop an intuitive and customized mobile application providing users with a complete stock of diamonds and facilitates them to enquire about diamonds with just a simple click. While looking for a reliable offshore mobile app development company, the client came across SunTec India’s website and decided to hand over the project to us. Right after understanding the objectives and intricacies of the project, we were ready to commence the project with great enthusiasm.

Project Requirements

The client wanted to ensure that the digital solutions feel as personal and transparent as the in-store experience. The client leveraged our iPhone application development services to build a go-to on-demand iOS app to enable the traders to find and choose from the elite diamonds- with optimum cut, color, clarity, and carat impeccable precious stones. The product range covers a wide scope of parameters like carats, lucidities, size, shape, and hues of the diamonds.

As a leading app development service provider, we prioritize understanding the client and project requirements first and then device strategy to accomplish it. Aligning with the client’s objectives, we had to develop a robust application for users to quickly browse through the collection of quality diamonds and pick the right one. Before starting with the development process, the following requirements were laid clearly by the client:

  • Develop an intuit catalog app providing a complete range of diamonds and enquire about them with a single click with the hassle.
  • Enable users to enter their requirements based on carat, cut, clarity, etc. The search results must display diamonds based on users’ exact requirements, to help them save time carrying out repeated searches
  • Develop a user-friendly interface of the app to allow users to browse and navigate through the collection of the client’s diamond stock list.
  • Facilitate easy trade of diamonds through a user-friendly app interface.


Before jumping on to the development process, our mobile app development team did thorough research on the client’s website and created a mobile-friendly app accordingly. We wanted to make the app function similar to other apps while retaining the uniqueness of the website. Some challenges faced by the team were as under:

  • Setting up a fast, and agile mobile application while retaining the essence of the brand
  • Develop a feature-rich app with a friendly user-interface
  • Allow users to quickly and easily view our complete stock of diamonds and enquire with a single tap.
  • Place a user-friendly search option where users can enter their requirements (carat, cut, clarity, etc) to search our diamond stock list.
  • Facilitate search results that show diamonds based on your exact requirement, saving time carrying out repeated searches.
  • Make easily understandable user flow and best user-friendly interactions
  • Make the checkout process easy and simple
  • Deliver clear information about the diamonds like prices, certifications, cut, etc.

Solutions Offered:

At SunTec India, our app development team aims to provide unparalleled service supported by professional expertise. Our internal team of business analysts, designers, developers, and testers followed the agile methodology for building the app. After analyzing the requirements and possible challenges, we allocated a dedicated iOS app development team and designed an application to fulfill the desired requirements. During the entire development process, various deliverables were created to ensure that the app objectives were met such as wireframes, UIs, and development sprints. Using advanced mobile technologies and tools, we came up with a robust app for trading precious stones.

The app was created with great emphasis on smooth user experience and a focus on customization as per clients’ requirements. Our UX team designed a short and simple user journey while enabling rich features and functionalities in the apps in mind. Throughout the app development process, the team ensured thorough quality checks and app testing to make sure the final product was free from errors and bugs.

Lastly, with a ready-to-go app, we completed the project in the stipulated time frame. Following a simple process after app installation, traders can easily browse through the collection of diamonds and enquire about the same with just a simple click.

App Features:

Some notable features of the Celsteel app include:

  • Allow users to search Celsteel Diamond stock through an advanced search option
  • Enable users to view diamond certificates (GIA and HRD)
  • Let traders view diamond prices
  • Facilitate one-click diamond inquiry submission
  • Smooth user-interface
  • One-time login
  • Trade only
  • Facilitate call option to Celsteel Ltd directly from the search results page
  • The quick and simple checkout process

Final Output:

With our custom mobile app development services, we designed an intuitive mobile application that allows users to browse and find relevant details on Celsteel’s collection of diamonds. With our team’s immense dedication and hard work, we were able to deliver the project within a short turnaround time. As a result, the client was delighted with:

  • App’s ability to find and display diamonds exactly as per the user’s needs
  • A sophisticated application that instantly exhibits a colossal range of diamonds
  • Pleasant browsing experience, reflecting the brand’s core values
  • Spectacular integration of the app with their web services and database
  • High performance of the app, irrespective of load on the app
  • Extra security measures for users, making the app trusted
  • Great UI and UX consistency throughout the mobile application

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