Case Studies: eCommerce Catalog & Product Data Management

Catalog & Inventory Management on Amazon Vendor Central

An online merchant selling on Amazon Vendor Central turned to SunTec India to manage and update their product catalogs, inventory and orders. Learn how SunTec supported the client in efficiently operating on Amazon Vendor Central. Read more.

With Product Attribute Standardization, SunTec Helps eTailer Maintain Data Consistency

eCommerce entrepreneurs turn to SunTec India to manage and update their product catalogs and gain competitive advantage in the market. Learn how SunTec helped an online merchant maintain data consistency, improve coordination and save up to $100k with its product attribute standardization services. Read more.

Competitive Pricing Intelligence Tool Works Best with Human Quality Assurance

Read how we helped our client match scores of SKUs, complete with Private Label and “Like” Product Matches, across multiple sites and catalogs to deliver accurate, streamlined data for client’s competitor price intelligence services. Read more.

Product Data Management for eCommerce Store of Health and Beauty Essentials

Our client was looking for an outsourcing partner to proficiently manage the product data and store it in a single, centralized location for easy access. The client wanted us to recognize all the existing sources of product information, identify missing, incomplete, inaccurate and irrelevant entries and clean the database to finally consolidate all the product data into a single location. This information includes SKUs, product titles, descriptions, attributes, images, prices, reviews, etc. Read more.

Data Cleansing & Standardization for eCommerce Store of Sports and Fitness Products

As the client's online store provides a wide range of sports and fitness' products across the globe, the client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner that would standardize the product data and ensure that it is clean and consistent. The client also wanted us to re-write the product information including descriptions, attributes, reviews, etc. Read more.

Competitor Price Monitoring & Update For Complete Product Range Of A Magento-Based eCommerce Site

Our client was looking for an outsourcing partner to monitor the product prices of competitors and subsequently update them on their eCommerce store of electronic goods. The client wanted us to track and monitor the prices at which competitors were offering the products and adjust the prices suitably to ensure that they were competitive. Read more.

SunTec India’s Catalog Management Services Keep Client Up-To-Speed with Their Time-Sensitive Projects

BlueLake Jewellery – our client had a complete basket of products that had to be entered on their website online via a graphical interface. The client was looking for a company to enter these products into their database. Each product had to be manually entered into the client’s system using data from their manufacturers’ website. Read more.

SunTec India’s Expertise in Yahoo Catalog Management Improved Client’s ROI

Our client, Designer Plumbing Outlet was looking for product entry services for their online Yahoo Store. They needed approximately 50,000 SKUs to be entered on to a CSV sheet in the proper columns. The client requested us to extract descriptions, features, pictures and other information from manufacturers’/ suppliers’ website or other retail sites. Read more.

SunTec India’s Accurate and Speedy Product Upload Improves Client’s Performance

Our client, ‘Floor My Place’ was looking for reliable data-entry services for their online custom Flooring Store. The client wanted us to capture information from their catalogue / manufacturers’ website including both data and images, creating a relevant product description, "touching up" images, adding meta titles, etc. and entering it into an excel spreadsheet. Read more.

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