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Data Management, Online Research & Internet Marketing Services for Travel Industry

The Client

The client works as a marketplace and community network for travel-related information from around the world. They provide comprehensive data on over 10,000 tourist destinations coming from several individual tour operators registered on their website. These tour operators have signed up with them in order to market their trips through this valuable market place.

Hence the client not only works towards extending the international reach of individual tour operator but also lets the end customer i.e. tourism enthusiasts browse through maps, destinations, tour options, hotels and plan their trips accordingly.

The client makes use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool designed to put the entire tourism related information including details on itinerary, accommodation, food, air fares, visa/certification requirements, medical assistance, payment details, cancellation policies etc.

The Challenge

The client approached us when they had the concept of building such an elaborate website on the grounds only.

They needed a partner who not only had excellent data management capabilities but also could conduct extensive web research and bring in new business for the company in terms of identifying unexplored tour operators. They also needed a partner who had great knowledge on SEO and Website promotion.

Altogether the project required an all-inclusive source specializing in various fields.

The Solution

The SunTec solution enabled the client to swiftly enter its market place by quickly and accurately generating all the tour related information on their website. We not only helped the client with online data mining, data processing, and data entry work but also helped them in enhancing individual tours' offering. For this our copy specialists thoroughly understood each tour itinerary and gave them a brief description on each package.

The project was separated in 3 parts:

  • Trip Data Management (Data Extraction, Data Processing & Data Entry)
  • Suppliers Identification or Online Data Research
  • SEO & Website Promotion

1. Trip Data Management

The whole exercise of data identification and extraction made the task quite challenging as itineraries needed to be extracted from differently designed tour operator's websites. For this we thoroughly examined each operator's website and extracted maximum possible information and entered on the client's content management application. We carried out data classification & analysis, online data research and data entry work for them. The various mandatory segments on data classification included:

  • Trip's Name
  • Suppliers' Profile
  • Trip's Highlights (activities included within prescribed words limit)
  • Cost & Payment Details
  • Duration Period
  • Tour Description (within prescribed words limit)
  • Accommodation Details
  • Transfer Details
  • Occupancy Details (single, double or with / without child)
  • Food Details
  • Certification Requirements
  • Policies (Cancellation & Payments)
  • Guest's Strength
  • Physical Difficulty
  • Climatic Details etc.

2. Suppliers Identification or Online Data Research

We carried out extensive web research to identify potential new tour operators who would be interested in logging on to the client's website to promote their businesses.

3. SEO & Website Promotion

  • We made regular posts (like blogs, comments etc.) through authorized access on several social community and networking websites & further created extensive database on such posts for efficient tracking.
  • Created link backs to increase client's visibility on the web.

With our experience & knowledge on specifics in the travel industry, we proficiently managed the entire project with a variety of administrative, back office support functions.

Business Advantage

As the whole exercise was consuming both human and financial resources of the company at the expense of core activities, SunTec team gave them the competitive edge by carefully handling their entire back-office operations.

End-to-end solution

SunTec has been consistently helping out customers stand out in their competitive markets by drawing focused solutions for individual industry. Our in depth knowledge on diverse fields allow us to timely execute both short and long term projects as per client specified requirements.

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