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Web Research / Data Mining Services for a Fortune 50 Company

The Client

A world renowned consulting firm wanted a vendor who can go over their Master Service Agreements and Statements of Work entered with various clients. They wanted the vendor to extract specific data after a thorough analysis of the agreements and then this data had to be entered into a database.


This Fortune 50 Company approached SunTec as SunTec has market leadership in the field of Data Mining/ Data Abstraction and Data Entry jobs. We have executed similar kind of projects successfully for academic institutions, major corporations, solicitors and government bodies.


For the successful execution of the project, we carried out a pilot run with some of our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to have a better understanding of the project. Based on the procedure followed in the pilot run, it became quite evident that the application in which data had to be entered had to be dynamic. SunTec built a VB application for the data entry phase to avoid any conflicts in data entry process.

In the data mining and data entry phase, our SMEs marked the specific data in soft copies first and this data was then entered in the application. The final database passed through a QA phase to ensure accuracy.

The major challenge in this project was that no two agreements were the same and there was no standardized format to be followed. It was not a straight forward data entry job. It required extensive data analysis and major calculations. The entire job consisting of more than 1,800 documents for various geographies all over the world had to be completed within a span of 20 days with 99.995% accuracy.


Based on the data mining and data entry work carried out by SunTec the client is doing on analysis of the agreements, the rates for professionals in various geographies. Based on this analysis the client is going to introduce some major changes in the terms on which it enters into agreements with its customers.

SunTec received tremendous praise from the client for the wok executed well. In fact, they are thinking of utilizing SunTec's data extraction / web research services again for the next round of agreements if their analysis turns out to be successful.

End-to-end solution

Web research services at SunTec India are enhanced by the excellent infrastructure and experienced staff. Our research analysts have a keen eye for details and a deep interest in research. Our research / data extraction services include:

  • Internet Research and Reporting
  • Product market research, price comparison projects (including raising appropriate red flags if required)
  • Reference material research
  • Education and Business web research
  • Management and organizational web research
  • Compiling a list websites, emails and contact information on your specified criteria

Our clientele include major corporations and organizations. Our staff can work in accordance with your need and complete the work in record time. And you will find that you are given the best service in the field at a reasonable charge.

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