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Custom App Development With ePub3 Standards

About the client & client requirements:

With the growing needs of learners and educators continuously evolving, the client was looking forward to building a custom app focused on delivering rich content & providing a great learning experience to students. During its hunt for a reliable ePublishing solutions provider, the client came across our website & placed an inquiry for developing a feature-rich customized app that accepts ePub3 standards to distribute its content among a specific group of students. The client wanted to use a wide range of resources such as articles, books, quizzes, and a lot more right in the app to foster interactivity with students & help them validate their answers or solve queries then & there.

The challenges:

The client was looking for a powerful app that supports ePub3 standards with numerous interactivity features. As the client was particular about developing a complete customized app, it was a real challenge for our team to pay attention to the tiniest of details mentioned by the client and implement it seamlessly into the app. With more than 400 interactivity elements needed in the app, it is a challenging project for the team to build a unique app keeping the following things in mind:

  • Client’s unique styling requirements
  • Placing a variety of interactive features to enhance the user experience
  • Placing high volumes of accessible and rich educational content in the standard format

Methodology & Solutions:

At SunTec India, since our e-publishing experts are capable of handling large-volume ePub3 related services, our in-house team discussed the project with the client with thoroughness & accuracy to understand its requirements & chalk out a strategy that exactly matches their needs to develop a custom app.

  • We developed a custom application with 400+ interactivity elements such as popup creation, drag & drop, true or false, etc.
  • We placed several sound effects/audio files during user-app interactivity
  • Our team also succeeded in placing several validations too in order to make sure that users validate their answers then and there in the app itself.
  • Keeping the required format at the core of developing the app, we delivered an ePub format and tested the same on different interactivity supportable device/reader like iBook and Readium

As a result, we developed a dynamic, interactive app in the ePub format, suited to the client’s requirements. Within a short time period of 30 days, we were able to deliver the project successfully accompanied by group efforts of an expert team comprising content architects, ePub3, HTML5 & CSS experts, interactive and instructional designers, testing & QA Analysts.

Positive Outcomes:

By the end of the project delivery, the client was absolutely delighted to have a custom app just as they had thought. By having fruitful discussions, long project consultation, constructive feedback incorporation, and great team coordination, we were able to meet the client’s requirements precisely. The client was completely satisfied & impressed with the service offering & simply loved our project undertaking process, feedback addressal, and on-time project delivery. As we approached the client to know if their students liked the app, we were thrilled to know that the app users were content to use the app. The students gave feedback that the app was easy to use, had great interactivity features, had interesting quizzes, true false other components with easy validation that made their learning so much easier & fun!

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