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Drive more sales with Google Ads. Get help from a Google Partner company

About the Certification

Google awards the "Partner badge" to companies/agencies that hold Google Ads expertise and provides these companies with training, support, and the latest insights into their products. To earn this badge, it is essential to meet Google's exclusive requirements and pass the certification exam.

As a Google Partner company, SunTec India helps businesses make the best of advertising budgets by managing Google AdWords (Google Ads), Google Search, and Google Analytics.

Certified Google Partner Company

Why Work with a Google Ads Partner?

Exclusive Resources

Google Partners receive privileged access to proprietary tools, alpha/beta features, and educational materials directly from Google. These exclusive resources can be leveraged to advance your digital initiatives.

Google Ads Expertise

Google Partners have hands-on experience with the full suite of Google Ads products to effectively set up and run campaigns. As the platform constantly evolves, partners receive ongoing training to optimize campaigns based on new developments, which means your initiatives will be continuously refined.

Measurable Results

Google Partners can develop high-impact digital strategies tailored to unique business goals and drive measurable results. We follow the latest practices and trends and know how to optimize your campaigns for higher conversions and ROI.

Reputable and Trusted Services

Google vets and selects Partners based on a track record of success in managing Google Ads. Hence, the badge implies that the company is accredited and trusted by Google, and you can trust their services for impactful outcomes.

SunTec India: A Certified Google Ads Partner

As a long-standing Google Partner, we leverage the latest exclusive tools, data insights, and technology to produce exceptional results and help clients capitalize on the new capabilities. With certified Google Ads experts, you can be assured of getting measurable outcomes.

  • Certified professionals to manage ad initiatives end-to-end
  • PPC campaign management and detailed reporting
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Ready to Build Smart Campaigns that Align with your Business Goals?

Collaborate with our Google Ads Partner Company! To learn more or share your requirements, write to us at info@suntecindia.com.