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HTML5 & ePub3 eBooks

SunTec India partners with enterprises and corporate learning groups, authors, publishers, academic institutions, eLearning service providers, libraries and archives as consultants and service providers in delivering interactive ePub3 and HTML5 content for a variety of devices, operating systems and web browsers.

We address a wide variety of subject matter and content type, together with all levels of corporate training, eLearning portals and classrooms, interactive documentation, and mobile content, etc., employing custom HTML5 solutions & ePub3. Our professionals work closely with the client's in-house team to chalk out a content delivery strategy that exactly match their requirements. We are capable of handling large-volume ePub3 conversion projects with varying complexities.

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HTML5 & ePub3 eBooks HTML5 & ePub3 eBooks

Publishing Interactive Content with HTML5 and ePub3

While HTML5 has emerged as the de facto standard for digital content delivery, ePub3 is widely used to create and distribute digital publications with multimedia content like images, charts, tables and graphs on Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple, Google, Kobo and Android devices. With our range of ePub3 and HTML5 eBook creation/conversion services, we can help you create reflowable as well as fixed-layout eBooks with interactive and multimedia content.

Leveraging our rich experience in digital publishing and expertise in HTML5, CSS3 and ePub3, our experts can add transitions, text shadows and animations in the book. We also embed audio and video files and functionalities like geo-location, finger painting, etc., to make the eBook more interactive and engaging for the readers. We are proficient at designing interactive teaching and eLearning assessments, like:

  • True or False
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • Alternate Choice
  • Categorizing
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Single Numerical Design
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill-in the blank
  • Video Demonstration

Our Process for Producing Media Rich, Interactive eBooks

Developing a dynamic, interactive eBook is a detailed process necessitating enhanced systems and practices, accompanied by group efforts of an expert team comprising content architects, ePub3, HTML5 & CSS experts, interactive and instructional designers, testing & QA Analysts.

Our interactive eBook development process is divided mainly into five phases:

  • Consultancy and Requirements Analysis
  • Editorial and Design Analysis
  • Digital Composition and Development
  • Testing and Quality Analysis
  • Implementation and Support

We are adept at converting the following types of documents and printed books into digital and interactive content, complete with interactivity, hyperlinking and/or customized rendering. Take a look:

  • Health & Medical Education, Clinical Nursing Guides, Medical Emergencies, Community Pharmacy
  • Science, Health, Social Studies, Geography, Mathematics, Arts, Foreign Languages, etc.
  • Textbooks, Business, Economics, Finance, Information Technology
  • Communications, Newspapers, Leadership, Education, Research Documents, Case Studies, Yearbooks
  • Novels and Non-fiction, Periodicals, Journals, Magazines, Comics and Children's Books, Travel Guides, Cookbooks, etc.

You can provide us the content in any source file format like MS Word, Quark, HTML, PDF, RTF, InDesign, XML, etc., and our experts can efficiently convert it into HTML5 and ePub3 eBooks, incorporating numerous multimedia features, optimally.

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"We have been working with SunTec in the development of our eBooks and apps. They deliver good quality on time every time!"Filip Lindell, Operations & Marketing Manager, Denmark