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Digital Marketing That Makes All The Difference!

The digital marketing landscape is evolving. Getting a website developed to grow your business won’t help much unless you know when and where your customers are looking for a product/service. At SunTec, we create and implement proven digital marketing strategies that complement our client’s unique business requirements. We leverage the power of SEO, social media, email, blogs as well as video campaigns to help our clients reach out to targeted audience and drive conversion and sales.

If your website is not showing up/ ranking low on Google search results, Facebook isn’t helping in conversions and no amount of advertising is generating the desired sales leads… Get in touch with us today! We will walk you through our detailed processes and guide you on how we can help grow your business, boost sales and revenue.

Digital Marketing Strategy

With budgets getting slashed year after year, rising demand for ROI and immediate sales becoming a norm, businesses and internal marketing teams are increasingly facing more challenges than ever before.

As a response to this scenario, SunTec combines best marketing practices with analytics to deliver a wide range of digital marketing solutions to clients from across the globe. We'll help you:

  • Outline your marketing objectives
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • Perform market and competitor analysis
  • Evaluate your target market
  • Express your value proposition
  • Create your marketing mix
  • Detect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and success metrics
  • Predict Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Create your strategic plan

Once we have formulated a digital marketing strategy for our clienta, we provide them with actionable plan to help with future marketing activities.

digital marketing strategy
Content Creation & Copywriting

Content Creation & Copywriting

Having a content strategy in place will help determine your target audience, their goals, and the type of content you need to create to connect with them. Would you like to generate awareness about a new launch? Do you wish to become an industry thought-leader? Building an online community and don't know how to get new followers? SunTec will help you find answers to these questions.

Copywriting is one of the most crucial components of any content strategy. Whether you're creating blogs, corporate profiles, newsletters, press releases, SEO articles, product descriptions, product reviews, email campaigns, infographics, social media or web page content – your message must resonate with the reader to generate an emotional response, and finally prompt an action. Creating content that interests your audience shows that you understand their requirements, and convinces them to trust your brand.

SunTec's marketing team can help you with:

  • Determining audience requirements
  • Creating SEO-friendly keyword-optimized content around the brand and corporate voice
  • Defining content strategy and goals
  • Developing consistent, creative and targeted content
  • Authoring creative copywriting

Search Engine Optimization & SEM

You need to optimize your website constantly so as to acquire and retain high visibility in popular search engines. On-site & off-site content should be developed and optimized using meta data, internal/external linking, topical phrases, etc., to boost rankings. Topical phrases and keywords should also be included in blogs, PR, social media, videos and in other marketing and branding material as well.

SunTec is Google AdWords Certified and has years of experience of delivering comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions while adhering to SEO best practices. We have a proprietary all-encompassing process for SEO, distributed into 3 phases:

  • Discovery & Initial Implementation
  • Optimization and Linking
  • Reporting and Management

Aspects of this process include:

Search Engine Optimization & SEM
Social Media Strategy & Management

Social Media Strategy & Management

The marketing team at SunTec builds and implements a social media engagement strategy by leveraging diverse channels to boost brand awareness and sales, foster business relationships and build community. SunTec will help you develop content optimized with topical keywords, which is imperative for audience engagement. Our strategy comprises creating core messages and delivering it across multiple channels to target prospects, using social media channels to drive traffic to your website.

SunTec will help formulate your social strategy, setup channels, identify market influencers and design branding components. Our social engagement programs include:

  • Developing social media strategy
  • Creating brand campaign
  • Social media monitoring, listening, and analytics
  • Optimizing text, image, video, and news content
  • Social media engagement & community management
  • Nurturing social influencers to spread your brand's message
  • Social media reporting on monthly basis

Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation

SunTec provides multichannel solutions that can help strengthen your brand, boost engagement, build credibility and generate sales leads. Actively engaging with clients helps us to deliver strategically planned inbound marketing solutions capable of achieving business goals quickly and more efficiently. All our programs are designed to deliver unique concept, content creation, and monitoring to attain consistent results.

Our inbound marketing strategy includes:

We help clients generate traffic and leads through our inbound marketing campaigns – converting potential customers through social media engagement, follow-up emails, and providing them with the required information.

Inbound Marketing / Lead Generation
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Sending one blanket message to everyone is no longer acceptable. Content needs to be tailored to meet audience's expectations and derive real time responses.

Marketing automation permits sales and marketing teams to create lead generation programs on the basis of user behavior and performance metrics. By identifying target audience, understanding their pain points and requirements — we provide the right message delivered through appropriate channels at the right time to achieve the desired response.

Through our marketing automation solution you can better target your prospects and generate leads by delivering relevant content through popular engagement channels. Integrating multiple channels is the key to smart and effective engagement.

SunTec's marketing automation solution, includes:

  • Development of marketing and lead generation strategy
  • Audience segmentation and persona development
  • Message mapping
  • Content development and refining
  • Campaign metrics and reporting

By providing you with better insights, our lead generation team helps you to reach out to the right prospects at the right time.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions for Online Businesses

SunTec India is a performance-driven full-cycle digital marketing company with focus on delivering measurable marketing with clear sign of ROI.

We are a team of professional digital marketers, working with businesses worldwide, and creating personalized digital experiences. Founded as the organic search wing of SunTec India, we have evolved into an end-to-end digital marketing leader and a Google Partner Company, well-appointed with Analytics and AdWords Certified professionals with expertise across digital channels – comprising content marketing, social media, email marketing, paid search, display advertising, remarketing, and web development.

Whether you're planning to promote a new brand or enhance your existing digital presence, we will work closely with you to make sure that everything we implement is effective, targeted, assessable and impactful to help you win the fight for the customer’s attention.

Featured Partners

"SunTec developed and executed our entire digital campaign strategy from videos, emails to infographics. The digital marketing team pushed us not only to send one message to our customers but went so far as to segment our targeted audience into groups of 2x10x3, which resulted in creation of 60 unique segments. Partnering with SunTec has helped us increase awareness, social engagement and traffic."

Michel Telo

"SunTec has been a trusted digital marketing and PR consultant to our web application group for over a year now. They have effectively planned and executed some of our very dynamic and insightful social media campaigns, communicating our vital brand message, engaging with our customers via social networking sites, blogs and forums in refreshing and interesting ways, and acquiring some of our most strategic contracts. Outstanding results! Strongly recommended…"

Marketing Director,
Web Applications Development Company, Australia

"We have worked with SunTec team on a range of projects including product description writing services, in the beginning of year 2010. Working with them has always been a pleasure. I am very excited and just wanted to thank them for their timely, professional and quality work they offered us, which to my surprise not only helped my website to appear on first page of Google but also helped engage my website visitors more and increased conversion rate.
Thank you so much again for your very good work!"

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