Shopify SEO Services

Shopify SEO Services

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Shopify SEO Agency

We are an end-to-end digital marketing agency for all business requirements. From creating traction for your brand to boosting the volume of daily clicks or working relentlessly to convert more leads into actual sales, we provide the full suite of digital marketing services. This includes search engine optimization for eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Is your SEO service agency as versatile as your Shopify store?

While digital marketing experts talk about the popular, drag-and-drop functionalities of Shopify, not every SEO agency can optimize for Shopify!

Yes, Shopify stands apart with its easy website-building features, support for drop-shipping, and the comfort of selling across the internet from one, unified store. From brick & mortar stores transitioning to the digital way of conducting business to startup entrepreneurs and organizations with a global presence, Shopify presents the full scale of tools that helps to manage an online store.

Shopify is indeed an all-in-one platform with millions of users, but you need a specific skill set to use its entire scale of features, especially those that help to optimize the store for online success. Optimizing for this platform takes a lot more than what traditional SEO agencies offer – YOU NEED SHOPIFY SEO EXPERTS!

Choose Specialist Shopify Search Engine Optimization

Trust us to create market-specific buying experiences for your targeted demographic, from regional and local shoppers to the international audience.

As a fully scaled Shopify SEO services provider, we provide trained professionals who have optimized and managed hundreds of Shopify stores, working on every business niche and scale of operations. From busy Shopify storefronts that offer sell-a-minute lifestyle goods to those that offer boutique services, our Shopify SEO expert will handle every aspect of your web store, helping it gain maximum engagement on popular search engines like Google and Bing. Keeping you updated about new tools and every update to the Shopify interface, our professional will ensure that you drive the real worth from your Shopify business.

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What do we offer as a Shopify SEO company?

Optimizing Each Shopify Product Page

Shopify websites can be high on inventory with hundreds of product pages. Our Shopify SEO consultant will prepare a detailed report, listing each product page, and putting each web page through a comprehensive audit. We will diagnose and improve the SEO health of each product URL by optimizing the product titles, product copy, meta data, and URL structure using the apart from ensuring that all product images have the correct Alt Tag data.

Optimizing Shopify Store On-page Navigation

Losing out on sales due to the high bounce rate remains a big challenge for Shopify store owners. Often, businesses don't realize that by promoting parallel or similar inventory on their website they can convert a fraction of customers turning away into sales. This needs a strong internal page linking strategy. Our Shopify SEO expert will ensure that closely matched product families are interlinked to create more conversions. This is also good for the overall SEO health of your website.

Optimizing Shopify Store Keywords

If your Shopify store is facing a problem of low rankings for high-intent, high-focus keywords, the entire keyword approach needs an overhaul. Branded keywords represent maximum relevancy and if the product titles and on-page content is smartly optimized around them, there is every chance of generating more traffic. Our Shopify SEO expert will identify the high-focus [primary], long-term relevance [evergreen], short-term relevance [seasonal], and negative keywords. This includes investigating AdWords and Google Search Console data.

Optimizing Shopify Pay Per Click Advertising [PPC Management]

As a digital marketing agency, we specialize in end-to-end PPC management services:

  • Setting up and managing Google AdWords, Google Product Listing Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Optimizing product feed for ad campaigns
  • Optimizing landing pages for ad campaigns
  • Detailed reporting for every campaign

Optimizing Shopify Store with Detailed Analytics

Does employing a Shopify SEO company make you feel losing control? Don't worry, we will always ensure that you are in the driver's seat. How do we make this happen?

By transparent data sharing, such as presenting detailed Google Analytics in the form of easy-to-understand reports. You get an unbiased view of our SEO performance. You can easily view things we are working on, and how close we are to meeting your specific goals, such as creating more organic visibility or increasing queries from different landing pages.

Optimizing Shopify Store for Better Content

Your on-site content might read well with editorial-quality text but what if it does not help you get more clicks from the buyer demographic you want? Product copies aren't always grammatically perfect, but they should be able to communicate about the product and upsell it, and using the right keywords along the way is critical to do this. Our Shopify SEO expert will collaborate with an in-house copywriting resource to ensure the branding tone, product descriptions, and other content assets, like blogs, are better optimized. The focus will be on making your Shopify store content actionable, i.e. content that fuels social media performance and conversions without compromising the overall readability or quality.

Optimizing Shopify Store to Boost Conversion Rate [CRO]

Our Shopify SEO consultants dig deep into the project, working beyond the immediate, most expected tasks. They take upon CRO or conversion rate optimization that puts an emphasis on fine-tuning every aspect of the website behavior that can contribute to increasing sales. This might include changing the existing navigation options or inserting more call-to-action buttons. Working with seasoned web developers, our Shopify SEO expert might recommend changing the layout of landing pages or creating a different browsing hierarchy for shoppers who are still discovering your Shopify store.

Taking a cue from how popular web stores and online marketplaces function, our Shopify marketing experts might recommend reducing or increasing the product filter options or integrating the latest Shopify app. You can expect changes to:

  • Home page to ensure it makes an instant impression
  • Product detail pages to ensure they lead to more cart additions
  • Shopping cart layout to reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Checking out options to reduce hard bounce rate after adding a product to cart
  • Internal linking dynamics to suppress a few pages or provide more exposure for a product category
  • Online review processing, creating more customer-appreciating processes
  • Product feed to advertising channels like Google Product Listing Ads

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Just Shopify Store Optimization?

No! We Identify, Correct & Update your Shopify Store

This should highlight why we are not just another SEO agency – despite its inherent brilliance, Shopify can present some typical problems, like unwarranted web page or URL duplication. Often disregarded as an SEO issue, this can be a serious problem in terms of how search engines like Google evaluate your store.

A related problem is that of product variant pages. The most obvious question is – should you host all variants on the same product page or does every variant deserve its URL? If you choose the latter, should the content on every product variant page be tweaked, optimized, and driven by slightly different keywords?

Our SEO Shopify experts have the answers to such questions that other digital marketing agencies try to put away!

We address every aspect of boosting your Shopify store's visibility with:

  • Fixing redirect issues
  • Strategic placement of canonical tags
  • Regular site audits
  • Testing the storefront for site speed
  • Keeping a watch on any crawl errors

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What if my Shopify store needs more than just SEO services?

We Provide the Entire Spectrum of Shopify Development Services

If there is a need to bring-in a Shopify specialist for any other requirement, we will provide a quick consultation and clearly defined solutions for:

  • Store design template changes/customization
  • Store payment pathway correction/integration
  • Migration from multiple web stores to one Shopify platform
  • Shopify POS development
  • Shopify store app development
  • 3rd party integrations

What else can you do for optimizing my Shopify Store?

  • Shopify mobile development [mobile integration]
  • Shopify network monitoring
  • Shopify ERP, CRM, POS integrations
  • Shopify Plus development
  • Functional feature corrections
  • Integrating B2B-focused special features
  • Revising UI or UX design functionalities
  • Ensuring compliance with data security protocols
  • Shopify order management services

What if a Shopify website is not your typical eCommerce setup?

We Cater to Shopify Sites High on Service Pages, Branding Content

We realize that every Shopify SEO project is not meant for boosting sales. Sometimes, brand owners need help beyond the POS perspective. Shopify offers a lot for such requirements, but it takes a Shopify store optimization expert to come up with the right answers. We help entrepreneurs get the maximum from their Shopify setup for reaching out to a broader audience and explaining their unique brand story. Our Shopify SEO expert can generate immense value for your business if you want to boost the branding impact, raise the recall value, and inspire more shares & recommendations.

Our SEO support for such Shopify site owners includes managing the backend for:

  • Explaining the service structure for online classes
  • Setting up service appointments
  • Scheduling consultations
  • Exhibiting eBooks, published content
  • Showcasing teasers of whitepapers or industry reports
  • Presenting offers like free memberships

Choose the Shopify SEO service structure you want!

We Will Work Around Your Preferences

You can customize, handpicking from our Shopify SEO services you prefer for your business goals. As a Shopify SEO company, we work with different business outlooks and spending mindsets, delivering ROI-focused work. If you need our SEO expert to understand your business inside-out, trust us to invest the time it takes to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

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