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By leading with excellence at every stage and delivering uncompromised service quality, we’ve cultivated long-standing partnerships with clients from various industries and niches. Below we highlight a handful of stories that speak volumes about our client-focused approach. To read more testimonials, we invite you to explore our dedicated testimonial pages.

Testimonials: eCommerce Catalog & Product Data Management

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“We are quite happy with your team’s work in the content creation process of our listing content, A+ images, and videos. The work done was quite creative which wasn't very easy for someone who does not know much about this category. We hope to continue working the same way in the near future too. But for now, it's really good going.”

Martina Keller

Product Head

“The copy has come out very well. Thank you for the attention to detail and due diligence. All the work delivered by your team meets our expectations and we can now proceed with further tasks for my eCommerce store.”

Roger Crimmins

eCommerce Store Owner

“Just wanted to thank you for all the great work your team has delivered. I really appreciate the quick turnaround and clear communication that you have demonstrated consistently over the last few months.”

Adam Harley

Founder and CEO

“All the listings of my store are live now. The data and images look accurate, just as your team always does great work! Thank you to all the team members for your detailed, timely, and accurate attention to our projects.”

Edward Jenney

Merchandising Manager

“Your team has been doing an excellent job in handling multi-tasks, prioritizing tasks effectively, and delivering work in a turnaround time. Keep up the great work. I understand that certain tasks may involve specific procedures that can be confusing. However, thank you for your open-mindedness and resilience.”

Fred Thomson

CEO & Founder

“Your team has accomplished a significant amount of listing maintenance work just in time for the upcoming holiday season. I appreciate your inquisitiveness, timely work, and excellent communication skills. Thank you.”

Nicole Watson

VP Sales

“Great work done by the team and the project manager. Managing your tasks while taking on new responsibilities must have been challenging, but you're consistently going above and beyond. The way you're handling everything is truly impressive.”

Tyler Williams

eCommerce Director

“Once again, your hard work does not go unnoticed, and I genuinely appreciate your dedication. All the team members did their best to deliver quality descriptions for the products. Really impressed with the quality and timely work.”

Daniel Fletcher

eCommerce store owner

“Can’t believe that I am actually able to double my sales on Amazon. All thanks to your marketing team. You delivered just as you promised. Highly impressed with the outcomes. Great work team!”

Ellie Price

eCommerce Merchant

“While I was really struggling to manage multiple sales channels, I do not have to worry about it at all. All thanks to your team! You guys have been doing an excellent job in effortlessly managing all my channels and bringing in smooth sales. Highly impressed with your services.”

Terry White

eCommerce Store Owner

“Highly appreciate their team and the quality of services delivered. Despite such a large catalog, the team members quickly addressed the data issues and took timely action. Would love to work again with SunTec India in the near future.”

Chris Baker

eCommerce Business Owner

“I was quite impressed with how quickly your team understood my product line very well. The listing copy and images both were as per the expectations with not many corrections needed. Good work!”

Adam Connolly

Chief Product Officer

“I am completely satisfied with the services provided. You delivered on your promises of increased traffic and sales on all the marketplaces. I truly appreciate your team’s professionalism and transparency throughout the entire process. Looking forward to a long-term association with your team now.”


eCommerce Store Owner

“My PPC campaigns were managed excellently by the team. Great work done by them in optimizing my campaigns and landing pages. I finally found a partner that can trusted to give the desired results. Thank you again.”

Samantha Moore

Marketing Director

“After dealing with a few unreliable outsourcing vendors in the past, working with this company was a breathe of fresh air. Their team proactively communicated and ensured the project stayed on track. The end goals were also met without hassles. Overall great work”


eCommerce Store Owner

Testimonials: Data Processing, Management & Support

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“It was a true struggle finding a reliable back-office service partner but I am glad I finally found SunTec India. Their team has been of great help in managing my back-office data tasks. I am now able to spare time for my core tasks without having to worry about the data entry and processing tasks, all thanks to their skilled team.”

John Deck

Founder & CEO

“Our requirements were a bit complex and were looking for more specialized data resources rather than simple data entry operators. I must say that SunTec has a skilled and efficient team. They are quick to grasp the requirements and can take up tasks independently without much training. Really happy with the outcomes.”

Claira Menon


“Quick, professional, and competent that's how I can describe their team. The best part is I never have to worry about data security concerns with their team. Highly recommend their services.”

Ben Finklea

VP of Sales

“Your team has been an excellent service partner throughout these years. Data management doesn’t seem like a challenge to us anymore. We are glad to have been partnered with such a qualified and experienced team like yours. Keep up the good work!”

Richard Goldman


“I had already lost much generating leads and purchasing databases. As I came across their company’s offerings I was a bit skeptical at first but thought of giving it a try. To my surprise, their list-building services were worth every penny. I have been able to grow my business significantly with their support.”

Ben Thomas

Founder & CEO

“SunTec team has been working as a backbone to our revenue management system. They have excellent attention to detail and turnaround time. Our data security and accuracy in outcomes have never been compromised. They are the most reliable partner so far we have come across.”

Roy Lawaetz


“Scattered across different locations, our business data was a complete chaos. But, SunTec India’s team did a wonderful job in organizing, filtering, and cleaning our data. Their expertise in data management is invaluable. Overall, great work done by the team.”

Samantha Moore

Director of Customer Service

“I can't say enough good things about the company. The level of customer service and service quality delivered exceeds anything I've ever experienced with any other outsourcing service provider. It's clear they truly value their clients and go the extra mile to provide an exceptional experience.”

Stephen Forte

Managing Director

“I would like to thank all the team members I worked with. Every member of the team was diligent, responsive, and transparent. While it was a short project, I am very pleased with the services. Will be collaborating for a new data support project soon.”


Sales Manager

“I sincerely appreciate how much SunTec India’s team goes the extra mile, not just about the project requirements and project delivery but about leaving clients truly satisfied. I’ve had a great experience working with their data annotation team”

Annie Mathew

CEO of a parking application

“After your team successfully delivered the sample, I was confident that you were the right data labeling partner. Thank you for exceeding our expectations in terms of accuracy, timeliness, and dataset quality. I would love to continue this partnership and give more work in the future.”

James Ransom


“Their data entry team has assisted us with a complex data entry job for several surveys. Their team works both professionally and promptly to meet data entry needs. Highly recommend.”

David Barrs


“Can't thank you enough for meeting such a tight deadline for our project. All the scraped data delivered was complete, accurate, and relevant. Really impressed with quick work and deliverables.”

Claira Menon

Sales Head

“We reached out to SunTec India after a recommendation for medical coding and billing requirements and we are delighted with their services. Their team’s efforts have highly contributed to improved collection rates and reduced claim rejections for our organization.”

Julia Summers


“SunTec India is one of our best solutions providers. They are meticulous, easy to work with, and efficient. They always deliver work on time. Even the time zone difference is not a barrier working with them very flexible and efficient team”.

Barry Hetherington

Managing Director

Testimonials: ePublishing & Document Conversion

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“Thank you for converting our books to enhanced and engaging ebooks. Very impressed with the quality of titles delivered and the quick turnaround time. Will be sharing the new titles for conversion soon.”

Filip Lindell

Marketing Manager

“I used their digital publishing platform ‘OneRead’. Turned out to be valuable for my publishing work. It is very easy to import, manage, and distribute content through this platform. Highly recommended”

Lindsay Mills


“Dear team, thank you so much for your consistent support throughout these years. Your precision in converting our titles to the different digital formats has been remarkable. The professionalism and attention to detail are exemplary. You have always gone the extra mile to keep up with our changing systems and requirements.”

David Thompson

Managing Director

“Very skilled, professional, and dedicated team. They are aware of all the latest digital formats and can easily guide you through the publishing process. They are also of great help in promoting and distributing online content.”

Sandra Thoms


“I needed help in publishing my ebook on Amazon Kindle. The team was able to guide me through the entire process of developing, editing, and publishing my ebook. They are very responsive and always willing to make revisions until I was completely satisfied.”

Roger Hayes

Self-published Author

“I found SunTec to be timely and their work excellent. My four books were translated into color epubs quickly and I had them up on Kindle and Nook within a week of emailing the files to SunTec India”

Aurora Juliana Ariel

PhD Author

“I wanted to add rich multimedia to my plain jane content. All thanks to SunTec India who understood the subject and story and embedded my ebook with amazing graphics, videos, and interactivities. I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the ebook engagement since then.”

Nancy Brown

Content Manager

“We publish complex academic content full of figures, tables, and formulas. Converting these intricate print layouts digitally seemed a big challenge for my firm. After evaluating many firms, we chose SunTec India. For years now, SunTec has been an excellent publishing partner handling our content conversion needs. They quickly deliver flawless ebook and HTML files maintaining the highest accuracy.”

Mark Davis

Founder & CEO

“I am so grateful to have a reliable partner like SunTec India by my side. No matter how complex the requirements are, or how short the deadline is, the team has been effectively meeting our needs for the past three years. With them, I can have great peace of mind.”

James Wilson

Production Head

“Converting titles into different languages precisely was a big challenge. But SunTec India has handled our needs really well. Their multi-lingual capabilities have really impressed us.”

Emma Brown

Founder & CEO

“Very professional, efficient, and skilled team I must say. They are so adept at doing their publishing work. They beautifully converted our titles, just as I had expected in just three days! Will surely recommend their services!”

Sarah Williams

Editorial Director

“They did a wonderful job in converting my content into reflowable ebook formats. Great work and quick project delivery. Didn’t find any mistakes in their work or loopholes in their process. The team is also very supportive and friendly. Good experience overall!”

Linda Davis


“I really appreciate your timely work. Converting 50 titles in such a short turnaround time was indeed a challenge. But I am happy to see that you delivered the project on time, without compromising the quality. Good to see a team stick to their professional commitment. Good work!”

Jessica Wong

Production Lead

“SunTec India can be blindly trusted when it comes to digital publishing solutions. I have been in business with them past 5 years and never got any chances of complaining. Their team is excellent and will go the extra mile to support their clients.”

Madison Chan

Publishing Head

"Our last service provider had been making silly mistakes in publishing that really cost us. SunTec India has been handling our project for over a year now and finally, we have a partner that delivers the quality and reliability we demand. Their attention to detail ensures flawless file output every single time.”

Sophia Lee

Managing Editor

Testimonials: Apps Development

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“Experienced and talented developers. Our app just came out to be perfect! Highly impressed with the feel, design, user experience, and app features. Great work done by the SunTec India team.”

Luke Sharron

Project Manager

“I had a complex requirement of developing a multichannel marketplace management system. After thorough discussions on functionalities, their team has now successfully delivered the project which I am now planning to sell as a white-label solution. Highly impressed with SunTec India’s development team expertise.”

Noel Tomilson

VP of Sales

“My on-demand taxi app has been running smoothly throughout the region, all thanks to the SunTec India team. Impressed with their expertise and after-support services that are prompt and thorough.”

Susan Walters


“We have been in association with SunTec India for ongoing app support and maintenance. Whenever we face any technical issues or need new features to be added, their developers have quickly delivered fixes and enhancements. I appreciate their responsiveness as well as their professional guidance helping us continuously improve and optimize our app.”

Johnny Baggers


“I’ve had disappointing results working with freelance developers in the past. Considering SunTec India’s reputation I decided to go with them. This turned out to be the best decision. I just had to simply communicate my requirements and they delivered the app on the committed time. The team also kept me updated on every stage of the development phase. It was a great experience working with them.”



“Impressed with their transparent process, quick turnaround time, and talented development team. Despite an aggressive timeline, they delivered a fully-featured app ahead of schedule without compromising quality. I was really happy to see their developers and QA engineers identify and resolve bugs rapidly during testing.”



“The team is very adaptive, efficient, and communicative. All the developers who worked on my project maintained professionalism, quality work, and demonstrated excellent development skills throughout the project. Very impressed.”

Moah Thomas


“This was my first experience working with an outsourcing company from India. I received excellent services at an affordable cost. Really happy with the end application delivered. The team was also very supportive and efficient.”

Noel Tomilson

Managing Director

“They have competent Android developers who can quickly understand your development needs and propose a solution. I hired a team of six developers who worked on an hourly basis. All the developers were skilled and easy to work with. Even the rates were competitive and the app quality was excellent. Highly recommend.”

Thomas Routh


“My eCommerce application has been running great on all the devices, thanks to the SunTec India team. Since launch, my app has functioned excellently driving increased traffic, order volume, and revenue. The post-release support delivered by the team has also been excellent.”


Founder & CEO

“The reaction of all our stakeholders on the website has been positive. Thank you to all the team members who worked on my project and delivered a wonderful website. From navigation to speed and visual elements, everything seems to be perfectly in place.”

Carlos Rosan


“The team did a fantastic job in developing my new website. Design and user experience both were taken care of. Moreover, they maintained smooth and transparent communication throughout the project. The project manager was also very responsive and supportive in terms of implementing feedback.”

Amy Read


“While the team took some time to clearly understand all the requirements, they did exceptionally well in terms of developing my website on WordPress. They custom build my website, just as I had envisioned. It is now running smooth, without any glitches.”

Chris Jaussi

Managing Director

“SunTec India team guided me throughout the process and helped me come up with an excellent website. Despite tons of features, they helped me a website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The credit goes entirely to SunTec India’s talented web development team”

Rita Marley


“Our older website was slow, poorly optimized, and visually unattractive. SunTec India completely revamped our website and made it fast, responsive, attractive, and migrated all our content efficiently. We are still in touch with the team and overall had a great experience with them.”

Thomas Steiner


“I am so pleased to say that my entire team is very happy with the website you have created. Thank you for patiently listening and adapting to our changing requirements throughout the design process. We appreciate you guiding us to make decisions meeting our design preferences, and finally delivering an excellent website.”

Lia Kim

Marketing Manager

“The SunTec India team did a great job creating our eCommerce store. They were flexible and easy to communicate with. Moreover, all our requirements were met and the project was delivered ahead of schedule.”

Stephen Berger


“I found SunTec to be easy to work with. The communication through email and messenger worked very well. SunTec India was quick to address any issues and quickly made changes and upgrades to the program as requested. I would recommend SunTec to work on any software development projects.”

Chris Jaussi


“The team has been very professional in conduct. They ensured on-time project delivery and prompt resolution of issues. I liked that the project manager employed his own experience and expertise, to ensure that we built the right solution as per our business requirements.”

Eric Strand


“We engaged a team of five PHP developers from SunTec India. They finely met our requirements, demonstrated great development skills, and were highly efficient. Very happy with the results and final output.”

C Anders


Testimonials: Photo Editing

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“I have been working with SunTec India for more than 2 years. Their company can do excellent work in photo editing. I'm very pleased with their professional way of delivering images and always happy to add changes if needed. I'm also impressed with their prompt responsiveness and turn-around time. I would highly recommend their real estate photo editing services.”

Jessica Guffey

Founder & CEO

“The team members did a fantastic job with the color and the feel of the photos. This is exactly how I'd like all of our photos to look! Loved the rich colors and vibrant feel of these photos here. Nice work, team! Thank you so much.”


eCommerce Business Owner

“SunTec India is by far the best and the most reliable photo editing firm we have ever worked with. I am glad that we chose them over numerous other companies. They are super quick, efficient and the best part- they are capable of delivering high-quality pictures just as you want. Highly recommend.”

Kimberly Walker

Real Estate Agent

“It's good to see someone stick to their professional commitment like you did. Your team completed all the work with absolute precision and gave us a good turnaround on all the edited pictures. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your support and hard work.”

Jason Mitchell


“My expectation was simply to get the retouched images quickly. And it is great to see a team working on pictures so quickly and delivering the quality of images just as you’ve expected. Good job done by the team, very impressed. Will be sharing the new requirements soon.”

Jerry Fletcher

Branding Manager

“As a lead photographer of a studio, it was getting impossible for me to edit so many pictures on a daily basis. But their team just took all my worries away. I am not able to focus on my work while the team at SunTec has been successfully handling all my photo editing tasks with full precision and dedication.”


Lead Photographer

“I am very impressed by the team's artistic eye for subtly enhancing photos and highlighting the main subjects in pictures. Their talented team knows how to polish images to a commercial-grade finish. Great work!”

Richard Sanders

eCommerce Store Owner

“As a food blogger, I wanted somebody who could add magic to my pictures. I am pleased to find a partner like SunTec India. Their photo editing team is quite professional and knows how to bring out the best, even in ordinary photos. Thank you so much for doing a commendable job for my pictures.”


Food Blogger

“Great job done by their team. Really impressed with their commitment to quality and quick turnaround time. They have always been supportive in terms of implementing suggestions and feedback. Would love to continue working with them.”

Jason Mitchell

Real Estate Consultant

“SunTec India has been our ongoing service provider for six years now. I must say not even once I have encountered any issue with the team. The project is always running smoothly and on time. Highly recommend their photo editing services.”

Andy Grinaker

Founder & CEO

“Thank you team for making my pictures absolutely stand out. The final results are much better than I expected. Really impressed with the work. Looking forward to working with you soon on the next project.”

Valerie Richman

Brand Manager

“I am thoroughly pleased with their services. The team has never disappointed me in terms of the quality of the picture output, regardless of how many pictures I give them to edit. They have always been very professional, efficient, and transparent.”

Alexander Hall

Lifestyle Photographer

“SunTec India can be trusted with all the data security and privacy. I have been in business with the company for more than 4 years and never got a chance to complain. Very professional team and good quality work.”

Deborah Anderson

Real Estate Consultant

“My business is thriving, all thanks to your team. Your team has been handling my listing pictures quite well, and I never have to worry about it. Can't thank your team enough for always supporting me with my quick needs and changes, without any trouble.”


Freelance Product Photographer

“I’d always been very particular about my product images. Having worked with three companies in the past, I have finally found a team that can be trusted with all the editing needs. SunTec’s team is very professional, helpful, and efficient. The quality of images is always up to the mark as per the specified requirements. Highly impressed.”

Lisa Brown


Testimonials: SEO, Social Media & PPC Management

Our success is measured by our client’s achievements. We take pride in the positive impact we've made on numerous clients through the tailored services we provide. The testimonials from our clients serve as both motivation and validation for our ongoing commitment.

“Wow, I am just amazed by your team’s writing skills. I didn’t take any time to approve it in one go. Simply crisp, clear, and engaging copy delivered. You brought my story to life. Thank you so much!”

Emma Lopez

Blogger and Influencer

“Our cost per acquisition was much too high with previous agencies mismanaging our campaigns. However, after partnering with SunTec India our campaigns have seen significantly reduced costs and increased conversions.”

Ava Martinez

Marketing Manager

“SunTec India’s team exceeded our expectations setting up an effective online presence from scratch, while also providing ongoing support to improve visibility and engagement over time. We appreciate having their expertise guide our digital growth journey.”

Noah Martinez

CEO & Founder

“I just wanted to let you know that you have guys been doing a terrific job for my blog. All the content writers and SEO professionals are doing great work and have satisfyingly met my expectations! Thank you for always being so responsive and supporting.”

Amelia Brown

Digital Content Creator

“Your company has done an incredible job for my website. I can see my eCommerce visibility and sales improve significantly. Happy to see that you’ve delivered what you had promised. Thank you.”

Michael Davis

Founder & CEO

“Their digital marketing team is very professional, skilled, and experienced. I have been working with them for a past couple of months now and I am pleased with the results delivered so far. Looking forward to a long-term association with them.”

Peter Lin


“I like how their team was totally invested in my project. While I’ve worked with a few digital marketing agencies in the past, SunTec India’s team turned out to be the best. They are very responsive and take every task seriously. The results delivered are also impressive. Well done!”

Selina Miller

Founder & CEO

“I am glad to say that the SEO work is coming along really well for my website. I have significantly noticed an increased number of inquiries for all the keywords provided to you. Good work team.”

Bob Marley


“Our experience with SunTec India has been amazing. The project manager as well as the team is very supportive and is always ready to guide you through every step of the project. They stick to the timelines and always take feedback seriously. Highly recommend their services.”



“Working with their team has been very smooth and transparent. It's very easy to track results and outcomes with their weekly calls and detailed project reporting. Overall great experience and services.”

Robert Moore

eCommerce Business Owner

“I am thoroughly impressed with your service offerings. Can’t believe to have been appearing on the first page of search results. Even my lead count has increased notably. It has all been possible because of your team efforts and consistent hard work for my project. Thank you so much team.”


Fashion Studio Owner

“I can happily recommend SunTec India for online marketing services. I have been associated with them for three years, and with their diligence, I have unlocked some great results for my online business. They have very supportive, transparent, and skilled professionals.”

Justin Boey


“I’d been struggling to find some good content writers for my travel website. I am glad that I came across SunTec’s website. Their copywriting team is excellent. They have been meeting my strict timelines and quality expectations since day one. Highly professional and talented team.”

Anu Grace


“It never felt like I was working with an outsourcing firm. You guys just mixed up like my own in-house team. Thank you to each and every team member who made my website a success. It has all been possible with your efforts and dedication. Thank you.”



“Great work done on my link-building strategy. Within just a few months I am able to see improved performance. Thanks for your impressive support.”

Xavier Rudd

Director of Marketing