Custom Document Conversion Services

Make The Most Of Your Data With A Skilled Back Office Data Processing Team

Professional Document Conversion Services

Go digital in half the time and at minimal cost with SunTec India. Outsource document conversion services to transform your data store into a reliable, organized, and effective collection that will boost productivity for your team and business.

Experience the impact that professional document conversion services can bring to your business. You will find every need fulfilled and every query solved at SunTec India, from large-scale enterprise solutions to specific document format and security requirements.

Multi-format Document Conversion Services

  • DWG to JPG DWG to JPG
  • GIF to TGA GIF to TGA
  • PSP to PDF PSP to PDF
  • Word to PDF Word to PDF
  • eBooks Converted to HTML, XML, XHTML, PDF, MS Word eBooks Converted to HTML, XML, XHTML, PDF, MS Word

What Types of Multilingual Document Conversion Services Do We Offer?

SunTec India is a global organization with businesses, clients, and connections all over the globe. Therefore, our services are directly impacted in nature by this fact.

Whatever your target language and country may be, our professional document conversion services have you covered.

Why Should You Outsource Document Conversion Services?

With customized document conversion services, you can immediately boost your workflow efficiency while securing your data.

  • Get quick access to your files from anywhere
  • Protect your documents with multiple-grade encryptions
  • Make retrieval easier with searchable data
  • User-based authorization that ensures double-layer protection
  • Improve processing time for all data-related projects

Plus, when you delegate this task to a service provider as old and experienced as SunTec India, you save time, money, and effort at once.

Customized Document Conversion Services: What Formats Do We Support?

Owing to the vast sources and types of data that businesses deal with on an everyday basis, it can be challenging to keep everything organized in a consistent format on paper.

Our document conversion process makes it simpler for you.

With regular file conversions, multiple language expertise, and multi-format specialty, we ensure that the results match your expectations and smoothen your workflow.

Document Conversion With Consistent Quality Across Regions And Languages

  • 100% Accurate Document Conversion
  • Quick and Effective Processing
  • Native Language Experts
  • 24/7 Support & Client Communications
  • Competitive Service Rates
  • Integrated Quality Checks

Integrated Document Conversion Services @ SunTec India

When implemented in a traditionally or partially paper-oriented environment, a proper document conversion process needs a lot of care.

For example, images must be processed to clarify the contents. Documents must be cleaned and preserved if they are too old or precious. Font improvement, scanning, graphic notings, color correction , proofing, integrity checks- there is too much that needs to be handled when dealing with any set of documents in a given timeline.

At SunTec India, professional document conversion services are designed in a manner that ensures all your data needs are met on time.

Document Proofreading

We have a team of editors who go through all your documents in record time and make a note of every critical data point. This ensures that the documents we process are clean beforehand. After conversion, this record also makes it easier to validate the content and ensure minimal errors.

Image Editing

Our customized document conversion services run a mandatory cycle of image editing before turning them into a different format. This helps us protect the quality of your images and keep the information intact post-conversion.

Data Validation

Automated document validation is a critical part of our document conversion process. We combine it with manual checking to identify issues in the source file and fix them in time for accurate conversion.

Scanning Checks

At SunTec India, we only use the best-in-class scanning techniques and tools. This process is multi-layered and therefore performed carefully on-site or off-site; however the client requires.

Why Outsource Document Conversion Services to SunTec India?

Tackle all your document conversion challenges with the SunTec India team.

With an extensive industry presence, understanding, and approach, we are one of the leading professional document conversion services providers worldwide. On-time delivery, scalable workflows, and customized offerings are the signature of our brand.

So is 100% customer satisfaction!

On-Demand Document Conversion Services for Diverse Requirements

  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Advances & Secure Tech Support
  • ISO-Certified Processes
  • 24*7 Support Accessibility
  • Skilled and Specialized Resources
  • Efficient & Quick Document Conversion
  • 8530+ Global Clients
  • Up to 60-70% Cost Savings
  • 99.95% Guaranteed Accuracy
  • GDPR, HIPAA, & CJIS Compliance
  • 12-24 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Scalable & Flexible Operations

When you join hands with our team and outsource document conversion services to us, we ensure that you get the best solutions every time!

Get in touch with our team at to know more about our customized document conversion services. You can also request a free demo of our document conversion process or book a session with our consultants to get your queries answered.

Document Conversion Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


At SunTec India, document conversion services follow a hybrid operational approach, allowing us to process and convert documents across a wide range of formats. This list includes Doc, Excel, PDF, HTML, JPG, DWG, GIF, TGA, PSP, XHTML, Microsoft Word, and much more.

To convert a file means to change its format from one to another. In businesses of all sizes, document conversion services are used to create a coherent, consistent, and organized data store where all the documents exist in a single format, thus making retrieval more accessible and more efficient.

Yes, we do!

While most organizations do not need on-site scanning at present, we have a rich infrastructure and resources to ensure that any client of ours who needs this particular service gets it in time.

Our customized document conversion services are designed to enable functional efficiency. You can easily access your documents even when we are working on digitizing them as our process starts by making copies and securing the originals distinctly.

We employ the best databases, data cleaning tools, and encryption algorithms to ensure that all client data is kept secure and organized throughout the process.

In most cases, it can! Of course, we will need to discuss this with your team before commencing our document conversion services. But, you can rest assured because more often than not, it can be done easily.

We follow a strict image cleansing and correction process to ensure that even low-quality images can be processed and the information can be translated into a more secure document with ease.

Specialized Data Support Services

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I would highly recommend SunTec to any organisation looking for professional, prompt and cost effective business services. This was my company's first overseas outsource project so I was a little apprehensive about ensuring I found the correct partner. The speed at which SunTec quoted for the work, produced a test sample and responded to my queries put me at ease. To top it all they then completed the actual project well ahead of schedule.

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