MEAN Stack Development Services

Leverage the uniform and highly skilled delivery of our MEAN Stack development services. We equip businesses of all sizes with web-based solutions that can easily scale and resolve diverse pain points.

  • Agile development approach

  • Clean coding practices

  • 24/7 maintenance & support

  • Managed scalability

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Comprehensive MEAN Stack Web Development

Our MEAN Stack Development services facilitate rich and engaging web experiences so that businesses can give their best to their customers. We develop highly adaptable client and server-side web solutions using MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

  • Legacy app modernization
  • End-to-end app customization
  • Unmatched performance
  • Adaptable components
  • Automated updates
  • High conversion rate

Our MEAN Stack Development Service Offerings

Learn how we bring together the right mix and intelligent implementation of MEAN stack development services for your web application.

Custom MEAN Stack Web Development

We combine the capabilities of each MEAN stack technology and framework to tailor to your specific kind of web service or solution implementation. We precisely align the web solution with your market segment and expected outcomes.

MEAN Stack API Development

Our MEAN stack development company in India houses skilled developers who provide end-users with seamless experiences by creating APIs that can scale to handle unexpected loads. We further achieve consistency and predictability by combining Node.js and MongoDB.

MEAN Maintenance & Support

We ensure preventive as well as corrective levels of maintainability through our MEAN stack web development services. Each component of the web application development process is synergized to make maintenance and support service delivery smoother.

Enterprise MEAN Stack Development

Expedite your enterprise web solution development by working with our MEAN stack development company. We enable uniformity, quick MVP development, adaptable components, and secure database services for your enterprise web solution.

MEAN Stack Migration

We migrate your legacy web solutions by leveraging the security enhancements, easy maintainability, and scalability of MEAN stack development. Through process and UI upgrade automation we ensure that a high-conversion, industry-leading web app is delivered.

MEAN Performance Optimization

Our MEAN stack development company leverages several performance optimization strategies for developing your web solution. Using elements like Node.js clustering, MongoDB replication, and automated rollout of updates, we constantly improve your web app’s capabilities.

Explore our MEAN Development Portfolio

The MEAN stack development edge we provide has led to an enviable roster of clients in 40+ countries like the US, and UK and regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn how we equip businesses with apps that boost their bottom line.


Sanitary Ware Store

We developed an online store for Jaquar where users can browse the product catalog, place orders for luxury sanitary fittings, enable intermediaries to request quotes, make custom product designs, and locate nearby showrooms.

Ramo Trading & Consulting Inc.

Scientific Equipment

We developed a platform for a retail company that sells scientific and industrial products. The solution is equipped with all eCommerce facilitators for varied sourcing needs.

Exco Parts

Automotive Parts

Customers of Exco Parts can use this web application to buy heavy-duty truck fittings for vehicle protection, storage, interior trims, upholstery, and chrome-plated exterior and interior vehicle components.

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We Optimize MEAN Stack Implementation

Our MEAN stack development company in India builds robust and flexible web applications with community-backed technologies of the MEAN Stack; MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. Learn why we utilize this technology stack and how we maximize its potential for ideal ROI for your brand.

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    With MongoDB, our MEAN stack development services enable easy-to-maintain ACID-compliant databases that provide your web application with high availability and speed.

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    We leverage this powerful backend development framework that helps us scale your web applications quickly while ensuring high performance.

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    The Angular.js well-organized architecture makes for unlimited flexibility and maintainability while boosting your web application’s visual appeal for better customer retention.

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    Node.js is an extremely lightweight and efficient runtime environment that we utilize for code development to cut down time-to-market through frontend and backend code reusability.

MEAN Development Services: FAQs

We develop a wide range of apps custom-designed for your specific requirements, business goals, and target audience. We develop every kind of web application, from responsive websites to eCommerce platforms, single-page applications (SPA), real-time applications, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Our MEAN stack development process is carefully formulated and follows an agile approach, integrating test-driven development where necessary. Our overall development process consists of the following steps:

  • We collaborate closely with you to produce well-documented requirements to be implemented through the development process.
  • We design the application architecture and database schema to leave ample room for scalability as per your requirements.
  • We develop the application’s frontend and backend fully utilizing the JavaScript programming and extensions powered by the MEAN stack.
  • We perform continuous testing and quality assurance checks throughout the development process.
  • We deploy the application to a robust user assurance testing environment and then take it to a secure hosting environment, followed by the production environment.
  • After your web solution is delivered to your users, we closely monitor it to ensure ideal performance.
  • As your business and the needs of your market segment evolve, we assist you with scaling accordingly.

SunTec India implements comprehensive security best practices and industry-leading measures to protect your application architecture and critical data from malicious attacks. We perform input validation, and authentication, tighten the authorization mechanisms, and perform common vulnerability checks. We also perform end-to-end encryption for your data transmission and also facilitate regular updates and security patching.

Yes, we carry out front-end development, leveraging the UI, animations, and interactive elements of AngularJS. We implement backend development using MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS to ultimately lead to a powerful application that satisfies your customers and keeps them engaged.

Our MEAN stack developers have close to a decade of experience developing cross-industry apps using this powerful technology stack. The developers’ expertise encompasses web and mobile solution delivery, and custom software development specific to your needs. You can depend on us to develop your web and mobile applications using this tech stack for sustained long-term app market success providing a massive boost to your bottom line.

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