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Ensure the integrity of your ecommerce data with accurate product data normalization!

Data normalization is the process of effective data organization in a database. It decreases redundant data and eliminates inconsistencies. It is exceptionally critical and helpful for businesses that sell and store data on hundreds of products with similar specifications.

SunTec India specializes in normalizing ecommerce data collated from multiple sources, adhering to defined requirements, and ensuring correct alignment and definitions. We carefully treat products with marginal differences in their specifications and normalize their attributes across the entire category to ensure precise navigation and encourage catalog credibility.

What Is the Use of Data Normalization?

A critical component in effectively maintaining ecommerce store data, normalizing product data helps you get data in the right format and data items in precise fields, coupled with standardized and consistent category attribute values. Without systematic implementation of suitable attribute values, inconsistent data significantly diminishes the accuracy of the majority of data processing activities, critically impacting the functions of your ecommerce website , like faceted search results, cross-selling/up-selling prompts, and product comparison, etc. De-normalized data also misinforms the scope and size of the product databases, with complex levels of internal duplication.

Product Data Normalization Advantages in a Nutshell:

  • Substantially improves the integrity or accuracy of data
  • Consistency across all pages on a website, giving visitors a seamless experience
  • Regardless of their location, visitors will be able to see the same data
  • Data duplication, which can adversely affect the reputation of a website, can be avoided
  • Maximize the visibility of your products

Bespoke Normalization Procedures at SunTec India

For large ecommerce stores that typically stock hundreds of identical products with marginal differences in product attributes, a well-structured, normalized set of attributes becomes indispensable for faceted product navigation. To normalize the key fields in ecommerce product data , SunTec India has devised systematic procedures that can be personalized to the specific requirements of individual clients. We meticulously construct a meaningful taxonomy , define a list of "navigation attributes", and subsequently normalize and populate values (taking inputs from manufacturer source materials, if required) for all items in the category.

Product Data Normalization Workflow

  • A thorough analysis of the website is done by our team to check for any inconsistencies
  • A reliable data validation software is used to identify gaps and discrepancies
  • We use three stages of normalization: first normal form, second normal form, and third normal form
  • Customers’ search parameters are mapped and the data is presented according to their recommendation

Normalization of Brand Data

It is important to maintain uniformity of data across all products of a brand and across all platforms or channels. Data normalization experts at SunTec India will closely look at the data of each product of a brand to ascertain its completeness. Wherever inconsistencies are found, our team will add the missing data elements and undertake further data enrichment . The benefit of doing this is two-pronged: 1) it will ensure that online shoppers will get complete information they need to make an informed decision and 2) it will help maximize the online visibility of the brand.

De-normalization in the Event of eCommerce Data Migration

When online retail data is migrated to some other format or platform, the data often gets de-normalized in the process of migration, usually to the extent that the file appears corrupt. Fixed field files with incorrect field types and/or layout is among the most common reasons for ecommerce database de-normalization.

Besides eCommerce product data normalization services, SunTec India also undertakes eCommerce data migration projects, helping you build up and relocate your historical data sources, and successively – normalize it.

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