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Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services for Immersive Reading Experiences

Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBooks Creation & Conversion

Attract increased reader attention and amplify their engagement with your content through advanced read aloud eBook conversion services and creation services from SunTec India. Empower your fixed layout eBooks with read aloud narration. Convert eBooks to audiobooks in no time. And, build a loyal and satisfied audience pool with an experience that appeals to your reader, inspires them, and keeps them entertained.

  • Stellar Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBooks
  • Industry’s Best Delivery Rate
  • Up to 60% Cost Savings
  • Complete Data Protection & Confidentiality
  • Access to SMEs and Expert Voice Artists
  • Impeccable Digital Design and Content Support

With a vast and colorful array of read aloud ePub conversion services, the SunTec India team helps transform your content while creating an interface that speaks to your readers.

Our read-aloud digital products focus on the start and end times, media overlays structure, read aloud controls, and much more. For every audio book conversion services project, our professionals efficiently synchronize the text with the narrative audio file, ensuring that the text gets highlighted as the audio is read.

We can help you with eBook to audio conversion services for various types of books, including travel guides, children’s books, cookbooks, non-fiction, fiction, etc. With experience and expertise second to none, we make it easy for the users to go through the text as well as improve their language, reading, and speech learning.

Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBooks: Developing a Different Way to ‘Read’

Why are read aloud books important?

Reading aloud is an age-old practice known for enhancing fluency, drawing attention to volume, pitch, pauses, pace, tone, and vocabulary. It is especially considered a stepping stone where children are concerned. For adults, read aloud books create a comfortable reading experience, giving them a choice to read or hear while maintaining the engagement and opening new avenues for an immersive experience.

At SunTec India, read aloud ePub conversion services help you integrate those benefits into entrancing your user.

Read Aloud / Audio eBooks

Leveraging our extensive experience, technical know-how, and advanced audio book conversion services, we help academic institutions, businesses, libraries, archives, and publishers create ebooks with a read-aloud feature for various devices like Google, Kobo, Apple, etc.

Our experts use HTML5 and CSS3 to accurately convert the books to engage the audience further and make the books more engaging, interactive, and enjoyable. We are also in the process of developing a workflow to convert daily newspapers into real-time ‘Talking Newspapers’ for people with special needs.

Read Aloud eBook Conversion Services: What we Offer

Our audiobook conversion services are focused on comprehension more than anything else. When we create read aloud fixed layout eBooks, we operate with the idea that a reader should understand the gist of every chapter without any struggle.

Read Aloud - Audio Books
Read Aloud - Audio Books

To achieve that target, we employ a wide range of tools, bring subject matter experts (SMEs) and linguists on board, and conduct rigorous QA cycles. After we turn eBook into an audiobook for your project, those QA cycles ensure that the content, meaning, and impact don’t get lost in transition.

To convert eBook to audiobook, you can choose from any of our primary service offerings depending on the effect and impact you desire for your digital content.

An Audiobook Application

Audiobook applications are one of our most compelling read aloud eBook conversion services with a proven record of raking in benefits from clients across the globe. Mobile apps are easier to download, access, and update. On top of that, developers from the SunTec India team build robust, functionally stellar ePub read aloud apps that complement your target audience’s expectations while keeping your production requirements and quality thresholds in mind.

Tool-Based Conversion

Depending on your particular requirements, we offer selective read aloud ePub conversion services that use the latest and best tools and technologies to deliver unique outcomes. For example, as a part of our book to audiobook conversion service, we test and employ a broad range of tools periodically and curate a qualified infrastructure, including standard text-to-speech engines to proprietary eReading software.

Audiobook Narration

If you do not want a dedicated eReader application with TTS (text-to-speech) capabilities or aren’t comfortable with software-directed read aloud eBook conversion services, then you can avail narration services from our vocal artists. We turn eBooks into audiobooks and embed the narrated plot while ensuring seamless integration, creating the exact impact you envisioned.

Audio Embedding

A thorough requirement analysis cycle is conducted every time we sit down to convert eBooks to audiobooks. This allows us to embed the audio in your eBook accurately, implement immersion reading (highlighting the text being read-aloud,) and apply upgrades, effects, and content additions without damaging the flow of the narrative.

The Varying Types of Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services that we Offer Include:

  • Narrated eBooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Reference books
  • DAISY and NIMAS XML for audiobooks
  • Storybooks
  • Guide books
  • Math and Science Books using ASCII Math
  • Audio embedding in PDFs

We also offer our book to audiobook conversion service in various formats, like MP3, Real Audio (RA), Windows Media Player (WMP), etc.

Depending on the client's project specifications, our professionals can also produce read-aloud books in the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) and Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) formats.

We Provide Read Aloud ePub Conversion Services for Different Genres and Fields

We convert eBook to audiobook in several languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Danish, etc., as well as different genres.

  • Children
  • Education
  • Fiction
  • Travel
  • Meditation
  • Theatrical
  • Thriller
  • Dramas and Plays
  • Games
  • Non-fiction
  • Horror
  • Spiritual
  • Romance
  • And more!

Get Started with Read Aloud Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services at SunTec India

Reach out to your target audiences with a creative work of art that they can’t refuse.

An immersive reading experience, visually appealing illustrations, and an emotionally engaging narration- these are the pillars upon which our read aloud ePub conversion services and read aloud book creation services stand strong. We facilitate prompt delivery, high-quality results, and a streamlined workflow through cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced technology culture.

The SunTec India Advantage for Book to Audiobook Conversion Service

  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Battle-tested eBook to audio conversion services’ process
  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • Access to ePub read aloud technology experts
  • Convert eBook to audiobook in no time
  • 12-24 hour query response window
  • 99.95% data accuracy rates
  • ISO-certified ePub read aloud fixed layout services

Leverage our capabilities to amplify your bottom line and generate better user satisfaction through impeccable read aloud fixed layout eBooks.

To know more about our read aloud eBook conversion services, write to us at You can also book a free demo of our read aloud book creation services and audiobooks production services to understand how we bring you the best possible returns at reasonable prices.

Read Aloud ePub Conversion Services: FAQs


There are many ways to convert eBook to audiobook. You need a good text-to-speech algorithm to ensure a smooth transition from text to speech and maintain the context of the ePub book.

An interactive eBook contains various elements that a reader can interact with. That includes audio, rich multimedia, videos, narration, links, etc. You can create an interactive eBook from any content using these steps.

  • Scan and proofread content.
  • Verify content orientation.
  • Add a clickable table of content.
  • Add/embed audio.
  • Add narration, if using.
  • Add videos.
  • Create hyperlinks in the required places.
  • Add animations, boxes, pop-ups, etc.
  • Add any external content link, graph, chart, etc.
  • Add activity buttons for user interaction.

You can also get a customized interactive eBook or audiobook without going through all this hassle by simply contracting a professional read aloud eBook conversion service.

Most read aloud ePub conversion services charge audiobooks by the hours that go into creating them. Plus, the price varies by the text-to-speech algorithm you choose or if you decide to go for narration.

Usually, the cost to turn eBook into audiobooks ranges between US$50 an hour to US$400 an hour.

At SunTec India, ePub read aloud fixed layout services follow a rigorous, tried-and-tested process to convert eBooks to audiobooks.

  • Verify and validate the content.
  • Discuss client requirements for conversion.
  • Accordingly, use an eBook to audio conversion services software or record narration with Subject Matter Experts and voice artists.
  • Test the eBook audio flow with the content.
  • Embed additional reading support, like immersion reading, audio bookmarks, etc.
  • Run the final result through a QA cycle to weed out deviations.
  • Send the audiobook to the client.

Fixed layout ePub eBooks with read aloud narration!

Read aloud fixed layout eBooks are a type of interactive eBook that contains audio (either mechanically transcripted and translated or recorded narration by a professional voice artist.) There is a large market out there for partial audiobooks (containing a specific narrated part designed for listening and reading simultaneously) or complete audiobooks (entirely narration-based eBooks designed for listening.)

Our read aloud book creation services cover a wide range of offerings, including but not limited to-

  • Audiobook app creation
  • eReader development to support read aloud fixed layout eBooks
  • Text-wise audio integration for smooth navigation and reading experience
  • Professional narration services
  • The choice to convert eBook to audiobook in multiple languages
  • Audio embedding in PDF files for basic TTS rendering
  • Expert assistance at every step

It depends on the elements and features you add in your eBook.

Most read aloud eBook conversion services divide the process into hours. The audio conversion for a basic ePub file may take anywhere between 6 to 12 hours. As the complexity rises, so does the time. Also, add the complementary time required to process, refine, and analyze the final audiobook for quality.

The total time would, therefore, depend upon the audio book conversion services provider you choose and the efficiency of their infrastructure and process.

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