IoT App Development Services

Optimize business processes and facilitate real-time monitoring with smart, scalable, and secure IoT applications

Scalable IoT Apps that Deliver Actionable Insights

Our app developers create IoT mobile apps for highly secure retrieval and analytics of sensor data with easy-to-use interfaces. We develop apps for the delay-free transmission and analytics of critical data from devices like health sensors, POS systems, and production line equipment.

Collaborate with our IoT app developers to unlock benefits such as:

  • Certified AWS Cloud Partnership benefits
  • High-fidelity data transmissions
  • Production line optimization
  • Custom IoT app development
  • Rich business data analytics
  • Integration with Google Cloud and Azure

Our IoT App Development Service Offerings

Develop unique and innovative apps that help you level up your business workflow proficiency and enhanced user experiences with our IoT app development services.

IoT App Strategy

Our IoT application development in India helps you develop an end-to-end strategy depending on your use case; whether the app is for location tracking, monitoring temperature, remotely operating connected appliances, or IoT-based logistics.

Cloud Integration

Our IoT app development implementation lets you leverage powerful data analytics and delay-free UX by integrating the app with Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS.

IoT System Migration

Our seasoned IoT app developers can seamlessly integrate your IoT app across existing systems and legacy architectures. We help unlock value-added service enhancements through IoT system migration.

IoT Firmware Upgradation

We enable the app to upgrade the IoT device firmware securely through encrypted over-the-air updates. We also ensure intelligent fallback mechanisms in case of failures in updation, while we enable remote firmware updates.

IoT App Security Implementation

We help safeguard your IoT devices and user data by implementing the best practices. Through minimal service exposure and verified updates, our IoT application development in India secures your IoT app’s integrity.

IoT Data Analytics Solutions

We help you tap into the vast quantities of complex data generated by your connected devices. Our IoT app developers enable you to extract insights that can drive critical business decisions.

Ready to Hire IoT App Developers in India?

Tell us your IoT app development requirements and our developers will build you highly responsive cross-platform IoT apps that ensure rich data analytics with no UX delay.

Why Outsource IoT App Development to SunTec India?

SunTec India brings a team of expert IoT app developers who build apps that enable secure remote access to sensors and all types of IoT devices and systems to extract business-critical rich data analytics. Some of the benefits that our IoT app developers unlock for your business:

  • Strict adherence to NDAs

  • 24*7 Timezone Advantage

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Maintenance & support post-launch

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

  • Several engagement models to choose from

  • App optimization for multiple marketplaces

  • Automated app updates

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Want to Know How you Can Save Up to 70% in Development Costs?

Share your project requirements and we will match them with a iot development expert team aimed at native platform ROI for your business.

Diverse IoT App Solutions for Various Industries

We help you optimize a wide range of industrial and consumer use cases; enhance supply chains, control home networks remotely, monitor enterprise authentication systems, and gain critical business insights from device data.

Retail IoT Apps

We develop retail IoT apps that uncover new opportunities for retailers to increase their ROI. We build IoT apps that drive better customer engagement for your products and brand with seamless in-store experiences, self-checkout, and geofencing for location-based advertisement.

Logistics IoT Apps

Our IoT app developers create apps for logistics operations that enable warehouse and supply chain operators to automate repetitive tasks and make timely decisions. We develop IoT apps for early detection of supply chain logjams, monitoring temperature and humidity of perishable goods, management and rerouting of fleets, and remote assessment of equipment and personnel safety.

Automotive IoT Apps

We equip businesses with IoT application development in India that facilitate in-car analysis of vehicle health, fast detection of road signage sensors for real-time traffic updates, remote troubleshooting of in-car system failures, and notifying drivers about upcoming road and weather conditions. We also help automotive companies improve vehicle safety and autonomy.

Healthcare IoT Apps

Our IoT app developers have proven expertise in developing mobile apps that support the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) for improved patient care delivery and remote monitoring of vitals. We enable streamlined management of complex IoMT equipment, automate asset allocation, and process thousands of device events in real-time. We drive cloud-based enrichment and comprehensive dashboards for the visualization of health sensor data.

Consumer IoT Apps

We develop consumer IoT solutions that deliver home automation for connected ecosystems composed of lights, HVAC units, water pumps, thermostats, and entertainment centers. Our IoT app development team enables continuous connectivity, smart energy management, remote security system monitoring, and sensors at door locks to detect forced entry.

Industrial IoT Apps

Our IoT app development company in India has in-depth expertise in Industrial IoT or IIoT apps that facilitate better operational efficiency and automate critical components of the assembly line. We build apps that allow you to carry out predictive maintenance to assess potential machine failure in advance, track equipment in transit, and advanced analytics of machine metrics.

IoT App Development Services: FAQs

Our dedicated IoT app developers develop an estimate of the scope and extent of scalability for the project after conducting a thorough requirements analysis with you. Based on your app requirements and targeted business goals, we can scale your IoT app horizontally or vertically.

IoT apps can make business workflows more efficient across industries. For instance, IoT apps in manufacturing can generate reports and statistics based on data from sensors tracking the performance of machinery or in retail, where geofencing helps with targeting customers with personalized and location-specific ads. Moreover, IoT apps help improve efficiency in areas like employee management, healthcare administration, streamlining cross-organization communication, and enterprise decision-making.

Here are the technologies we leverage for creating IoT apps:

Platforms Azure | IBM | AWS | Google Cloud | Predix | ThingWorx
Operating Systems Contiki | RIOT | ARM | Raspbian | Android Things
Connectivity Wireless | Ethernet | Bluetooth | 4G LTE | NFC | GSM Network \ RFID
Standards OPENIoT | HomeKit | Thread | Alljoyn | Brillo | Weave | HTTP/HTTPS | LoRaWAN | TCP | BLE | MQTT | DDS | AMQP | Nest
Hardware & Sensors Arduino | iBeacons | Raspberry Pi | Eddystone Beacons | OBD Devices | Miniature Boards

Our IoT app development services have a wide variety of consumer and industrial implementations:

  • Smart Homes: Our IoT app development company in India can enable light control, thermostat temperature control, security system management, and real-time intrusion detection for smart home ecosystems.
  • Energy Management: In the smart energy management domain, the IoT apps we develop can be used to enable automated metering systems, sensor data integration, and parameter-based energy maintenance, and help develop resource-efficient strategies.
  • Agriculture: We enable pairing with embedded systems integrated with a variety of farm equipment to enable soil chemistry gauging, smart irrigation, analytics for farming patterns, and RFID-based livestock tracking and identification.
  • Supply Chain Management: Asset tracking, route analysis for maximizing fuel efficiency, container temperature and humidity monitoring for perishables, remote fleet management, and assembly line automation are some of the uses of IoT apps that we deliver for the supply chain.
  • Wearables: We develop IoT apps that enable tracking of vitals through smartwatches for healthcare and fitness, reducing workplace accidents through spatial location tracking, and also for combat applications by the military, especially for reducing risk during rescues.

There are several reasons to choose SunTec India’s React Native development services. With React Native as a development framework, we help you:

  • Develop apps with faster load, startup, and UI rendering
  • Create user experiences that are in line with native platform UI
  • We leverage native APIs to optimize the app for iOS and Android
  • Hot reloading and live reloading allows for more in-depth debugging
  • It is cost-effective and reduces effort as you can reuse the once-written code for developing both iOS and Android apps
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