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IoT App Development Services

A development trend and a tested strategy- IoT stands firmly behind the transition of businesses towards powerful products, enhanced data capabilities, and intelligent design. With IoT application development services, SunTec India offers fully-fledged IoT mobile app development, analytics, and deployment for multi-sized enterprises and diverse domains.

Explore Unmatched Visualizations with Our IoT App Development Services

IoT App Development Solutions

As a prominent IoT app development company, we are uniquely positioned across global marketplaces and hence, ensure improved customer experiences and higher revenues for your business, fueled by insightful analytics. When you hire IoT app developers from SunTec India, we extend to you the advantage of 20+ years of industry experience, tried and tested operational models, and cost-effective, functionally stellar solutions.

Comprehensive IoT Development Services

As a leading IoT development company, we have built numerous B2C and B2B enterprise solutions to exploit the advantages of the Internet of things. Development, company data analytics, deployment, testing, and technical assistance- At SunTec India, everything is taken care of by a professional product development team. From meeting your requirements to matching consumer expectations, our IoT mobile app development services commit to every parameter and deliver functionally stellar solutions on-time.

IoT Software Development Services & IoT App Development Services

Get the right IoT solutions, including software, web, and mobile applications, that match your business requirements and support your growth projections. We offer flexible operational models, logical architecture construct, internationally compliant security protocols, advanced data management, and highly trained resources with 24*7 assistance.

360-Degree Integration Management

Get a customized application for a wide range of wearable devices. As a custom IoT development company, we create applications that can connect to different wearable devices and ensure seamless data collection and analysis for them.

Data Analytics for Enterprise Intelligence

Fuel your business decisions with smart data insights, collected, stored, and analyzed from different user devices and presented in a consolidated form via a centralized dashboard. We also embed data visualizations to facilitate informed decision making.

Edge Computing

To ensure faster data offloading, reduce bandwidth needs, and provide minimal latency, our IoT app development services execute edge computing, giving your applications the advantage of quick data management and real-time functionalities.

IoT Implementation and Technical Support

In addition to IoT application functionalities that ensure proactive listening and automated problem solving using different AI levels, we also offer technical support for your IoT solution post-development to ensure optimal app performance and user satisfaction.

Build IoT Smart Solutions With The Best Tech Culture

At SunTec India, IoT app development, solution testing, and deployment occur in a flexible ecosystem open to client-centric modifications. We offer customized operational models, advanced software systems, comprehensive analysis, the latest UI/UX design trends, cloud infrastructure, cross-browser functionality, and advanced data encryption, tethered into a package and improvised to meet your requirements. To facilitate fast time-to-market, ensure quick product launch, and limit complexities, our IoT development company provides clients with the most appropriate combination of tools, technologies, and functional capabilities.

Multiple Functionalities

  • Effective Performance Scaling
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Multi-Source Data Aggregation
  • Device Integration
  • Advanced GUI Interfaces
  • Intelligent Geo-Fencing
  • ML Algorithms for Sensor Data Analysis
  • Unauthorized Access Protection

Incredible Outcomes

  • Smart Supply Chains
  • Automated Marketing
  • Increased Sales
  • Higher Revenue
  • Optimized Returns
  • Highly Customized Solutions
  • Minimized Downtime
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency for Complex Scenarios
  • Resource and Process Optimization

Advanced Enterprise IoT Software Development Technology Implementations For Best Outcomes


Achieve heightened network connectivity for your IoT technology solutions with IPv6 while dealing with common security issues.

Voice-enabled Technology

Remove business barriers and improve client solutions with AI-driven, voice-enabled IoT applications.

Sensor Cloud Sync

Achieve optimal data synchronization between your sensors and reliable cloud servers to facilitate minimal UX delay.


We build your IoT systems better than the rest with enhanced sensor-integrated functional capabilities embedded in the app.


We collect and leverage location data from multiple beacons to create contextual IoT mobile app development solutions.

User Applications

We research, conceptualize, and develop real-world user-centric applications optimized for practical usage and designed for efficiency.

SunTec India IoT Development Company: Our Technology Stack

Platforms Azure | IBM | AWS | Google Cloud | Predix | ThingWorx
Operating Systems Contiki | RIOT | ARM | Raspbian | Android Things
Connectivity Wireless | Ethernet | Bluetooth | 4G LTE | NFC | GSM Network \ RFID
Standards OPENIoT | HomeKit | Thread | Alljoyn | Brillo | Weave | HTTP/HTTPS | LoRaWAN | TCP | BLE | MQTT | DDS | AMQP | Nest
Hardware & Sensors Arduino | iBeacons | Raspberry Pi | Eddystone Beacons | OBD Devices | Miniature Boards

Multi-Domain IoT App Development Solutions

At SunTec India, we offer comprehensive IoT development services, creating dynamic solutions with the potential to boost your brand reach, user engagement, and business reputation across global markets.

Smart Home Application

  • Lighting Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Security Management
  • Real-Time Intrusion Detection
  • Sensor Integration
  • Appliance Control
  • Vehicle Detection
  • System Status
  • Frequent Reporting

Smart Energy Management

  • Automated Metering Systems
  • Sensor Data Integration
  • Energy Consumption Data Recording and Analysis
  • Preset Parameter-based Maintenance
  • Multi-Purpose Data Visualization
  • Automated Reports and Billing

Asset Performance Monitors

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Complete Asset Visibility
  • Operating Performance Visualization
  • Machinery Monitoring
  • Inventory Level Maintenance
  • Sensor-based Supply Chain Management
  • Analytics Implementation

Smart Fleet Navigators

  • Optimal Real-time Routing
  • Engine Data Access
  • Speed Feedback
  • Geo-fencing and Tracking
  • Real-time Cargo Monitoring
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Roadside Assistance For Drivers
  • Vehicle Misuse/Redirection Monitoring

Emergency Response Systems

  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Simultaneous Reporting
  • Health Parameter Tracking
  • Context-Based Alerts
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Sensor-Driven Facility Management

IoT Dashboards

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Consolidated Control Panel
  • BI Tools
  • Remote System Management
  • Responsive Dashboards
  • Periodic Reporting
  • Advanced Human-Machine Interface
  • Data Visualization

Outsource Your Requirements to Our IoT Application Development Company

Walk the path of digital transformation with exceptional IoT solutions that complement your business. With full-cycle IoT application development services from SunTec India, equip your business with advanced problem-solving capabilities. We are a 20+-years-old IT outsourcing company with a multi-dimensional web and mobile app development team, IoT professionals, and a passion for helping businesses achieve global success.

  • Established Operational Processes
  • Diverse Technical Skill Sets
  • Upgraded Technology Stacks
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Fully-Managed
  • Round-the-Clock Services
  • Complete Control Over Deliverables
  • DevOps
  • Source
    Code Authorization
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Client Speak

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Discuss Your IoT App Development Requirements With Us

Leverage our IoT software development company and empower your enterprise with scalable, flexible, and robust solutions. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at


In addition to AI-based, connectivity-related, and embedded solutions, we also provide custom IoT development services. These include-

  • Custom software development
  • Software enhancement
  • IoT integrations
  • App development
  • IoT analytics
  • Complete data support
  • Technical assistance

Any IoT solution is highly dependent on its industry. Therefore, the target domain is a significant price factor. Additionally, we determine the cost of IoT development by the solution's complexity, scope, the number of required resources, work hours, and technological involvement.

For a closer estimate, please send your project specifications to our consultants at

At SunTec India, you will get an environment attuned to creating successful business outcomes.

  • A rich resource pool
  • Enhanced AI/ML skillsets
  • Advanced IoT development infrastructure
  • Cross-industry experts
  • Up to 60-70% cost savings
  • 2X faster development and delivery
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Complete IoT development security


We assign a dedicated manager to every project. They will conduct routine progress meetings and update you on the developments. Plus, if you want demonstrations of the product at any stage, you can ask the same of your manager.


A technology like IoT demands 360-degree security. So, we ensure that via NDAs, encryptions, access controls, authorization controls, data protocols, compliances, and other legal and technical measures.

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