eCommerce SKU Development Services

Full-Service SKU Cataloging, Content Gathering, and Product Data Normalization

SKU Cataloging Services

SKUs are critical in eCommerce. Right from managing your product descriptions and prices to effective inventory management, SKUs can be instrumental in keeping track of everything. SKU building refers to forming specific product pages for eCommerce catalog.

With our SKU Development Services, SunTec India captures attributed product content, and subsequently normalizes and optimizes it for use in an eCommerce environment. Normalization enhances the experience of your buyers with concise search results and contributes towards longer visit duration. Streamlined product data is essential for effective faceted and keyword search.

SunTec India supports you with a complete SKU cataloging services including both content gathering and product data normalization .

Content Gathering Product Categorization

Our expert eCommerce data specialists gather product information from manufacturers and other dependable online sources, for instance, part numbers, manufacturer names, images, product features, video, tech specs, etc. The project manager then assesses the gathered SKU data for completeness and accuracy.

Product Data Normalization Product Categorization

Normalization involves capturing data from diverse sources and organizing them in a way as to form a concise and distinct list of values. Ranging from simple formatting tasks to assessing matching values, we research products and attribute values to make sure correct and defined choices are available in a faceted search setting.

eCommerce SKU Building

We are equipped with numerous eCommerce data and content experts in our team including consultants to determine client requirements and drive deliverables, data capture and mining specialists who work in close collaboration to research and capture correct and complete product information, coupled with a project manager who keeps a check at every stage and ensures that the data is optimized for faceted search.

Why Opt SKU Cataloging Services from SunTec India

  • In-depth domain knowledge backed by rich experience
  • Proficiency in managing complex product data
  • Experienced product content specialists , supported by a project manager to ensure consistent quality and timely service delivery
  • Scale to increase speed and go-to-market
  • Clients have the complete ownership of all product data at the end of the SKU building process

Benefits of SKU Development Services to Businesses

SKUs help businesses in numerous ways, the best of which is simplified catalog management . Companies can use SKUs for product identification and quick inventory tracking. It can be used as a filtering mechanism. And, it also facilitates easier double-checking, which helps keep the catalog accurate.

  • SKUs assist in performing exhaustive inventory data mapping
  • Building SKU plays a crucial role in increasing conversion rates
  • Supports both faceted and keyword searches, leading to more satisfied customers and fewer returns
  • Streamlines intricate product attributes
  • Moreover, maintaining clean and streamlined product data is also one of the best eCommerce practices, exercised by Amazon, McMaster-Carr, and Grainger together with several others.

SKU Building Services: Our Workflow

Building a legible SKY catalog is as much a technical challenge as a functional one. At SunTec India, our experts address these challenges with an innovative yet intuitive approach. We use a tried-and-tested process to create SKUs that work well for you.

Discuss your SKU Development Project with us

SKUs make it incredibly easier to track inventory at the most refined levels of product variants. And, with the right SKU development services, you can get an effective tracking system at your disposal while staying within your budget and deadlines.

To learn more about how we can support you with our SKU building and product data management needs, please contact us at

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