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Embracing digital publishing presents several challenges of efficiently accelerating the distribution of content, seamlessly converting it into diverse digital formats, incorporating emerging technologies, and ensuring the secure dissemination of content. This is best handled by outsourcing ePublishing solutions!

Having handled 5000+ titles and ebooks, SunTec India has 25+ years of experience in helping academic institutions, publishers & authors stay relevant in the digital influx and meet the readers' demands effectively.

  • Expertise in the latest technologies like HTML5 & CSS3
  • Capability in handling large-volume content
  • Multilingual ebook conversion support
  • Complete compatibility across a wide range of platforms
  • Lower cost and faster time to market
  • Responsive digital designs for a smooth multichannel experience

End-to-End Digital Publishing and eBook Conversion Assistance

eBook Development
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Our professionals can design and develop interactive, multi-media-equipped ebooks in your desired format, such as ePub 3, HTML5, XML, and more. Moreover, we can convert your ebooks and make them suitable for particular platforms i.e. Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, etc, ensuring excellent user experience. Our team has expertise in working on various genres, including kids, education, comics, legal, magazines, government ebooks, etc.

Our ebook development services include:

XML & DTD Design

We help you convert your documents into robust XML format, enabling you to structure, store, and publish content effectively. Whether you need XML conversion for technical documentation, scientific papers, or any other domain, we can provide support for all. Moreover, our experts are skilled at creating accurate DTDs. These establish a framework for your content's markup and define the structure, elements, and relationships in your XML documents.

Our XML & DTD design services include:

OneRead- Our Digital Publishing Platform

OneRead is a cloud-based digital publishing & distribution platform that enables authors, publishers, academic institutions, corporates, and content aggregators to effectively publish, distribute and monetize their content across devices. The platform allows you to create customized, interactive, and engaging eLearning materials/ebooks and distribute them among your target audience within a secure environment.

Top features of OneRead:

  • Access to advanced analytics to measure content performance
  • Import or create interactive content
  • Supports leading digital content formats
  • Online & offline access with seamless user experience
  • Secure & flexible DRM solutions

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