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MERN Stack Development Services

Redesign your business processes and products with technology that embodies transformation. Get the best out of MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS with MERN Stack development services from SunTec India.

Exclusive MERN Stack Development Services & Solutions

MERN Stack Development Services

Dedicated to UI-level abstraction, MERN stack development is often the top choice for building customer-focused SaaS web applications without MVC/MVW architecture. It enables a seamless transition of developers between the backend, front-end, and full-stack roles, makes UI rendering considerably simpler, ensures rapid front-end development, and is quite user-friendly. Implemented by companies like Uber, Netflix, and Coursera, MERN’s biggest benefit is the ability to work at any level on the whole design structure, giving you the ownership of design and freedom of development. And, when you hire MERN stack developers from our resource pool, we help you multiply that advantage by creating scalable master web applications designed closely to mimic your enterprise requirements and objectives.

As a prominent MERN Stack development company, SunTec India offers full-cycle app development, flexible outsourcing models, and a state-of-the-art technological environment with all necessary quality compliances and security precedences in place.

MERN Stack Web Development Technologies We are Working With

Remarkable MERN Stack Development Services

  • Optimized UI
  • Fluid Navigation
  • High-Quality Performance
  • Streamlined User Experience
  • Seamless Transposition of Web to Mobile
  • Robust Maintenance
  • Reduced Server Costs
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Flexible Aggregation
  • Quick and Easy Database Integration

Comprehensive MERN Stack Web Development Services

At SunTec India, MERN Stack development services include an extensive range of customized functionalities developed to fit your business narrative, objective, and needs. Our Node.JS, Express JS, React, and MongoDB Developers, in-depth domain expertise, versatile portfolio, a globally-dispersed clientele, and proven operational models speak to our merit. With a team of specialists, our company helps you leverage this technology's powerful capabilities with reliable, round-the-clock support.

Custom Enterprise Development

Hire dedicated developers from our company to create customized SaaS web applications relative to your enterprise requirements. Our remote & offshore MERN developers are adept at building multivariate solutions for different domains, scopes, and preferences.

Porting And Migration

Fulfill the expectations of your modern end-users and get rid of traditional outlooks simultaneously without compromising your web application data, system performance, or solution efficacy with our MERN stack migration services.

Web Services & API Development

Leverage our MERN stack web development services for creating RESTful API server and web applications with ExpressJS and Node.JS. Our development team helps you build dynamic solutions with the latest features.

ERP Development

Automate your back-office functions effectively with ERP systems. As a part of our MERN stack development services, we employ a full-stack web development process to create custom ERP software with SCM, CRM, and WFM modules that can help you cater to collaboration, management, and productivity with ease.

CMS Development

Our MERN stack experts specialize in enterprise CMS solutions development using MERN technologies. These feature-rich CMS programs are built with integrated security and authentication protocols, compliance trackers for industry-specific needs, automated workflows, and pre-programmed SEO tools

MERN Stack Web Development Technologies We are Working With

Get your enterprise requirements turned into functionally stellar web applications with faster development, smooth transitions, and powerful technologies.

Javascript Framework ReactJS | Angular | Vue JS | NodeJS
Web Technologies PHP | CodeIgniter | Laravel | MERN | MEAN | LAMP | YII | WordPress | Magento | WOO | Shopify | PrestaShop
Full Stack Development MongoDB | ExpressJS | ReactJS | NodeJS
Databases MySQL | PostgreSQL | FireBase
Mobile Technologies Swift | JAVA | React Native

The SunTec India Advantage- A Leading MERN Stack Development Company

One of the leading open-source JavaScript frameworks- MERN -is considered a perfect technology for creating practical web applications with fluid UI/UX. At SunTec India, MERN stack development services not only help you make the most of this technology but do so while catering to versatile requirements in record time with heightened quality and response rates.

  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • Best-in-Class coding practices
  • Industry’s Best Project Turnaround
  • 400+
    Satisfied Clients
  • 95% Project Success Rate
  • 99%
    Client Retention
  • 100%
    Client Satisfaction
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Strict Quality
  • Source Code Authorization

We drive revenue for your business through customizable modules, personalized user experiences, and highly efficient web applications. Our commitment of building the best for you is backed by ISO-certified processes that guarantee data security and adhere to internationally acceptable standards.

Client Speak

Client Speak

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Outsource MERN Stack Development Services to SunTec India For Greater Benefits

Rely on our MERN stack development services to secure a stable footing among your competitors. Differentiate your brand from the rest with distinctive solutions, quick time-to-market, and constant support and maintenance. Outsource MERN stack development to SunTec India and give your business a better chance at success.

To know more about our MERN stack development company, services, and quotes, reach out to us at


MERN Stack is a good choice for SaaS because of.

  • MongoDB- a scalable NoSQL based database
  • Corresponding workflows
  • Seamless server and client-side transmissions
  • Easily developed
  • Highly secure
  • Reusable codes

Outsourcing to a MERN Stack development company can help your business get stellar web and app solutions and cost-efficient professional assistance at minimal effort. At SunTec India, we multiply those benefits with-

  • Up to 60% cost savings
  • 2X faster results
  • Access to technology experts
  • Advanced technology infrastructure
  • Complete control


NDAs are a part of our process. Every developer signs an NDA before starting work on a client project.


At SunTec India, you can hire MERN Stack developers using the following engagement models.

  • Hourly basis
  • Part-time
  • Dedicated, full-time
  • Project basis

You will get frequent progress, performance, and resource activity reports from the assigned project manager. If you want more details or need to check the solution status, we can also provide demonstration sessions during development.

We determine project costs based on features, complexity, integrations, team strength, scaling possibilities, etc. To get an exact idea of MERN Stack development costs, please send your requirements to

In addition to NDAs, we also employ data and access controls, follow international data and process security protocols and upgrade our technology infrastructure to maintain a secure development environment.


App publishing is a part of our post-development services, in addition to solutions performance monitoring, revisions, analytics, and reporting.

You can share project requirements with us at We will devise a plan of action and curate a list of appropriate resources. Then, you can shortlist them after conducting virtual interviews or assessing their sample tasks.

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