MERN Stack Development Services

Utilize the self-contained capabilities of our MERN stack development services for industry-leading web solutions. SunTec India, with its years of experience as a MERN stack development company, produces web apps with dynamic interfaces and limitless cross-browser compatibility.

  • Unified technology stack

  • Flexible engagement models

  • 70% lower development costs

  • Rapid application development

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Enhance Cloud-Native Performance with our MERN Stack Web Development

No matter how unique your expectations for your web solution are, our bespoke MERN stack development services can facilitate them with ease. We combine the powerful capabilities of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js with our time-honored web development expertise.

  • Fast migration for legacy apps
  • High-performance server-side
  • Non-blocking I/O architecture
  • Large database management
  • User base expansion
  • Multiple build variants

Our MERN Stack Development Service Offerings

Learn about all the MERN stack development services you can choose from to boost the reach and performance of your web application.

Custom MERN Stack Web Development

Our MERN stack development services are poised to deliver web applications tailored to satisfy your customers by leveraging MERN stack feature integrations. We perform competitor analysis to build apps that are custom-made to make your business stand out.

MERN Stack API Development

We develop APIs using MERN stack capabilities that make the APIs secure, and scalable and contribute to load balancing when there are too many requests. We combine the scalability and security features of MongoDB and Node.js to further enhance the APIs.

MERN Maintenance & Support

Our MERN stack development team carries out the full cycle of activities required for running your application smoothly. We carry out performance tuning, and periodic security updates, and constantly ensure availability and support for your application’s users.

Enterprise MERN Stack Development

You can leverage our MERN stack development services for building enterprise apps that streamline organizational workflows, improve employee management efficiency, and drive better decision-making for optimal enterprise-wide outcomes.

MERN Stack Migration

We facilitate the migration of your existing application architecture to the MERN stack. Through MERN stack migration, we build highly secure, scalable apps to help optimize your market reach and achieve your business goals.

MERN Performance Optimization

Our MERN stack development services are implemented in accordance with best practices that lead to app performance optimization. We leverage Node.js network modules, database optimization with MongoDB, and reuse React.js code for ideal performance metrics.

Explore Our MERN Development Portfolio

The MERN stack development edge we provide has led to an enviable roster of clients in 40+ countries like the US, and UK and regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn how we equip businesses with apps that boost their bottom line.


Bathware Store

We developed an app for Jaquar, India’s largest provider of luxury sanitary fittings. Users can buy luxury bathware products and create custom designs according to their needs.

Ramo Trading & Consulting Co

Industrial Equipment

The industrial equipment app we developed for Ramo is equipped with all eCommerce facilitators to enable users to purchase whatever industrial and scientific equipment they may be looking for.

Exco Parts

Heavy Duty Autoparts

We developed a multi-layer app for buyers of commercial heavy-duty vehicle equipment. Users can find heavy-duty parts for commercial trailers, buses, and trucks as well as a wide range of aftermarket parts.

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Self-Contained MERN Implementation

With SunTec India, you can hire a MERN app developer in India who is adept at intelligently utilizing the capabilities of every technology in the stack; MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.

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    Our MERN stack development company applies the flexible schema of MongoDB to build web apps that allow large amounts of time series and geospatial data storage.

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    With the organized routing and middleware support provided by Express.js, we vastly speed up the pace of web app development.

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    We build high-quality interfaces with React.js elements that are immensely reusable for the development of flexible and quick-rendering UI.

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    You can rely on our MERN stack development team’s implementation of Node.js for data-intensive on-demand applications that perform well.


The technologies of this stack, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS, enable efficient methods for building a cutting-edge web application for you that can elevate your end-user’s experience and provide limitless scalability. We develop state-of-the-art applications tailored to your specific business goals so that the outcome is long-term growth for your business and brand image.

Yes, SunTec India prides itself on delivering MERN stack development services for apps that can be customized as required by your target audience to gain a competitive edge in your market segment. Additionally, we can facilitate hassle-free migration of your legacy application to the MERN stack, without causing any disruptions to your ongoing business through the app.

Using the various capabilities of the MERN stack, we implement measures that strengthen the application’s security and scope for future scalability in these ways:

  • Input validation, cutting-edge authorization approaches, and identity and access management
  • Application and data encryption protocols are implemented, while data at rest is stored in a secure database
  • We ensure automated updates and apply security patches regularly for your application
  • We also implement backup and recovery through DDoS strategies

Here at SunTec India, our MERN stack development services team is focused on following a customer-centric approach to app development. We enable full transparency in our development approach providing you with frequent updates while taking your feedback into consideration. We understand your business requirements and help you with an excellent web application that performs well and provides a great experience that satisfies and retains customers for you.

Our MERN stack developers provide ongoing support and assistance for your application following production. Through hotfixes, 24/7 support giving you a timezone advantage, regular updates, and so on, we keep your application running smoothly without any reduction in performance.

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