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Advanced Photo Repair and Old Damaged Photo Restoration Services

Outsource Old Photo Restoration Services

Keep your memories pristine with extensive digital repair. Outsource online photo restoration services to SunTec India.

We reward your battered pictures with a new life through a wide and comprehensive array of old photo restoration and retouching services. Multi-format processing, substantially damaged photo restoration, complete photo enhancement, or urgent delivery- we handle every requirement with equal ease, finesse, and perfection.

  • Pixel-by-Pixel Photo Repair
  • 12-24 Hour Photo Delivery
  • Up to 60% Cost Savings
  • Antique Photo Restoration
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Special Customizations

As a two-decades-old, globally operating image restoration services company, our reputation stands on our commitment to the quality and protection of your data- a promise that we take to our hearts.

  • Before clipping path services After clipping path services
  • Before clipping path services After clipping path services

Image Restoration Services: We Fix All Types of Damaged Photos Online

  • Pollution (Dirt, Dust, Stains)
  • Water Damage (At Different Stages)
  • Paper Loss (Insects, Rodents, or Micro-Organisms)
  • Film/Negative Damage Before Development
  • Cracks or Fractures
  • Metal/Glass Corrosion Reflecting on the Photo
  • Acetate Decay Development Damages
  • Merging, Blending, and Image Transformation
  • Spots, Tears, Stains, Scratches
  • Disappeared Face or Landscape Parts
  • Antique Photo Restoration
  • Mold Damage Repair
  • Sun-faded Images
  • B&W Photo Colorization
  • Photo Sharpening & Enhancement
  • Restoration of Old Photos

Why Do you Need Online Digital Photo Restoration Services?

A photograph is not just a shot taken from a camera; it is a life-long memory captured in all its vividness. With today’s technological advancements, you can store digital copies of your favorite photographs and keep these memories intact for generations.

But the same is not true for the photos clicked before the arrival of digital technology. That is where the need for old picture restoration services arises.

Many benefits are attached with affordable photo restoration services, including:

  • Better-than-original quality
  • Enlargement and enhancement
  • Preservation from further deterioration
  • Ease of sharing
  • Better details and context

Additionally, the benefits go deeper in the case of academic, genealogical, scientific, and historic photo restoration services.

  • Eliminate problems in the original photograph
  • Better understand the context of the image
  • Identify details related to the photo’s environment
  • Facilitate more informed studies

Considering how physical photographs are prone to vagaries of time and tend to lose their sheen, old picture restoration has become necessary. The use cases of professional photo restoration services range from individual collectors to businesses dealing in old photographs, researchers, professional photographers, agencies, academia, curators, legal firms, etc.

Our Digital Photo Restoration Service Offerings

As a professional photo restoration company, we use avant-garde technology to give your old and damaged photos a new lease of life. We can restore images captured ages ago to their original glory with end-to-end digital photo restoration services, delivering satisfactory results within the deadlines and budget-friendly rates.

Explore our wide array of old photo restoration and retouching services.

End-to-End Professional Photo Restoration Services

The experts at SunTec India can adjust the color level of your old photographs to make them look contemporary. By altering attributes such as brightness, saturation, and contrast, our photo editing services give a new lease of life to your old photos.

Restoration of Damaged Photographs

Your photos may be air, humidity, pollutant, or water damaged; photo restoration at SunTec India handles it all. As a professional photo restoration services provider, we use advanced editing tools to mend damaged areas.

Contrast/Sharpness Enhancement

Old photos taken with legacy cameras tend to lose their sharpness with time. So we make them look new by enhancing the contrast and sharpness.

Conversion of Black & White Photographs into Color

The online digital photo restoration services at SunTec India can add color to your black and white memories by using the latest digital technology.

Conversion of Color Photographs into Black and White

To give a classic touch to your fond memories, we can also convert your color photographs into black and white photos.

Stain and Blotch Removal

When working on damaged picture restoration online, our experts analyze every stain and blotch pixel by pixel to get to the depth of the damage and remove the stains and scars while recovering the original picture quality.

Fixing Underexposed Zones and Fuzziness

You can give the most worn-out photographs, and rest assured that our antique photo restoration specialists will make them look as good as new by fixing the underexposed zones and fuzzy patches.

Restoration of Folded and Torn Photographs

Old photographs often lose their original color and brightness due to improper storage and handling. We restore such photos to their true glory by fixing torn and cracked areas and restoring their content via AI-driven modules.

Antique Photo Restoration

We specialize in antique and vintage photo restoration services. At our image repair restoration company, India’s best tech experts work with the latest technologies to ensure the highest quality, repair numerous ailments, and do it without harming its original essence.

Our Old Photo Restoration and Repair Services Also Include:

  • Fixing scratches, creases, and tears
  • Removing dirt spots and stainsv
  • Color faded photographs
  • Removing yellowness from aged photographs
  • Bring sharpness, detailing, and focus
  • Open closed eyes & take away sleepiness
  • Fix red eye
  • Remove pen marks
  • Correct make-up elements
  • Remove wrinkles and pouches
  • Correct eyebrow width and remove stray hair
  • Fix missing teeth, correct jawline, and remove braces
  • Fine-tune hands and fingertips

In addition to all these, we offer a creative range of photo manipulation services. These can come in handy if you want to transform the outlook of your old pictures and add a unique flare to them with better backgrounds, etc.

Damaged Photo Restoration Services: Our Workflow

As an experienced image restoration services company, we approach our projects with unique perspectives for each client. By combining different tools and creative techniques, we work on damaged photo restoration and produce outcomes that serve your specific needs. Our processes are very effective, extremely versatile, and have no damaging effect on the original photographs.

Photograph Damage Analysis

The damage to different photographs differs in nature. Accordingly, the techniques used in the restoration of old photos also vary. That is why, when working with damaged photos online, our digital photo restoration services are preceded by a thorough damage analysis. It helps us determine the issues with the photo, better understand the context, and apply remedies accordingly.


You may email a scanned or printed version of your photos, send them to us via mail, or upload it on an encrypted cloud. We will discuss each method with you before going ahead so that you can choose the most comfortable one. This is important because enhanced photo restoration services require high-resolution scans (600 dpi at least.) if you don’t have access to such a camera or scanner, we will figure out the best way to get your photos to us.

Photo Cleansing & Pre-Processing

Once we have a determined path of action and the scanned images, we start working on preliminary cleansing before beginning the damaged photo restoration process. At this stage, our objective is to remove as many distractions as possible so our focus wouldn’t stray from enhancing the quality of the original image.

Restoration Of Old Photos/Damaged Photos Online

When you outsource old photo restoration services to the SunTec India team, the results are always outstanding because everything follows a set schedule. One by one, we peel off the layers of the photo and reassemble it pixel by pixel. Our enhanced photo restoration services also use AI and machine learning models to fill in the gaps, thus leading to complete photo restoration online.

Final Detailing

After the intended image restoration services are complete, we run an additional cycle of quick design checks. This step helps us verify that the requirements have been met and eliminate any last-minute issues. If you have asked for any customized specifications with our old picture restoration services, we make sure those are met as well at this stage.

Why Outsource Image Restoration Services to SunTec India?

Outsource digital photo restoration services to a company that understands your vision and has the capability to execute it flawlessly.

SunTec India is a 25+ years old IT outsourcing and support company with extensive domain experience, a robust team of image restoration professionals, and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.Over the years, we have served a global clientele with customized image restoration services, photo enhancement , and photo colorization services. Our experts use the latest photo restoration software such as Image mender, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro, KAVIS Retoucher, etc. to convert old pictures into their modern counterparts. Our industry experience and a proven track record of delivering impeccable results make us one of the most trusted names in the photo restoration industry.

  • ISO-Certified Processes
  • Industry Standard SLAs
  • NDA-Powered Confidentiality
  • Encrypted Data Transmission
  • Quick Project Turnaround
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Scale At Will
  • Dedicated Project Manager

Leverage our competence at damaged photo restoration and get the results you expect in record time.

To know more about how our affordable photo restoration services work, you can either contact us with your requirements or queries at or book a risk-free sample trial at no additional cost.

Old Damaged Photo Restoration Services: FAQs


Antique photo restoration is a technique where old paper-based photographs are digitized, enhanced, and retouched. You can hire professional photo restoration services providers to fix a broad range of damages on a photograph.

  • Sun faded pictures
  • Water patches
  • Disappeared sections
  • Ripped or torn images
  • Generic fading on photos
  • Oxidation
  • Fungus damage
  • Light damage
  • Stained photos
  • Partially distorted faces

Most good online photo restoration services use a competitive pricing meter to gauge how every project should be charged. More often than not, that cost estimate depends on the file size, restoration requirements, research requirements (for historic photo restoration services,) urgency of delivery, and the extent of the damage.

You need to find a professional photo restoration company that performs damaged picture restoration online at affordable prices. Just make sure that the photo restoration service provider you choose delivers the level of customizations you need, has a successful history and offers flexible resources.

You can restore old or damaged photos in many ways.

  • Do it yourself with internet tutorials and popular editing software [more effort, more expense, more time]
  • Outsource digital photo restoration services to a reputed vendor. [high-quality results, less money and time, no effort required on your part.]

Our professional photo restoration company follows a tried, tested, and vetted methodology to process images, fix the damage, and create a replication that’s good as new.

  • Photograph damage analysis
  • Required research (into agents of deterioration, photographic context, etc.)
  • Cleansing before restoration
  • Restoration of old photos/damaged photos online
  • Final detailing
  • Delivery via encrypted transmission

This process can differ if you choose historic photo restoration services, in which case we conduct thorough research of the photographed vista before ensuring that it is restored in the right detail.

You can upload photos for restoration in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP file format since these are also the best formats to scan old photos without messing up the details any more than inevitable.

The SunTec India digital photo restoration company can deliver exceptional outcomes in as less as 24 hours, depending on your requirements, urgency, and complexity of the project.

If the faces on a photo are completely unrecognizable, then restoring it can be very difficult. However, other than that, there is very little that an advanced photo restoration service provider like ours can not fix.

We operate on a 100% client satisfaction policy. That means you get as many revisions as you want until you are content with the damage control we have done on your photos.


In addition to old photo restoration and repair services, we also accept requests to enhance, transform, colorize, or modify the photos for a better outlook. All you have to do is share those additional customization requests in your requirements document and discuss them with our experts before the project commences.


If you can not send a scanned copy to us, we will arrange a scan kit service for you. All you need to do- post your photograph to our headquarters with the required care. We shall make a copy and return the original to your address with a similar arrangement, ensuring no further damage comes to the cop.

For antique photo restoration or highly delicate documents, we can manage more suitable transportation or scanning arrangements. Just let us know.

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