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Photo Restoration Services

The photographic heritage is unique, irreplaceable and oftentimes there's only one copy for everyone to own. Original photographs get easily damaged with handling and chemical reaction over the years. If your prints have been worn out through the years of keeping, SunTec can help you fix them and retain for longevity.

As an expert in the field of digital photo restoration, we bring life back to your faded, cracked, damaged photographs and help you keep your special memories secure for ages.

All the picture restoration work is done on modern computers using state-of-the-art photo editing technologies. You just need to scan them and send them; we'll take care of the rest.

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Photo Restoration Services

Few things our image restoration service includes:

  • Fix scratches, creases and tears
  • Remove dirt spots and stains
  • Piece together torn photographs
  • Reconstruct missing sections
  • Color faded photographs
  • Removed yellowness from aged photographs
  • Bring sharpness, detailing and focus
  • Open closed eyes & take away sleepiness
  • Fix red eye
  • Remove pen marks
  • Correct make-up elements
  • Remove wrinkles and pouches
  • Correct eyebrow width and remove stray hair
  • Fix missing teeth, correct jaw line and remove braces
  • Fine tune hands and fingertips

Photo Restoration Process


We are open to receiving print version of your photographs in case high resolution scanner are not available to you. It is advisable to use minimum 600 dpi scanners for the best result possible. However, we recommend you not scanning glass plate photos as prolonged exposure to light might further harm your pictures. Rather use a camera to photograph them and email us those digitized photographs for further processing.

Color Correction

This includes adjusting hue, saturation, lightness, color balance etc. If you need pictures in true color, we'll maintain the color but correct the same for imbalances occurred due to aging and mishandling.

Bring Sharpness & Detailing

Among other things, at times we receive photographs with extremely damaged clothes and body organs such as hands, face etc. For such photographs we have to first clean-up the entire picture for color correction and further reconstruct organs, body parts and blend the entire thing together for uniformity and smooth transition.

Redesigning the Presentation

Once the entire digital photo restoration work is done, we can provide an additional redesign service to make your pictures more presentable and usable. This includes creating collage, adding borders or providing further detailing (such as creating vignettes- isolated or soft framed subjects) to emphasize on one or more subjects.

Handling Antique Photo Restoration

Specializing in antique and modern digital photo restoration, we understand the value of your antique photographs covering political, organizational, national or family heritage.

Our processes are very effective and extremely versatile and have no damaging effect on the original photographs.

Discuss Your Project With Us

So, if you are a genealogist, a historian or just maintaining your family tree, we have answers to all your questions. Drop us an email at for a fast and professional photo restoration work.

“It's good to see someone stick to their professional commitment like you did. You completed all the work with absolute precision and gave us a good turnaround on our orders. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your support and hard work.” Christina Maldonado