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Floor Plan Conversions/ Floor Plan Services

To present an exact space layout of a real estate property to prospective buyers, real estate agents and builders resort to digital floor plans that give a detailed idea about the actual room sizes, interconnectivity between areas and exact position of living spaces like kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom, etc.

Let SunTec help you with your floor plan conversion requirements, in terms of creating and converting the original floor plans into 2D or 3D to provide the buyers with accurate layout of the property.

Combining our technical capabilities, skills and experience in converting a sketch or printed floor plan into digital form, SunTec provides efficient Floor Plan Conversions/ Floor Plan Services to clients across the globe. Our professionals are adroit at working with advanced software including RoomSketcher and Google SketchUp, etc., to create and convert the floor plans into 2D and 3D versions, as per the client's business specifications.

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SunTec's Floor Plan Conversion Services

Our wealth of experience, dedicated team of CAD professionals, technical expertise, use of latest software and thorough knowledge in architectural floor plan conversion process is what makes us a leading and reliable real estate floor plan conversion service provider. We are committed to delivering you 100% accurate results in quick turnaround time. Our floor plan conversion services, include:

  • Creating scaled and detailed floor plans from your manual sketches/drawings, photographs or outlines
  • Converting the original sketches, photographs or CAD file formats into fully functional 2D or 3D floor plans
  • Delivering high resolution files in JPG, PDF or DWG format

2D Floor Plans

We work in close coordination with our clients to create floor plan templates in tune with their business' specifications. To help you attract buyers and enhance their buying experience, our experts refer to existing drawings and photographs and re-create exact and visually-enticing floor plan in 2D. We can create and convert floor plans in bulk with complete accuracy and in industry best turnaround time.

Floor Plan Services
Floor Plan Conversions

3D Floor Plans

SunTec's 3D floor plans are tailored to exactly match customer's needs and requirements. Our experts deftly convert a basic floor plan into 3D version, enabling the buyers to instantly view the model of a property without visiting it in person. We create high-quality 3D floor plans that give the buyers a clear overview of the layout.

By providing a detailed 2D or 3D floor plan and architectural visualizations of how the property looks, we help real estate dealers, brokers, construction workers and engineers market their properties through online flyers, printed brochures, websites or marketing collaterals.

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