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Build your next web and app solution with SunTec India’s AngularJS Development Services. We harness the powerful built-in capabilities of AngularJS to transform your operations, profitability, and scale.

  • Flexible hiring models

  • Test-oriented development

  • Agile development approach

  • 24/7 maintenance & support

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Dynamic Web Experiences for Long-Term ROI

Our AngularJS Development Company houses some of the best AngularJS experts in the industry with over a decade of cross-industry experience. We build web solutions that enable immense engagement for your business powered by the browser compatibility and flexibility of AngularJS.

Your collaboration with SunTec India’s AngularJS development team will unlock benefits such as:

  • Optimized server performance
  • Fast prototype development
  • Real time end-to-end testing
  • Legacy web app modernization
  • Plug-n-play development tools
  • Component reusability

Our AngularJS Service Offerings

Choose from our best-in-class AngularJS development services to maximize the capabilities of your web app.

Reusable Plugin Development

Our AngularJS app development company fully equips you to respond to fast-changing market needs and customer expectations with reusable and custom web components. We build flexible and highly adaptable web applications with equally great performance on mobile browsers.

AngularJS Migration

We provide seamless migration from older versions of AngularJS or outdated frameworks to the latest and most advanced versions of AngularJS and supporting libraries. Make the most of our specialized AngularJS development services to stay ahead of the competition.

Single-Page Application Development

We find innovative ways to fit your desired complex functionalities into a Single-Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS linear UX development. Serve your customers with your entire suite of services and functionalities through SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized SPAs.

AngularJS Maintenance & Support

Our AngularJS development company facilitates uninterrupted app performance while effectively keeping up with technological advancements. We provide 24/7 support to enforce your specific requirements for better usability and performance.

AngularJS Security

Secure your AngularJS applications with our robust shielding measures against server and client-side breaches with continuous monitoring. We also protect against frequent XSS attacks with timely security-specific patching and updation of components to their latest versions.

Cross-Platform AngularJS Development

Our AngularJS web development service team wraps AngularJS with the powerful Apache Cordova for cross-platform web app development that serves native capabilities. We leverage several libraries to develop web apps for distinct platforms with AngularJS.

Explore Our AngularJS Portfolio

The AngularJS development edge we provide has lead to an enviable roster of clients in 40+ countries like the US, and UK and regions like the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Learn how we equip businesses with AngularJS apps that boost their bottom line.


Bath Fittings Store

A fully-features shopping application that lets users locate nearby dealers of Jaquar’s sanitary ware products, place orders on the app, allow retailers ask for quotes, and customize products.


Hotel Bookings

We developed a hotel booking application that finds the best deals, city guides, nearby restaurants, and more. Users can build custom itineraries and bookmark their favorite deals and destinations.

Impact Lists

CRM Solution

We developed a CRM web application for comprehensive features that enable effective lead generation through business contacts lists generation, marketing automation, lead nurturing and so on.

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Gain interesting and valuable know-how about everything that we, as an AngularJS development company, learn to develop your web solutions.

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The SunTec India AngularJS Advantage

Discover how our AngularJS Web Development Services can enable high conversion rates and unmatched ROI for your brand and web app.

Built-in Tools

Our AngularJS web development services drive faster web development by fully utilizing inbuilt routing, form handling, and state management tools of AngularJS.

  • Uniformity in developing the model, view and controller (MVC) architecture
  • Increased productivity with structural and attribute directives

Streamlined Development

Our streamlined AngularJS development leverages Angular CLI’s custom schematics for easy and efficient code generation to vastly reduce your time-to-market.

  • Development functionalities that eliminate code repetition
  • Configuring routing mechanisms toward core app capabilities

Optimal Performance

We implement advanced performance improvements through lazy loading and an overall functionality-first design approach.

  • Event-driven and layered architecture implementation
  • Declarative dependency injection and fast renedering

Simplified Debugging

We can make quick changes and debug your web solution accurately using two-way binding, based on your initial assessment of the prototype.

  • Setting up breakpoints and gaining full dependency tree views
  • Managing variables and root scope for faster debugging

Ease of Dependency Management

Increase the predictability of your project’s outcomes and minimize process variability with our AngularJS development company.

  • Eliminating uncertainties in dependency management
  • Robust debugging environment for granular implementation

Extensive Internationalization

Gain a global customer base as we leverage AngularJS’s currency, data, and language-based internationalization.

  • Gain much larger audiences with each level of internationalization
  • Innovative ways to target culture and language-based marketing


SunTec India specializes in AngularJS development and houses a team of developers highly skilled in this powerful JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. Our AngularJS development services offer scalable, responsive, and feature-rich applications tailored to all your business needs and feature integration requirements.

Our AngularJS development services cater to a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, e-commerce and many more still.

We thoroughly test AngularJS applications on various browsers to deliver consistent user experiences on multiple platforms and ensure cross-browser compatibility. We design and develop these applications to ensure that they perform optimally on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices through responsive layouts.

SunTec India takes special care in ensuring your AngularJS application’s compliance. We apply time-honored measures and associated best practices, and adhere to industry standards, and guidelines that help protect your application and user data.

You have the flexibility of choosing from one of three very reasonably priced engagement models -

  • You can hire a dedicated team on a monthly basis
  • You can go for a fixed price model wherein you hire resources at a fixed price and work hours
  • You can hire AngularJS developers billed on an hourly basis

We abide by industry-standard security measures, carry out extensive code reviews, integrate reliable authentication implementations, and keep the application up-to-date with AngularJS security upgrades to protect your application and user data protected against breaches or malicious attacks.

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