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AngularJS Development Services

Empower your enterprise with cost-effective Angular applications for web and mobile. SunTec India- a globally prominent AngularJS web development company provides end-to-end services and dedicated expert support, rewarding your website with a look and feel that reflects your vision and matches your audience’s preferences.

Custom-Made AngularJS Web Application Development Services

AngularJS Development Services

We deploy data binding, implement dynamic front-end designs, and inject dependency in your solutions through our intensive AngularJS mobile app development services. Our dedicated AngularJS experts create smart, stable, and reusable codebases, hand-programmed for maximum efficiency and minimum errors.

Leverage the Best of AngularJS Framework with SunTec India

Best AngularJS Frameworks

End-to-End AngularJS Development Services

Get the best out of one of the oldest and most mature JavaScript frameworks- AngularJS -with a dedicated development team and comprehensive AngularJS development services from SunTec India.

Our app developers enhance your enterprise solutions through stellar front-end designs powered by AngularJS. We create dynamic, interactive, and scalable mobile applications & web solutions through a simplified approach, customized to meet your preferences. As a leading AngularJS development company in India, we strive to help you leverage the many inbuilt features of AngularJS, leading to the fast-paced deployment of mobile-friendly solutions.

Custom AngularJS Web Development Services

Gain an edge in your market with highly customized, user-first, and performant web and app development services from SunTec India.

Dynamic AngularJS Mobile App Development Services

Reach 100% commercial potential with our development services and win qualified traffic, better retention, and more market attention.

Widget Development

Our AngularJS software development team links required resources, creates and configures functional widgets, and integrates them with your solutions for enhanced ease of access.

Plugin Development

Achieve application extensibility with SunTec India’s AngularJS development services. We enable the dynamic loading of external modules into your main Angular app with creative plugin designs.

Version Update, Migration, and Reengineering

Our services help you stay ahead of the competition with upgrades for the latest AngularJS versions, reengineered codebases, seamless transition from legacy systems, and constant support and maintenance.

Cross-platform Development

Utilize our company to create cross-platform web and app solutions without compromising the ease of development, functionality, system efficacy, interface intricacies, and user experience.

CMS Development

Through a deep-seated understanding of the AngularJS framework, we write, order, and manage a strong and robust Content Management System, equipped with the capability to function seamlessly with your main application as well as with cloud solutions.

PWA Development Using AngularJS Web Development Services: Implement Our Expertise

As a part of our AngularJS development services, we offer the combined advantages of web and mobile platforms to your enterprise with top-notch PWA applications. Besides building reliable and fast PWA applications, we also imbibe the solution with an engaging user interface, responsive user experience, and delightful operational efficiency.

AngularJS developers at SunTec India help you with PWA app development, support, maintenance, and testing while ensuring maximum user engagement and higher sales.

AngularJS App Development Company Solutions for Multiple Industry Domains

Keep your business running, growing, and advancing with functionally stellar solutions from SunTec India. Our integrated AngularJS development services combine your organizational requirements with the latest and best technologies, thus creating web and mobile applications for multiple industry domains with equal efficiency and quality.

SunTec India AngularJS Development Tech Stack

Enterprise Advantages of Choosing Our AngularJS Web Development Company in India

Approach digital transformation with feature-packed, innovative, and distinctive AngularJS development services from SunTec India.

As a 20+ years old, globally prominent IT outsourcing company, we are preferred by businesses worldwide to strengthen their brand’s digital identity. At SunTec India, acquired expertise, a dedicated pool of certified developers, and advanced technologies come together to turn your vision into reality. In addition to developing robust, fast, scalable, and secure web and mobile applications, our AngularJS web development services also cover design, maintenance, and support.

Why Choose SunTec India for AngularJS Web Development Services

  • 20+ Years of Industry Experience
  • International Coding Standards
  • Quick Onboarding of Certified Developers
  • Advanced Technology Infrastructure
  • Agile Development Approach
  • Truly
    Agile Processes
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Zero Billing Guarantee
  • Strict Adherence to NDA
  • Value-Based
  • Engagement Models
Client Speak

Client Speak

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Outsource AngularJS Development Services to SunTec India

Inspire conversions and boost business efficiency with SunTec India AngularJS development company. Get in touch with our team at to know more about how we can help achieve your organizational goals.


The time involved in AngularJS development depends on the preferred technology stack, solution complexity, size of the hired team, desired features, functionality, etc. If you want an approximate window, please share your project's specifications with us at

AngularJS web app cost considerations involve complexity, resource expertise, team size, feature set, technologies, tools, timeline, and expected delivery.

We can give you a closer estimate if you share your requirements and expectations with us.


At SunTec India, you can hire AngularJS developers by the hours, as a part-time resource, or for the project's duration, depending on your needs.

Yes, we give our clients the independence to choose developers from our resource pool. We assign a list of developers to you based on what you need and expect. Then you can assess these professionals based on their resumes, portfolios, and samples.

We offer flexible engagement models to all our clients to simplify resource onboarding and development while ensuring reasonable costs.

  • You can hire a dedicated team month-wise.
  • You can hire resources at fixed prices and work hours.
  • You can hire professional AngularJS developers at hourly rates.

We sign NDAs, use advanced data protocols, and implement multiple access controls across the project to ensure the safety of your data and other intellectual property.

Choosing our AngularJS development services rewards you in many ways.

  • Up to 70% cost savings
  • 2X faster development
  • Enterprise-grade quality analysis
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Proven processes
  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Flexible hiring models

We create responsiveness-equipped AngularJS solutions to ensure that your website and app work across multiple devices, resolutions, and operating systems versions.

Yes. We create completely SEO-friendly AngularJS solutions by utilizing the appropriate libraries and optimizing your website for proper indexing and crawling.

Mobile responsiveness is no longer a major roadblock in the recent versions of AngularJS. However, for added security, our developers test every solution for browser compatibility issues and resolve them before deployment.

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