Android App Development Services

Robust Android apps developed for IoT, wearables, and smart devices with native and hybrid functionalities

What Makes SunTec India an Industry-Leading Android App Development Company?

We develop Android apps that let both startups and enterprise-scale firms ensure long-term user adoption. Our Android app development company houses talented developers and designers skilled in cutting-edge technology stacks and UI design tools.

  • Developers skilled in Java, Kotlin, Dart, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Play Store optimization to boost downloads
  • Agile development aimed at rapid deployment
  • UI/UX expertise with tools like Figma, Zeplin, and Adobe XD
  • Multiple well-tested build variants for your Android app
  • Secure and precise legacy app modernization

Our Android App Development Service Offerings

Collaborate with us to dominate the App Store and Play Store marketplaces. Choose our leading Android app development services that take excellent care of all the essential facets.

Android App Modernization

At SunTec India, you can hire Android app developers to enable full-scale modernization for your legacy apps. We utilize the latest technologies to refactor code, create robust databases, polish UI, and implement new architecture patterns.

Android App Porting

We develop flexible codebases that can be wrapped to enable native-like performance across platforms of your choice. You can migrate your app to be compatible with multiple platforms as we utilize non-rigid dependencies and frameworks.

Custom Android App Development

As one of the most trusted providers of Android app development services in India, you can expect limitless app customizations for your specific business needs from our team. We develop apps tailored to gain footfalls in your target demographic or market sector.

Android App UI/UX Design

At SunTec India we believe a high-fidelity and user-centric UI design must hook customers with the very first use of your Android app. We align intelligent UX strategies to the app interface to ensure user retention.

Pre-Launch Analytics

We conduct analytics to identify and fix issues proactively so your users never face them after launch. Our granular attention to detail is what makes us a highly regarded Android app development company in India.

Continuous Testing

We conduct rigorous functional, performance, accessibility, and compatibility testing for your Android apps for optimal usability and to avoid regressions. Both end-to-end and unit tests are carried out for maximum test coverage.

Ready to Develop your Custom Android App?

Partner with our Android app development company for cost-effective and bespoke Android apps.

Why Outsource Android App Development to SunTec India?

In over a decade of delivering unmatched Android application development services, our team has created highly appealing Android apps optimized for compatibility. We build apps calibrated to perform seamlessly with several devices and form factors, to grow your app’s user base across mobiles, tablets, foldable, wearOS, and ChromeOS devices.

  • Strict adherence to NDAs

  • 24*7 Timezone Advantage

  • Fast time-to-market

  • Maintenance & support post-launch

  • Multi-device compatibility

  • Array of engagement models

  • Enterprise Android apps

  • Play Store optimization

Accreditations & Recognitions

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Want to Know How you Can Save Up to 70% in Development Costs?

Share your project requirements and we will provide the industry-best ROI for your business with our Android application development services.

Android Apps for Diverse Use Cases

Be it everyday consumer needs or enterprise competencies, there is nothing we can’t develop an app for. We offer some of the most versatile solutions through extensive Android app development services that can facilitate any industry use case. We develop bespoke apps for a wide variety of sectors and business types.

Health & Fitness Apps

We build apps for all healthcare industry needs - locating qualified doctors, booking appointments, and purchasing pharmaceuticals. Our Android app developers can integrate state-of-the-art capabilities in fitness apps like fast-pairing with wearables, navigation assistance for runners, and video and audio playback for guided meditation or aerobics.

Utility Apps

Our Android app development experts understand the unique needs of the consumer for streamlined access to miscellaneous utilities. We develop apps that simplify a wide variety of utilities like locating gas stations or public Wi-Fi, ISP apps, VPNs, document readers and converters, photo editors, and so much more.

On-Demand Service Apps

We implement large-scale database management, geolocation, authentication, payment gateways, analytics, and messaging for robust on-demand app development. Our Android app development services have led to the creation of immensely reliable apps for ride-hailing, video streaming, food delivery, grocery, and several other types of scalable on-demand service apps.

Educational Apps

We develop educational apps for academic and co-curricular development with a focus on bridging the gaps between trainers and students effectively while making course creation simple with pre-built templates. Our India-based Android app development company calibrates the UI and navigability and also adds elements of gamification to make learning enjoyable.

Productivity Apps

We develop apps that can elevate the personal and professional capabilities of individuals from all walks by boosting their self-discipline and productivity. Due to their wealth of experience, our developers know how to account for all kinds of potential productivity challenges when integrating features in apps for focused work, reminders, and time management.

Omnichannel Apps

Omnichannel app development requires synchronizing the user experience and transactional information across mobile, web, and physical storefronts. It includes the addition of social media and messaging channels, and AI voice-assisted search. Our Android application development services in India utilize the full potential of the Android SDK to develop omnichannel apps.

Android App Development Services: FAQs

Depending on the complexity of the app and the dynamics of the business use case, the development of the app could take between 2 and 9 months.

The app development and launch process you can expect with our Android app development services can be broken down into a series of constituent steps that take varied durations:

  • Research for understanding how to implement the app and comparative analysis of competitor apps could take between 1 and 2 weeks.
  • Idea Validation by testing the app idea with different audience focus groups to see if it will be utilized by potential customers can take up to 1 week.
  • Product Strategy involves developing a business strategy for app implementation around your customers, competitors, your own business, and your industry ecosystem takes up to 2 weeks.
  • Prototyping wherein a functional mockup of the app or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is created as a springboard for further feature implementations and UI/UX design takes 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Design of UI/UX and Development of the front end and back end of the app, and creating database connections, the major chunk of the process, can take anywhere between 3 to 8 months.
  • Launch Preparation involving marketing strategies followed by actual Deployment of the app can take 2 weeks to a month.

The app’s launch is followed by support and maintenance as and when bugs and user issues arise and is usually a long-term process.

Here is a tabular description of the technologies, programming languages, databases, and frameworks that enable our Android app developers to create appealing and highly addictive apps:

Languages JavaScript | Java | Python | Kotlin|C | C++ | C# || HTML5 | CSS | JavaScript
Technology Artificial Intelligence | Cloud | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Machine Learning | Blockchain | IoT
IDE Android Studio | Eclipse | Apache Cordova | IntelliJ IDEA | DroidScript | Corona | PhoneGap/Cordova | NetBeans |Comodo |
Database SQLite | RealmDB | Oracle | ORMLite | Firebase | Redis | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | MySQL | DynamoDB
Framework & Components Android SDK | Android Annotations | OpenGL |Sherlock Action Bar Titanium | Xamarin | Kotlin | Appcelerator | ReactNative | Flutter | TensorFlow | ARCore
Design Illustrator | Adobe XD | Photoshop | After Effects | Sketch | Figma | InVision | Zeplin

We facilitate all the necessary contracts and additional paperwork before app development that enforce your absolute ownership over your Android app’s code, in addition to the content documentation for the app and all related assets.

We implement comprehensive strategies for App Store Optimization (ASO) based on industry best practices to boost your Android app’s ranking in the Google Play Store search results. We have been improving upon our Android app development services to ensure maximum organic traffic to your app, increasing impressions to ultimately boost app downloads and app reviews.

An ideal app should first deliver baseline functionality and then go on to satisfy superior use case-specific capabilities that could guarantee its long-term user adoption. Some features that we, as a premier Android app development company in India integrate to enable successful outcomes for your business include the following:

  • An intuitive UI with a natural flow of logic for seamless navigation so that customers are more likely to complete an intended action such as making a purchase or playing a video to completion.
  • Fast load time, rendering, and performance by enabling the Android app to fully realize the potential of device hardware.
  • Security should be ensured through the encryption of sensitive and private user data in addition to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for an extra layer of security.
  • Live location tracking for delivery and ride-hailing apps is a must-have and should have a high degree of accuracy.
  • Customer support systems via email and chat with executives involving clearly defined issue escalation hierarchies.
  • Other value-adding features include enabling increased accessibility for the differently abled, individual user profiles on video streaming apps, personalized content delivery, and offline functionality.
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