Amazon Store Setup and Management Services

Making a robust presence on Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace with Amazon store setup and management services takes a deep understanding of the eCommerce industry, and the ability to manage day-to-day operations seamlessly. Wouldn’t it be great if you get everything done with professional accuracy and speed? With the Amazon store setup services of SunTec India, you get all this and much more. Our dedicated Amazon store setup and management professionals have a proven track record of helping hundreds of Amazon merchants carve their niche in this competitive business. These experts can take care of the complete lifecycle of your Amazon store setup.

We were specially asked to contact SunTec India for our business product uploading services by one of our partners. Being in eCommerce industry, we needed a service provider who was adept at fast as well as accurate product upload, and we were fortunate to find the right people.

- Ellie Price, UK

Amazon Store Setup and Management Services: Outsource to SunTec India

SunTec India is a specialized Amazon online store setup company. As part of our services, we set up attractive and SEO-friendly Amazon stores that enable you to reach out to your audience across the globe, build brand recognition, and sell better than your competitors. As an ISO certified service provider, we adhere to Amazon's specified guidelines, list products with their pertinent details, and exercise absolute data security. What makes us your ideal partner to outsource Amazon store management services is our proven ability to efficiently manage customer orders, and keep a tab on the inventory levels.

Amazon Store Setup

Our Amazon Online Store Setup and Management Service Offerings

The dedicated Amazon store management team at SunTec India can develop your store from scratch. These professionals are well versed with the latest industry best practices and can set up your Amazon store within a fast turnaround time. Our Amazon store set up services include:

Amazon FBA Setup and Management

Our FBA store setup professionals have a proven track record of helping online merchants create fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) stores. These experts can help you minimize your fees by creating a customized list of items. To make the most of the FBA facility offered by Amazon, you have to move at least 40 items per month. The Amazon store setup experts at SunTec India also help you to identify these items by studying your inventory. With their expertise on your side, you can create an FBA account that gives you better margins.

Amazon Analytics

Being a specialized Amazon store setup & management service provider, we have a team of experts who are efficient at using Amazon Analytics to give you new insights into your business. Amazon analytics is intricate and you have to spend a lot of time to master it. But with SunTec India on your side, you can get all the insights to grow your business. Our analytics team knows how to query the data and come up with real insights that add value to your business. They use data visualization techniques to derive results that help you optimize your resources. Whether it is finance, sales, marketing, human resource, or daily operations, with our Amazon analytics services you can optimize the cost of every business function.

Amazon Marketplace Management

The Amazon store setup experts at SunTec India can handle the whole lifecycle of marketplace management for you. As part of our Amazon marketplace management services, our experts list products as per the Amazon guidelines, optimize listings using search engine friendly URLs, use high-volume keywords and HTML descriptions, resolve ASIN conflicts and manage the inventory effectively across your eCommerce store. By working in close coordination with your in-house team these professionals give you the desired results within minimum turnaround time.

With our seller central setup services, we help you reach out to a global market. As a specialized Amazon store setup company, we make strategies to increase your sales and ensure that your brand messaging is consistent across all the platforms. Our experts not only create a customized seller central account for you but also take care of all the related functionalities such as brand registry and protection; managing case logs, category optimization , sponsored ads, order management, and feedback management, etc. With these all-encompassing services at your disposal, you easily concentrate on your core business.

As part of our Amazon store setup and management services, we also manage and update live product listings. Being a specialized provider of Amazon support services, we can create live product listings in sync with regulatory and Amazon guidelines.

New Product Listings

The experts at SunTec India can create accurate product listings for you. All you have to do is give them the specifics in any format and our professionals will create customized listings. With us, you get the quickest time to market and quality on par with the best in the world.

SunTec India helps Vendor Central merchants make the most of this opportunity by providing A+ content . Our Amazon store management professionals can also manage your inventory and process orders in bulk. These resources are adept at using marketing tools such as Subscribe & Save and Amazon Sponsored Ads to enhance your sales. Amazon sponsored PPC management is an integral part of our vendor central management services. Our highly experienced Amazon store setup professionals can create tailor-made PPC campaigns to help you meet your sales targets. These experts are also adept at handling campaign functions such as dynamic ad budget adjustments, click-bid setup, ad placement, Sponsored search result positioning, and ASIN-level targeting.

Discuss your Amazon Store Setup and Management Project with us

If you are looking to make a mark for yourself as an Amazon seller, SunTec India can help you with customized Amazon Store Setup and Management Services. Drop a line at and one of our senior managers will be happy to give you free advice.

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Amazon Store Setup and Management: FAQs

There are two types of Amazon seller accounts:

  • Individual seller account: Suitable for those selling up to 40 items a month and don't need access to advanced tools or programs. Also, such sellers don't pay a monthly subscription fee; instead, they pay item-wise in addition to other applicable fees.
  • Professional seller account: Suitable for those selling more than 40 items a month and needing access to advanced tools and programs. Such sellers have to pay a non-refundable monthly subscription fee regardless of whether they list or sell anything.

At SunTec India, we handle all types of Amazon store management requirements so our clients can rest assured.

An Amazon storefront helps businesses provide an improved shopping experience to customers by giving them an opportunity to:

  • List their products
  • Establish their brand
  • Maximize internal and external traffic
  • Increase organic rankings
  • Boost sales volume
  • Advertise products both on and off Amazon
  • Promote their brand to both new and existing customers
  • Measure performance with specialized analytics tools

To help you get started quickly, SunTec India offers a variety of store setup services, including:

  • Amazon FBA setup and management
  • Amazon analytics
  • Amazon marketplace management
  • Amazon Product listing creation and management
  • Amazon seller and vendor account setup

Amazon Stores can only be set up by brand owners, agencies, and vendors who are registered with the Amazon Brand Registry program. In addition to the Amazon DSP account, these sellers must also have an Amazon advertising account.

Businesses can create a dedicated store on Amazon at no additional cost. However, you must pay referral fees and other charges once you start selling. To know more, get in touch with a professional team.

Amazon store setup and management can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity, volume, and specific requirements. To get an exact estimate, get in touch with our team at