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Facebook Ads Management Services

Increasing the scale, performance and ROI of your Facebook ad campaigns!

Advertising on Facebook can help you reach out to a sea of people, with the social media platform having over 1.2 billion users, including 864 million daily active users worldwide.

With our Facebook Ads Management Services, we can help you attract a defined set of target audience by creating, optimizing and efficiently managing Facebook ad campaigns. Our well-trained and experienced social media experts design your ad on the basis of several parameters including age groups, regions, gender, interests, profession, skills, etc. To enable you to market your products at a specific location, we choose specific geographic and demographic clusters, thus assisting you get the clicks that convert.

Facebook Ads Management Services at SunTec

At SunTec India, we house seasoned social media experts who can help you promote your brand, products and services in front of a specific cross section of the Facebook community, thus increasing sales and return on investment. The campaigns are targeted as per the age, sex, geographic location, and interests of the relevant users, as provided by them on their profiles.

With our comprehensive range of Facebook Ads Management Services, we can help you advertise on Facebook using two ways. First is by employing the Pay Per Click (PPC) method wherein your ad would be displayed on the sidebar in the user's News Feed, even if they are not looking for your products and services. Furthermore, we can help you advertise directly in the user's News Feed section, persuading them to Like your Facebook Page. This would extend your social media reach and boost brand awareness.

Our experts can also design Facebook event ad as well as poll ads, depending on your requirements.

When you outsource your Facebook Advertising Management project to us, we will:

  • Set up a new account
  • Find Precise Interest and Audiences
  • Write compelling ad text
  • Design highly targeted campaigns
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Manage and monitor PPC Campaigns
  • Deliver tracking reports

Our professionals will assist you identify the goals of your Facebook ad campaign, define the target market and create an effective advertising campaign. Furthermore, we will monitor each and every aspect of your ad's performance, including leads and conversions generated from Facebook, and present detailed reports.

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