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Jewelry Photo Editing Services

When it comes to jewelry, there is no better advocate for a sale than a refined photograph that outlines the brilliance of the piece with sophistication. With jewelry photo retouching services from SunTec India, you get just that: high-end jewelry retouching that inspires higher sales and conversions.

  • Save up to 60% to 70%
  • Get 12 to 24 Hour Deliveries
  • Boost Conversions by 2X
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 95% Client Retention
  • Encrypted, Secure Transfers

Outsource jewelry photo editing services to our team of experts and get the results you want. Half the time, much-reduced costs, and double the excellence!

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  • Jewelry Photo Retouching Services- after Jewelry Photo Retouching Services- before

Do you Need Jewelry Retouching Services?

When you want to convince people to buy jewelry online, photos become the differentiator- the factor that can make or break a deal! With jewelry image editing services, you can boost the chances of conversion by 2X or 3X at times.

Editing makes a huge difference in customer perception. And, while the photos you take with a phone or a camera may actually be good, you can always do much better with suitable retouching and enhancements.

This matters, especially online, because customers are highly influenced by what they see.

Jewelry photo editing services play a critical role in attracting, engaging, and converting customers. And, you can do that while saving time and up to 60-70% in costs when you outsource jewelry photo retouching services to our team.

Professional Jewelry Photo Retouching Services at SunTec India

In the eCommerce domain, standard photo editing is a concept that distinctly differs from jewelry photo retouching and editing in certain instances. Here, our objective is to create outcomes that not only impart an aesthetically pleasing impact but also inspire a desire to purchase.

Our jewelry retouching services follow that line of thought. We create edits that motivate customers to engage, interact, and buy from you.

That is achieved via a comprehensive range of jewelry image editing services. Explore our service offerings in detail!

Background Editing & Removal

Every part of a photo should ideally complement the subject in focus. Our jewelry image retouching services include a dedicated phase for background editing to ensure that your piece stays in the limelight. In addition to plain or transparent backgrounds, we can also create contextual background edits that enhance the presence and dominance of the jewelry.

Dust and Scratch Removal

While it is always preferable to wipe the jewelry clean before taking a photo of them, a camera can capture specks that the naked human eye may not. We fix this issue with our jewelry photo editing services by using custom filters to hide all evidence of dust, scratches, and blemishes.

Reflection & Shadow Repairs

Our jewelry photo retouching and editing experts manipulate shadows in your image to highlight the right parts and add dimension to the final image. We also remove the reflections that create a chaotic outlook and add them to places that maximize impact.

Jewelry Image Recoloring

You don’t need to take a picture of every variant of a single product. Our jewelry image retouching services handle that part by recoloring a photo in the shade of different base materials, like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Platinum, etc. If the design is the same and you create bespoke, material-based jewelry pieces, rest assured that your customers will get the vision with brilliantly edited photos.

Surface Smoothening

To bring attention to every minute detail while casting a reliable, premium, and luxurious quality impression, our jewelry photo editing company adds a smoothening layer to the jewelry. We ensure that the natural texture of your pieces remains intact.

Shine Enhancement

Never lose the brilliance that gives your jewelry images a distinct recognition and brand identity. Our professional jewelry retouching services make sure that the natural shine of your pieces comes out in the photos with equal brilliance and luminosity as they do in reality.

Jewelry Image Editing Services for Exclusive Diamond & Gemstones

Carving any piece of the ornament with diamonds, precious stones, or gems is an art second to none. At SunTec India, we respect the craft that goes into the process.

That is why our jewelry image editing services NEVER change the truth of your photographs.

We are very peculiar about editing naturally stunning jewels like diamonds, gems, and other stones. The photos are imbibed with soft shadows and cleaned of any blemish, dust, or wax glue spots. We keep the colors as close to the natural shades as possible and consciously balance out the monitor output through consistent lighting adjustments.

In fact, we follow a special code of conduct for jewelry photo retouching and editing to make sure the shine your customers see is the shine they are getting.

  • Perform basic clean-up on the photos
  • Remove unwarranted reflections
  • Repaint the shine on select sections
  • Create soft shadows and selective hues
  • Keep the natural texture intact
  • Enhance exposure to depict balanced stone brilliance
  • Enhance details
  • Set a color temperature to match the set’s mood

Above all, our jewelry photo editing company is known for keeping the results realistic. Without affecting the natural appeal of your photographs, we perform high-end jewelry retouching.

Creative Jewelry Image Retouching Services: Our Process

Jewelry photo editing and retouching can be intimidating if you don’t know just how the process works. However, this issue is eliminated way before it becomes a hindering obstacle between our clients and our service teams.

We start only after a stark vision of your context and objective is clear to us. Our jewelry photo retouching services are modified and sequences redefined to guarantee the results you desire. We also conduct an integrated QA response for every cycle of edits applied to your photos, thus eliminating any possibility of a mistake.

Jewelry Retouching Workflow

  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Step-wise Jewelry Photo Retouching
  • Encrypted, Secure Delivery
  • Photo Collection, Cleaning, and Basic Processing
  • Quality Analysis and Outcome Matching

Why Outsource Jewelry Retouching Services to SunTec India?

Catch your audience’s attention and inspire them towards a successful purchase through listing-fit photos. Fall back on our jewelry image editing services for a cost-efficient experience!

SunTec India is a 25+ years old IT outsourcing company. We have created multifold solutions for enterprises worldwide in the domains of data, eCommerce, development, publishing, and much more. As a recognized and reputed global provider of jewelry retouching services, we are committed to helping you grow.

  • 8530+ Enterprises Served Worldwide
  • Dedicated Teams and Managers
  • 24*7 Response Team Availability
  • Over Two Decades of Industry Presence
  • International Service Standards
  • ISO-Certified Processes

Join hands with us, outsource jewelry photo retouching services to our team, and push your traffic, sales, and conversion figures to new heights every day.

To know more about our jewelry photo editing company or request a free sample job before hiring our jewelry image retouching services, just shoot an email with your requirements to

High-End Jewelry Photo Retouching Services: FAQs

You can outsource jewelry retouching services by the hour, project, or bundles. It mainly depends on the service provider. However, at SunTec India, we ensure that our clients only pay for the work they get. So, we operate on a flexible pricing model.

You can get a free quote from us and figure out an estimated expense before starting a project with us. To do so, all you need to do is send your requirements and timeline constraints to

Jewelry photo retouching services include a wide range of edits, techniques, and workarounds, all centered on enhancing the natural appeal of the photo while avoiding unnecessary modifications and eliminating distractions. Our jewelry photo editing company offers a wide range of such services, including but not limited to the following.

  • Background Editing
  • Background Replacement
  • Dust and Scratch Removal
  • Reflection Editing
  • Shadow Removal and Refinement
  • Jewelry Image Recoloring
  • Surface Smoothening
  • Shine Enhancement
  • Lighting Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Perspective Correction

Our jewelry photo retouching and editing experts also create creative compositions from different jewelry photo showcases if a client demands customized results. Let us know if you would be interested in something like that.

High-end jewelry photo retouching can take some time. It mostly depends upon the volume of photos, the number of edits they require, and the number of resources working on it.

Our record time for delivering edited jewelry photos is 12-24 hours.

Of course, that does not apply to every project. First, you must communicate the expected delivery timeline. Then, we can discuss the number of resources it would take to complete your project on time and with finesse.

But, rest assured, we operate with a 100% delivery rate and will produce the results on time, always!

For jewelry retouching online, we use a variety of tools and apply advanced technical infrastructure. This includes software like-

  • Lightroom
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • SnapSeed
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe FireWorks


We use encrypted data transfer mediums to send and receive client photos and ensure a completely confidential channel for all client communications. Our teams also sign an NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement,) further guaranteeing that your photos experience optimum security.

For starters, if you choose to outsource jewelry retouching services to the SunTec India team, we will need your photos. You can send them in almost any format, including PDF, JPEF, PNG, TIFF, AI, PDS EPF, or SVG. You can send them via an email or a secure, shared server, or any other of our approved, encrypted channels for data transfer.

However, RAW format images are preferred the most by our jewelry photo editing company. That is so because RAW files store a lot of data and details, and editing such photos with the proper techniques can create outstanding, conversion-worthy results.

Absolutely, we can!

Our jewelry image retouching services can be modified to suit the context that you want for your photos. We will conduct a detailed brainstorming session with you to ensure that the transformation matches your vision.

All you need to do is to send your custom instructions to our team and We shall take up further discussions soon.

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