eCommerce Catalog Updating Services

eCommerce Catalog Updating and Maintenance Services

To run a successful eCommerce site you have to deal with a humongous amount of data. Be it updating product information, maintaining catalogs or uploading high resolution pictures of products every activity eats into your valuable time and resources. Keeping your product database flowing with correct and precise information to the last detail is also a complex and tedious job that eventually leads to reduced focus on your key business activities. You can easily win over these challenges by outsourcing your eCommerce catalog updating and maintenance to a reputed vendor.

SunTec India offers content development and catalog management services to add value to your eCommerce chain. Our team of eCommerce data specialists takes care of the whole process of identifying the desired products, gathering the product specifications and price so that you can focus on your core business processes. Our eCommerce data experts work in close coordination with your in house team to deliver bespoke services within a quick turnaround time. SunTec India is an ISO certified service provider which means that you can expect the highest standards of quality and data security from us. All you have to do is let us know your specific catalog updating requirement and our specialists will come up with a customized solution for you.

SunTec India's Online Product Catalog Maintenance Services: Empowering eCommerce

SunTec India has successfully empowered hundreds of eCommerce players around the world with customized product catalog maintenance services. We have a proven track record of transforming the business websites of our clients into effective sales platforms.

For us, a well designed online store with all the keywords and product listings in place is just the starting point. It can bring the targeted traffic to your website and ensure a robust online presence. But to turn this situation into a profitable business, you have to convert visitors into loyal customers. We help you in this endeavor by managing:

User Experience

Our catalog experts engage your visitors by updating product information like prices, features, availability with accuracy. In doing so, they keep user experience in mind and highlight the most important things. When users are able to skim through the most important details with ease they are more likely to hit the 'buy now' button.

Product Availability

Availability and order fulfillment are the important attributes of success in eCommerce once you are able to bring a visitor to your product page. We help you with this aspect of the business by updating the availability in real time. Our experts work in close coordination with your in-house team to ensure a seamless order fulfillment process.

Tax and Shipping

Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare for eCommerce players around the world as it wastes time and effort of both the merchant as well the buyer. The most common cause of customers leaving check out page without buying is the addition of taxes and shipping at the very end. We keep your customers updated with this information at every step of the purchase process.

Product Category

The aim of our product category maintenance services is to keep the product attributes in sync with the taxonomy of your storefront, marketplace and comparison shopping engines. By doing so, we enable your prospective buyers to find what exactly they are looking for thus making your online store the preferred choice of shoppers.

Unique Product Identifiers

Unique product identities (UPC) not only make your online store more search engine friendly, but also add to the convenience of buyers in finding your products. Therefore, online marketplaces and shopping engines have made it mandatory to enter UPC. Our experts enter the UPC, EAN or ISBN to your products with professional precision


Image of the product has always been important, but in the online marketplace product photos attain more importance since these are the chief means of grabbing customer's attention. Be it online stores like Amazon and eBay or search engines like Google and Bing every online entity relies heavily on images to attract visitors. Our eCommerce photo editors and experts give the right hue and resolution to your product images to attract maximum visitors.

Benefits of Outsourcing Catalog Updating Services to SunTec India

Easy access to talent

With SunTec India you can pick and choose the most suitable talent to work on your catalog updating project. These professionals work exclusively for you and have the ability to process any raw form of product details into business ready catalogs.

Bespoke catalog updating services

Our experienced resources study the scope of your project and then come up with a customized solution that suits your individual needs. With our product data entry and online product entry services you can easily stay ahead of the competition.

By outsourcing your catalog updating services to SunTec you automatically get access our team of copywriters who write persuasive product descriptions that are search engine friendly. As a result, you get more targeted traffic on your website.

Quality images & precise categorization

As a reputed eCommerce service provider, we do understand the important of images and accurate categorization of products ; hence image optimization is an integral part of our catalog updating services. We also make sure that every product is listed in the most relevant category.

Hire Product Data Maintenance Services Experts

Partner with SunTec India concerning your eCommerce Product Catalog Updating and Maintenance Services. Contact us for more details.

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E-commerce catalog updating and management is very tedious and time consuming yet very important and needs 100% precision. This is a very important thing that affects the working and traffic of consumers on the website. I was looking for some services to manage my e-commerce catalog when I came across SunTec India. The company showcased their quality, reliability and dedication to work in the sample they offered. Although earlier, I was not too sure about how a company located thousands of miles away might be able to accomplish the task, the sample they allayed all our doubts. Working with them has been a real pleasure and my website's roaring success gives me substantial confidence to work with them again.

Maria Ley, PH

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