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eCommerce Catalog Updating and Maintenance

Humongous amount of data is required to be processed and uploaded to keep the catalogs of products and services properly updated. However, keeping your product database, flowing with information and correct and precise to the last detail is always complex and tedious.

To cater to such requirements, we at SunTec offer Content development and catalogue management play a central role through the eCommerce chain. The whole process of identifying the desired products, gathering the product specifications and price ; thereby, you can focus on your core business processes and leave seemingly time-consuming and wearisome task of service and productContent development and catalogue management play a central role through the eCommerce chain. The whole process of identifying the desired products, gathering the product specifications and price with us.

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Become More Consumer-Centric With Online Product Catalog Updating and Maintenance Services from SunTec India

We have successfully serviced hundreds of clients throughout the world and are effectively managing their product catalog maintenance task. Any given business website can prove to be profitable only if it can perform as a sales platform.

An online store though properly designed and developed – also ranking on relevant keywords for your brands and products, does not guarantee success and growth of your business on the Internet. It can only ensure that your website attracts traffic. However, the conversion of visitors into consumers is possible only when you meticulously manage:

Product Data Freshness

The visitors flocking your website will be repelled if your prices are not accurate, the features of the item are not detailed, availability status is not clearly indicated, or your website lacks in general product information.

Product Availability

Users have a right to know whether a product is in stock or not. It should not come as a surprise to them as they are about to complete their transaction. You should list the status of availability for all of your items.

Tax and Shipping

Mentioning and regularly updating the tax and shipping amount are highly recommended, as it contributes to the total cost of items, forming the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment for buyers.

Product Category

Marinating proper product category or attributes as per the taxonomy of your storefront, marketplace or comparison shopping engine enables the buyer, to quickly and easily search the desired product.


Product photos not only advance the visual demonstration of your products but are also a requirement by all major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or comparison shopping engines like Google, etc., with their own standards of photos clipping and formatting.  Your images need to be suitably sized and modified to meet their requirements.

Unique Product Identifiers

If you fail to enter the UPC, EAN or ISBN, your listings might not display on product pages, and might as well be banned by some marketplaces and shopping engines.

Therefore, it is imperative that the products or the services that you offer through your business model are properly displayed over the relevant pages of your website.

However, in case of products not properly displayed or managed or simply missing from the interface, it is unlikely to convert visitors into consumers. Therefore, product catalog maintenance proves to be beneficial since it maintains the products offered by your business model and ensures they are easily accessible by potential consumers visiting your business website.

Benefits of Outsourcing Catalog Updating Services to SunTec India

  • At SunTec, we have an adept team of professionals who have years of experience in catalog updating services and can process any raw format of product details into effective catalogs ready to be uploaded on the business website. A properly updated product catalog keeps your website live and appealing, ensuring you do not miss any business opportunity, and thus maximizes the efficiency of your business.
  • All your paper catalogs and product details that are loosely spread throughout your sales department need to be properly processed and updated on your business website. Youmight be having product details in various formats such as in print or as images or in CSV format, we can take care of all of it.
  • Through our product data entry and online product entry services we make sure that you are never left wanting for regularly updating your catalog data either online or offline. Once you have provided our experts with the scope of the project, we strive hard to ensure that the deliverable is completely per your requirements. We can also acquire product details from your print catalogs, manufacturer’s website and other online sources.
  • Our eCommerce catalog professionals add relevant and search engine friendly product description and images of the product. We list the products under their relevant categories and subcategories on your eCommerce website. Through our online product entry process we also ensure that the products updated on your website are easily searchable both to the search engines and to the users.
  • It is quite a task to make changes to any online product catalog; however, at SunTec, our online product catalogue maintenance experts ensure that the catalogues are managed and maintained helping you improve your conversion ratioand leverage business opportunities.

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“E-commerce catalog updating and management is very tedious and time consuming yet very important and needs 100% precision. This is a very important thing that affects the working and traffic of consumers on the website. I was looking for some services to manage my e-commerce catalog when I came across SunTec India. The company showcased their quality, reliability and dedication to work in the sample they offered. Although earlier, I was not too sure about how a company located thousands of miles away might be able to accomplish the task, the sample they allayed all our doubts. Working with them has been a real pleasure and my website's roaring success gives me substantial confidence to work with them again.” Maria Ley,