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Expedite Customer Conversion Rates for your Business with Qualified Categories and Structured eStores

Product Taxonomy Development

Better taxonomy leads to faster shopping, lending your customers a complete view and speedy navigation to the product information they need.

An authoritative, limited and defined list of terms, names, labels, categories, etc. – 'taxonomy' relates to the science of classification, where each term stands for a distinct unambiguous concept – well-organized in a hierarchical structure or grouping.

Think of a randomly arranged haphazard ecommerce catalog or retail warehouse where you can't find anything in contrast to a well-ordered catalog that supports indexing, tagging, categorization, and management of content metadata, enabling accelerated retrieval/discoverability in both browsing and searching. In a well-ordered ecommerce environment, you move intuitively, even via diverse routes to what you are searching for. On the other hand, if the products aren’t categorized properly you run the risk of visitors not finding the relevant category or finding irrelevant products within a category and retailers tagging your products to wrong categories, all of which can lead to a bad customer experience. With correct categorization, visitors will be able to quickly get to the information they are looking for.

With an ever-expanding ecommerce business, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to manage the taxonomy of your website yourself. This is exactly where we step in. With our ecommerce taxonomy development services, SunTec India facilitates your customers to discover products in a natural and instinctive manner, allowing meaningful search results based on keyword searches, a variety of selection criteria, categorization techniques and category crossovers, site menus, associated items and accessories, etc. We can help you build your taxonomy right from the scratch.

The taxonomy specialists at SunTec India work closely with your eCommerce product data management teams to meticulously analyze the behavior of your prospects and customers, who search for your products over the web.

We collect the information on the keywords your users key-in to reach you, the vocabulary they use, and the product grouping and arrangement they expect, etc. We, accordingly organize your eCommerce store to make it easier for your customers to buy items.

Boost Store Performance with Specialized eCommerce Product Taxonomy Development

At SunTec India, you get access to eCommerce experts with diverse technical expertise. We specialize in intuitive eCommerce categorization and build hierarchy structures that facilitate a smooth transition and exceptional navigation for the users.

Our eCommerce taxonomy development services prop your web store to produce accurate results in response to a query. It also ensures a faster, more connected shopping experience that leads to faster conversions and higher sales.

Here’s what our product data management experts can do for your eCommerce store.

A Balanced Product Catalog Amazon Bulk Upload

We create categories that cover an appropriate number of subcategories while ensuring that it doesn’t get too bulky. It facilitates audience convenience without confusing them. It also helps a user find their target products quickly.

A Catalog that Supports Customer Preferences Product Categorization

Every taxonomy structure that our specialists build is highly influenced by your target customer behavior and user profile. We study your audiences, use their preferred key phrases, vocabulary, etc., and mimic their searching patterns to create a navigational path that will most likely turn visitors into buyers.

Higher Search Engine Ranking Position

With a taxonomy system that responds to every individual user query with a certain level of precision, we work towards enhancing your web store’s search engine ranking, visibility, and overall digital presence.

Key Benefits of Product Taxonomy Development:

  • Products are grouped in proper categories/subcategories
  • Makes the ecommerce store look professional
  • Keeping track of sales becomes easier
  • Leads to easy navigation, improved site usability and better customer experience

Why Outsource eCommerce Product Categorization Services to SunTec India?

  • Our experienced data entry specialists will categorize products on your ecommerce store according to industry standards
  • Each level of hierarchy will be optimized to ensure only relevant products are listed under their respective categories or subcategories
  • Our customer care is available round the clock to assist you
  • Owing to our vast experience, we understand how product categorization works for each industry, including yours
  • With over 1000 employees, we are one of the largest companies in the niche known for a quick turnaround and commitment to quality

Discuss your Product Categorization Requirements with us

Allow us to streamline the structure and categorization of your product data and optimize your online store's taxonomy. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us.

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