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Leverage the Powers of Digitization with Comprehensive Document Scanning, Indexing And Archiving Services

Outsource Document Scanning & Indexing Services

With office spaces getting costlier by the day, storing data in hard copies has become an expensive proposition for businesses. It not only eats into the prime real estate but also makes accessing the right information a cumbersome task. No wonder data digitization has become a priority for industries across the board. Whether you are a manufacturer, trader or a service provider, you will have to fall back on document scanning, indexing, digitization and archiving services sooner than later to free up space for your core activities. While document scanning eliminates paper, indexing allows you to access relevant digitized data at the click of a button. Archiving involves collecting the relevant data from various sources and storing it in one place, thus enabling you to access and analyze the desired information.

SunTec India: Your One-Stop-Shop For Document Scanning & Indexing Services

At SunTec India we provide comprehensive document scanning, indexing and archiving services to help businesses run paper-free offices. We will scan, digitize and index your documents and make them easily retrievable so that you can do away with those filing cabinets eating up your office space. With our ISO-certified processes, you can rest assured about the security of your critical data. With SunTec India, you get easy access to the most modern technology used in document scanning and indexing. Our scanning and indexing experts have hands-on experience of using high-speed ADF scanners that can scan thousands of pages in a day. To scan books and fragile documents we use overhead scanners.

Our Recognitions & Accreditations

SunTec India offers a comprehensive suite of data services to meet your individual needs. Here’s a glimpse of our data scanning, digitization, indexing, and archiving services:

Document Scanning

Being a service provider of repute for more than 25 years, we have developed the capability to cater to all your document scanning and indexing requirements. Be it scanning tiny 2"X3"receipts and invoices or large maps and blueprints with dimensions of 24"X36", with us you can get everything done in your preferred resolution.

Cross-referencing and mapping

At SunTec India, it is our constant endeavor to enhance your experience of outsourcing. Hence as part of our document scanning, indexing and web data scraping services we also perform cross-referencing and mapping of documents. This thoughtful feature of our services enables you to correlate and retrieve data from different documents simultaneously.

Scanning and indexing being our core competencies enable us to deliver both illustrated as well as tabular indexes. You can leverage our expertise to drive bespoke results. Whether it is scanning and indexing your documents simultaneously or batch indexing them, our professionals can do it all as per your individual requirements. Our data scanning and indexing experts are well versed with the latest tools and techniques used in the industry. Depending on your requirements, our professionals can apply OCR tools to digitize your documents. Devising index fields that best suit your needs and employing bar code reading for indexing are some of our specialities.

Our experienced team can perform indexing of a wide range of paper-based documents, images, and other text files including:

  • Word Files, Spreadsheets, Scanned Images, HTML Documents
  • Manuals, Journals
  • Catalogs, Newsletters
  • Books, Medical / Dental Records
  • Receipts, Faxes, Resumes

Outsource Document Digitizing Services

We provide full-cycle document digitization, indexing, and file conversion services using keyboarding, OCR, and double key entry techniques, helping you improve your organization's efficiency and output. With over a 25+ years of presence in the digitization space, we have gained proficiency in the conversion of a wide range of documents and data, which include:

  • Bound Documents like Corporate Records, Historic Collections, Magazines, etc.
  • Large Format Items like Newspapers, Posters, Foldouts, Plat Books, County Records, etc.
  • Other documents like Deeds and Leases, Warranties, Insurance Forms, Medical Records, Bank Records, Resumes, Invoices, Legal Documents, Questionnaires, etc.

We can convert all these and many more in a wide range of digital formats like .TXT, .HTML, .XML, .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, .GIF, .JPEG, .TIFF, etc.

Meticulation Data Digitization Process

Outsource PDF Scanning Services

The information available in PDF format is easy to search, access, and distribute. At SunTec India, we help business owners in scanning a wide range of documents into PDF files which include, but is not limited to:

  • Business / Accounting Records
  • Brochures / Catalogs
  • Manuals
  • Books

We scan over 10,000 pages in a day and cater to bulk PDF scanning requirements of our clients, easily. Once the files have been scanned into the PDF format, our QA team scrutinizes the document to fulfill our quality commitments. Being an ISO 27001 certified PDF scanning company, we ensure optimum security of your data.

PDF Scanning Services To Suit Your Individual Needs

PDF Searchable Image

This type of PDF scanning produces an image of the original document. Scanned text presented in this format can be searched, but not edited.

In this process, Scanned documents will be in PDF format but will not be searchable or editable.

Invoice Scanning Services

SunTec India's Invoice Scanning Services enable organizations to have better control over their financial processes and improve their departmental efficiency. We empower business owners to eliminate paper-based accounts payable filing systems and get real-time access to invoice data.

With our Invoice Scanning and Indexing Services business owners get exactly the invoice data they need in a wide range of formats like .PDF, .DOC, .XLS, .JPEG, etc. Our standardized process, trained workforce, and use of cutting-edge technologies enables us to meet our clients' quality expectations.

Amplify Your Data Capabilities: Outsource Document Scanning & Indexing Services to SunTec India

Preserve your data, make it more accessible, and secure accurate outputs with more than 99% accuracy by leveraging SunTec India’s document scanning and indexing services.

We are a 25+ years old IT outsourcing and support company. Data is one of our prime specializations. Not only are our resources the best in the industry, but they also carry the experience of supporting different enterprises as well as different industry domains.


Our document data processing workflow is frequently updated and integrated with the best practices to ensure the highest quality and over 99% accuracy.

Our data experts lead the project with a keen understanding of your objectives and process data accordingly, picking out insights that can help generate leads.


We strive to provide authentic results every time through a combination of manual and automated document scanning, indexing, and data entry methods.

We give you complete control over the team with a dedicated project manager, exclusive resources, and multiple communication channels open to you.

When you outsource document scanning & indexing services to SunTec India, we empower your business with excellent efficiency and overcome all your data challenges one after another.

Get higher business data value delivered to your doorstep with us. Reach out with your queries, requirements, or project specifications at

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