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Most online retailers believe that the largest hurdle to getting their products listed by Google is optimizing their site for the search engines- and they're right to an extent. However, what most people miss is the fact that while organic SEO is great for improved site rankings, it is not necessarily the best (or only) way to make sure your products are listed at the top of the search engine results. Imagine the number of people searching for products via Google, for instance, daily- and imagine the number of results they're getting per search. What if your products were shown at the very top of those search results- wouldn't this result in a huge increase in traffic to your site, and thus increased sales?

We bet it would - and contrary to what most people think, eCommerce PPC (pay per click) consulting is not for large organizations alone; it works just as well for small businesses, too. You do need the right expertise though to make the most out of any paid search advertising services campaign, and SunTec India's eCommerce pay per click services will help you achieve just that.

We have been providing our customers with eCommerce PPC services for over fifteen years now, and can back our services up with hard figures as well. Our trained eCommerce PPC management team will work diligently to ensure targeted traffic to your site in a cost-effective manner.

Our eCommerce PPC professionals will provide you with the following services: -

eCommerce PPC Management

Strategic Bid Management

Understanding how CPC (cost per click) works is of utmost importance to ensure you do not waste money, and our eCommerce PPC services team will walk you through this process, and alert you for mistakes you might be making. We will ensure that we tailor your bids to actual search results, and will identify the maximum PPC for any campaign.


Our eCommerce pay per click services make sure that your ads (and keywords) are tailored to a specific region, and only users from that region see (and click) on those ads. This ensures targeted and relevant traffic to your site, and also ensures you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

Keyword Optimization

We will research all your product PPC keywords to find out the ones people use most to find your website. We will identify the most profitable keyword opportunities, and will segment the keywords into ad groups based upon relevance. We will ensure your keyword phrases are focused in order to ensure high quality traffic.

Landing Page Optimization

You might have secured that click, but remember, that is only half the battle won- the quality of your landing page (the page the user sees upon clicking on an ad) has a huge impact on your ability to convert traffic into sales. A poorly designed landing page means all the traffic in the world won't convert into sales, and your ad would actually be less competitive in the quality score based search engines. We will make sure your landing page is relevant to your site visitor's requirements, and will make sure the key message on the page integrates with that of the referral source. SunTec India's eCommerce PPC campaign ensures that you have landing pages that are of the right length and that have the right amount of detail and clear images to allow the user an easier shopping experience.

Click Fraud Prevention

Click frauds are a huge worry for most advertisers, and our paid search advertising team ensures you never have to fall prey to this. Our eCommerce pay per click experts can block your competitors from clicking on your ads, and will use negative keywords to filter your ads based on search queries. We will also provide you with invalid click reports in order for you to determine which clicks you did not pay for, and will help you with the fraud investigation teams to resolve any case of fraud that may occur.

Quarterly/Monthly Rreports

Our eCommerce pay per click management team will provide you with meaningful monthly/quarterly PPC reports that focus on more than just numbers, and indicate whether or not your campaign goals are being met. Our eCommerce PPC management experts will also provide you with recommendations to improve your campaigns in order to ensure ongoing success.

Ad Copy Optimization

We realize that not all users visit your site with the same intentions, and will segment your ads by related search keywords so that the same ad is not shown to all users. Our eCommerce pay per click management team will build and test multiple ads for each keyword group, and will discard the ads that do not perform well.

Google Search

Our paid search advertising services ensure that we create multiple ads that focus on specific products and related keywords. Our eCommerce PPC advertising team will also create a product feed and bid campaign to deliver image based product listings, which will ensure high click through rates and conversions.

Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads)

Research has shown that conversion rates for product listing ads are 8-28% higher than "traditional" ads. Our eCommerce PPC advertising team will create a custom product feed with all the required fields in order to ensure an optimized product listing ads campaign.

Display Network

We are well versed in contextual and display targeting, and will also create banner ads for you. Our eCommerce PPC advertising team will also "remarket" your ads for you in order to ensure follow-ups and maximum conversion rates.

Google Adwords/Bing Campaigns

We will build multiple campaigns across various search engines/networks to increase impressions and relevant clicks.

Discuss Your eCommerce PPC Requirements With Us

At SunTec India, we realize that choosing the right provider to outsource your eCommerce PPC management requirements isn't always the easiest of choices to make. And it is for that very reason that we invite you to take a free trial of our services first, so that you can personally experience our eCommerce PPC campaign management team's quality of work and superior service before further committing to a long term relationship. Contact us today, and let our eCommerce PPC campaign management team manage all your pay-per click campaigns for you!

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