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Had everything done right for your eCommerce store, but it's still not making substantial sales? It's time to run profitable ad campaigns!

With cut-throat market competition, eCommerce PPC can help you stand out, ensure more online visibility, and win more sales. However, devising result-driven campaigns come with certain challenges: ensuring top spots, attaining high ad discoverability, selecting the right set of keywords, optimizing bidding, and tracking results. This calls for professional assistance.

This is where our professional eCommerce PPC management services help. Irrespective of your niche, our PPC experts enable you to expand your eStore's presence and engage your potential customers for improved sales and conversions. From handling keyword research to producing compelling ad copy, geo-targeting, and result monitoring, our professionals diligently perform all aspects of managing successful eCommerce PPC campaigns.

Case Study: Product Listing Ads Management for an eCommerce Retailer

The client (a US-based formalwear retailer) wanted to set up a PPC campaign to target the right audience for their product. Our team researched and classified relevant keywords into persona-based groups. We created target ads for the intended audience and optimized the bid frequently. After two weeks, we recorded 10X higher incoming sales on the client's site through paid marketing.

Get Access to Experienced eCommerce PPC Consultants

Our team of eCommerce PPC specialists has vast expertise in managing pay-per-click campaigns for diverse online stores. Each of our dedicated PPC experts can independently manage, strategize, and design paid ad campaigns while maintaining them at high performance and effectiveness. This ensures higher sales for your eCommerce store and gives you the time to grow your business and increase ROI.

We were on the lookout for a PPC agency for our eCommerce store, and SunTec India exceeded our expectations. Their team was quick to respond, and within the first month, our ROI increased by a staggering 50%. The team at SunTec India implemented an effective PPC strategy tailored to our needs, resulting in a significant boost in our sales and conversions. We highly recommend their services.

Jeremy Soh, eCommerce Seller, USA

Our eCommerce PPC Management Service Offerings

Collaborate with our eCommerce PPC company and get closer to your sales goals. Our competent resources can formulate and optimize profitable ad campaigns, meeting your ad budget while taking care of all aspects, including

Keyword Research and Selection

The success of PPC ad campaigns revolves around keywords; hence, using advanced tools (Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, etc.), our experts conduct thorough research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your products and incorporate them into your PPC campaigns for maximum visibility.

Ad Copy Creation

The more compelling the copy, the greater the chance of conversion! Hence, we have a specialized team of eCommerce copywriters adept at producing keyword-rich and enticing sales copy. Our team creates ad content that can attract more audience, ensures higher ad clicks, and ultimately results in better sales and profits.

Custom Audience Targeting

We can create hyper-targeted campaigns for your eCommerce business. Our resources explore and use custom targeting options (such as location, demographics, customer behavior, interests, etc.) while creating campaigns, ensuring that your campaigns and message reach the right audience.

Landing Page Optimization

Ads redirect the audience to a detailed product page, referred to as a 'landing page.' To convert the visitor into a customer, it is vital that this page must be well-optimized. Hence, our PPC experts carefully optimize CTAs, content (check for content relevancy, tone, and keyword insertion), and product images for maximum returns.

Bid Optimization

Our PPC experts focus on bid management and strategically raise and lower your keyword bids to make the most out of your advertising budget. We identify the best-performing keywords, locations, times, and devices and adjust bids accordingly. We also re-evaluate your bids regularly to make necessary changes.

Click Fraud Prevention

Our eCommerce PPC professionals use high-end software tools to identify the real audience, detect fraudulent clicks, and optimize the campaigns accordingly. With tools and manual detection techniques, we help you deal with invalid clicks from bots, publishers, or competitors without wasting your ad budget.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our eCommerce PPC consultants constantly review the performance of your campaigns and work on increasing the number of conversions in the given/specified budget. Our experts carry out A/B testing, search terms research, user research, and data analysis to identify areas for improvement and implement changes for CRO.

Reporting and Analysis

To keep you well-informed on where your advertising money is going, we provide regular reports and analyses of your campaigns' performance. Our experts prepare and deliver ready-to-follow reports covering monthly performance, conversion analysis, ROI, and other key metrics for making informed decisions about future advertising efforts.

Ready to Grow your eCommerce Business with our Proven PPC strategies?

Full-Fledged eCommerce Ad Solutions for Diverse Needs and Platforms

Our PPC marketing services cover a wide range of ad choices that can be used to target your niche audience on different platforms. To engage the audience at different touchpoints, our team consists of PPC experts with varying experience in multiple ad formats, including

Google Ads

One of the most popular and effective platforms for eCommerce PPC advertising is Google. We have certified Google professionals who can effectively manage all aspects of Google Ads. Following Google's guidelines, conducting competitive research, implementing best practices, and consistently monitoring your ad campaign, we optimize the conversion rate of your ads and run profitable campaigns.

Based on your business goals and the product type you sell, our PPC management consultants can determine which ads can best work for you. From Google shopping PPC ads to search ads, display ads, and Google remarketing ads, we can create and oversee all types of ad campaigns that drive results and maximize your ROI.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft advertising has nearly 36% less competition than Google Ads, allowing you to reach more people on a less ad budget. Our team also has strong expertise and experience in managing eCommerce PPC campaigns on the Microsoft Advertising Network (including Bing, AOL, and Yahoo) to help you reach a wide audience and drive conversions on these platforms.

Our PPC specialists can set up different Microsoft Ad campaign types that span Search, Shopping and Display Ads, including Expanded Text Ads, Smart Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads, and Product Ads.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads work best to engage potential customers who have already interacted with your eStore/products and encourage them to purchase a product. Our team has extensive experience creating and managing all types of remarketing campaigns (standard, dynamic, display, and search remarketing ads) on various platforms enabling you to boost your advertising ROI and customer acquisition rates.

Social Media Ads

We help you drive traffic to your product pages and register impressive sales with social media ads. Our professionals are adept at running paid ads on multiple social media platforms. We use a combination of manual methods and automated tools to run social media ad campaigns for your eCommerce business.

Marketplace-Specific eCommerce Ads

Our team specializes in ads for major marketplaces. We can also formulate a multi-channel marketplace ad strategy to enhance your products' visibility & drive traffic across different marketplaces, including


With Amazon having thousands of active sellers competing in almost every product segment, securing top spots on the marketplace has become challenging. Hence, to enable sellers to demonstrate their products on top of results, we offer a complete spectrum of Amazon PPC advertising services that results in high visibility and sales.

Our Amazon PPC specialists create hyper-personalized ad campaigns that help you reach your audience and stand out in the marketplace. From creating Sponsored Products Ads to Sponsored Brands Ads, and Sponsored Display Ads, we cover all major PPC elements offered under Amazon marketing services.


Our eBay advertising experts enable you to promote your products on the marketplace by creating and managing Rule-based and Item-based ad campaigns. Our PPC experts have extensive experience producing engaging ads, including Promoted Listing Ads (all types: Standard, Advanced, and Express) and Display Ads to help you position your products across eBay and grab the maximum eyeballs.


We enable you to grow and scale your business on Walmart. Our PPC experts position your products across the Walmart marketplace and ensure high visibility and conversions with continuous campaign monitoring and analysis. We have extensive experience in creating and managing different Walmart ad campaigns, including Sponsored Search Ads and Display Ads.


On Etsy, our experts can create high-performing On-Site Ads (previously called 'promoted listings') that appear organically on the search page and category pages whenever a user searches for relevant products. Our team sets up the ads on Etsy, manages the daily ad budget, chooses the location, and monitors the ads to ensure maximum ROI and sales.


To help you mark a robust presence on Wayfair and reach your potential audience, our eCommerce PPC experts can set up and manage different ads on the marketplaces, including Sponsored Products, Display Ads, and Sponsored Shops Ads. By creating engaging ad copies, integrating the right keywords, and optimizing campaigns, our experts make sure that you make the most out of your ad spend on the platform.

OverStock overstock-svg

We enable you to increase your brand's visibility and make substantial sales by leveraging OverStock's advertising options. Depending on your eCommerce sales goals and the type of products you sell, our PPC experts choose the ad type and devise Sponsored Product Ads, and Showcase Ads campaigns to maximize your conversions in a limited advertising budget.

Target target-svg

Our eCommerce PPC services empower you to make a notable presence on Target and win remarkable sales by leveraging Target advertising solutions. We create and manage Product Ads and closely monitor campaign results, enabling you to get quick outcomes. We also share regular reports to enable you to track your campaign's progress anytime.

Why Outsource PPC Management Services to SunTec India?

We have 25+ years of industry experience of serving a global clientele in the data, IT, and eCommerce domains. Over the years, we have enabled eCommerce store owners to mark a remarkable presence across web and eCommerce marketplaces with reliable PPC services. With a versatile team of subject matter experts, advanced infrastructure, and a proven workflow, we can help you create and manage tailored ad campaigns that drive higher visibility, sales, and conversions.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for data security
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality
  • Skilled and certified PPC experts
  • Competitive pricing and up to 60% cost savings
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Monthly performance reporting & consultations

Earn up to 70% Higher ROI on your eCommerce PPC Campaigns with SunTec India

eCommerce PPC Services: FAQs

Yes, as a part of our PPC search engine advertising services, we can monitor your existing/running PPC ads and make necessary changes to the campaigns to drive better results. Our PPC experts re-evaluate the keywords used, modify the ad copy, and optimize the bidding strategy to drive better sales and make the most out of the advertising budget.

Using PPC advertising enables the eCommerce business to

  • Get more sales and conversions
  • Drive qualified traffic
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Build a positive brand image
  • Achieve a high ROI

With our PPC management and optimization services, you can eliminate the pressure of creating better ads than your competitors or keeping track of your campaign's progress. Our PPC experts will do that so you can focus on your core operations. Other benefits of outsourcing eCommerce PPC services are:

  • Get access to eCommerce PPC experts
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Access to latest PPC tools and techniques
  • Faster results

The cost of setting up eCommerce PPC ad campaigns depends on various factors, including

  • Platform/marketplace where you are advertising
  • Type of ad you choose to display
  • Bidding (how much you are willing to pay for a click)
  • Targeting options (keywords and demographics can influence the ad costs)

To get a clear cost estimate, please share your requirements at info@suntecindia.com