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Outsource eCommerce Product Categorization Services

Have you ever tried to make a purchase from a huge online store with dozens of inviting products - and spent a lot of time and energy trying to find what you need - but ultimately end up not finding the right product and getting frustrated as a result? Would you want to visit that particular site again for another product - or would you find another place to shop?

The answer is obvious. It doesn't take a rocket science to figure out that proper product categorization is of utmost importance to any online marketplace, but amazingly enough, a lot of retailers - including a lot of major players just don't get it - and end up losing a lot of business.

Poor product categorization frustrates your shoppers, and they are unlikely to return to your site to make another purchase. You might believe that customers will find what they need through the search functions provided on most online shopping sites anyway, but that is not necessarily true either - improper categorization or taxonomy makes it tough for the search feature as well to find the right product.

Anyway, the good news is that SunTec India's product categorization services ensure that you never fall into this trap. We have over 15 years of experience categorizing products for a variety of different industries including, but not limited to clothing, lighting, sports, electronics, computers, bathroom accessories, medical equipment and more. We take away the hassle of learning about product categorisation, categorization or taxonomy and online store taxonomy - we ensure that you can instead focus on running your business in a productive manner while we take care of the rest.

Key feature of eCommerce Product Categorization

  • Accurate Product Categorization

  • Optimize Your Product Taxonomy

  • eCommerce Taxonomy Development

  • Accurate and Speedy Search Results

  • Better SEO Ranking

Accurate Product Categorization/ Optimized Taxonomy

It is a known fact that for most online retailers, 80% of products are placed into 20% of the categories. However, we not only make sure to correctly categorize your products - but we also make sure that your categories/subcategories are not generic or unbalanced.

  • Smart Categorization: Our team will start categorizing your products at the very bottom, starting with the SKU's . We figure out the correct product type for each SKU, after which categorizing them correctly is a breeze.
  • New Product Categorization: We make sure that each new product added to your site is individually reviewed by our team prior to placing it in the right category (or sub-category). This ensures that you can add new products to your site without any hassle - while we take care of the categorization for you!
  • Major Online Retailers: We have experience in categorizing products on all the major online retail sites such as eBay, Amazon, yahoo, etc.

Optimize your Product Taxonomy

We optimize your product taxonomy to make sure your customers can smoothly browse through your online product catalogs.

  • Strike the Right Balance: We make sure that each category is neither too large nor too small, so that customers can see all available alternatives and purchase the product that fits their exact requirements. We will make sure that each category/sub-category contains just the right amount of information and strike the right balance between having too many products in a category and too few.
  • Fixing "Faulty" Categories: We examine each of your categories, and make sure to repair the ones that contain too much information and force the customer into "bundled" decision making by extracting the actual category and any additional attributes as well.

eCommerce Taxonomy Development

Developing proper eCommerce taxonomy is one of our core specialties. We will design and periodically revise the initial site taxonomy for you. We will make sure that we assign the right tags and categories to each of your products. Most eCommerce ventures would experience a vast increase in sales by adding in more pinpoint categories, making sure that overlapping categories and attributes are used correctly, and by ensuring they add the correct relationship information between products and attributes.

Better SEO Ranking

Our team will create the right number of categories and sub-categories for you to ensure your site ranks highly in the search engines for certain keywords. For instance, the 'main' category and first level subcategory tends to be the one that gets more attention from search engines - and we ensure we optimize these pages to the best possible extent (keywords, proper listing of products , etc.) to ensure the best ranking.

Accurate and Speedy Search Results

Putting products in the right categories and sub-categories ensure that your site search feature is able to find the right product far more quickly and efficiently - and this results in happy customers finding the right product and then purchasing from you!

Discuss your eCommerce Product Categorization Requirements with us

We realize that it is not always an easy decision to choose the right company to outsource your product categorization requirements - and keeping this in mind, we invite you to try our services first before committing to a long term relationship. Contact us today, and never worry about your products being categorized inaccurately (and loss of business, thereby) again!