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Drive Sales and Reduce ACoS with Sponsored Ads Management & Amazon PPC Services

Boost Productivity & Profits with Amazon PPC Management

Locate, target, engage, and acquire leads on Amazon within your budget! Leverage Amazon PPC management services from SunTec India to attract qualified traffic, quality leads, and higher conversions for your listings.

  • The Best Ads in Your Budget
  • Grow On Amazon, Exponentially
  • Ads Designed to Perform
  • Engage the Right Audience
  • Uncover All Performance Insights
  • Extend Your Reach Worldwide

High performance, quick implementation, tangible results- that’s what we offer with complete Amazon Sponsored ads management. Amplify your sales without any hassle, grow exponentially, and keep your productivity levels at an all-time high!

Full-Cycle Amazon PPC Management Services

Grow your business across the world’s largest online marketplace with Amazon Sponsored ads management services from SunTec India.

We put your products where your customers are!

With a multidimensional range of Amazon CPC services and a dedicated team at your disposal, we help you connect with potential customers. A thorough permeation into every stage of your target user’s shopping journey via creative, well-worded, and aptly placed ads ensures a higher online reach.

Simultaneously, we divert traffic on and off Amazon to your eStore listings with headline search ads and sponsored brand ads. You can also target very particular user groups with our customized ads.

Overall, our Amazon PPC management agency provides PPC and CPC ad solutions for every budget and niche.

Amazon PPC Management Services

  • Sponsored Products

    • A Cost-per-click model-based Amazon CPC Service
    • Ads appear on the Amazon product pages and search result pages
    • Targets keywords or products, allows automatic targeting
    • Ideal for increasing ASIN views, impressions, and unit sales
    Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

    We excel at crafting Sponsored Product ads- the primary offering in our Amazon CPC management services. From comprehensive campaign management to optimized bid-wise organization, our experts drive sales with targeted Amazon sponsored ads management.

  • Sponsored Brands

    • A Cost-per-click model-based Amazon PPC Service
    • Customized ads appear on the search result pages
    • We can create user-specific, targeted custom headlines and custom landing pages
    • Ideal for building brand loyalty and market presence for new and old sellers
    Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

    With a striking team of Amazon PPC management experts, we help you engage browsing shoppers, customize headlines to push your USPs in the limelight, and keep your eStore and products fresh in the mind of any potential customers.

  • Sponsored Display

    • A Cost-per-click model-based Amazon PPC Service
    • Ads can appear on and off Amazon
    • Ads are designed as self-service display campaigns
    • Perfect for new product targeting and to help shoppers discover your brand
    Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

    With these display ads, we create touchpoints for your brand across the browsing, research, and shopping journey of a customer. You will also get flawless Amazon CPC optimization from us because we identify the specific type of display advertising most likely to work for you before moving further.

Amazon PPC Management: Profitable Amazon Ads in your Budget, only at SunTec India

Get high-impact results at comfortable prices!

With our Amazon PPC agency on your side, you will significantly increase productivity figures while reclaiming your staff’s time and get many other extensive advantages as well!

  • Higher Sales Volume & Velocity
  • ACoS Reduced up to 40%
  • Optimized Ad Spend
  • Profitable Keyword Scouring
  • Improved Brand Recognition
  • Business Opportunity Identification

Carrying out a successful budget-friendly PPC campaign depends on the micromanagement of several factors, such as daily budget, bid, ACoS, CPC, etc. Our Amazon CPC marketing experts frequently update themselves on the best ways to optimize those elements.

These techniques help us keep your budget in check while ensuring a profitable, effective, and result-driven PPC campaign.

Decrease ACoS

How much can you afford to spend on an Amazon PPC campaign? This is the first stage of budget monitoring in our Amazon PPC management services. We determine and maintain the list of ACoS for different keywords and products, analyze them segment-wise, and make sure that the amount you spend on advertising stays strictly within a profitable window and does not impact your ROI negatively.

Bring Down CPC

The data collected from ACoS and the conversion rates of your product listings is used to determine a default bid for all the keywords that you are trying to rank your ads for. With this information, we create guided and informed plans to set your daily advertising budget. Since you will pay for every user click, we aggressively monitor and adjust the ACoS with respect to CTR to maintain your CPC within a profitable range.

Cover More Keywords

Extensive keyword coverage is a battle-tested strategy that we use to help your eStore dominate the product categories in your niche. Through continuous Amazon PPC keyword research, we dig up insights on the long-term keywords that your ads are most likely to succeed for. Gradually, we also include generic keywords in your CPC ads and stretch its success value across Amazon.

We know how the search rank of any listing for a particular keyword impacts the budget and bid assigned to that keyword for a PPC ad. Our experts also detangle automatic bidding provided by Amazon via thorough research and keep a keen eye on any updates.

Together, this resolute attention to detail helps us keep our Amazon CPC management services strictly budget-friendly for all our clients.

Acquire Higher Conversion with 360-Degree Amazon PPC Services

The central aim of our Amazon sponsored ads management and Amazon PPC management services is to enable our clients to focus on growth. We take the mantle of PPC ads from you so that you can redirect your focus on other critical activities for brand building and business enhancement.

Therefore, when you outsource Amazon PPC marketing to the SunTec India team, we aid your endeavor with 360-degree support services.

Amazon PPC Keyword Research

We run frequent research cycles to uncover new keywords and ranking possibilities. We extract the keyword that can lead to sales and drop the ones that may waste ad spend.

Negative Keyword Identification

We avoid low CTR and high CPC for all PPC campaigns by identifying keywords that can do more harm than good. This includes phrases that your listings are not ranking for.

As a complementary dimension of our Amazon PPC services, you get complete brand store creation and management services to better promote your brand and listings. Just ask for the add-on when discussing requirements with us.

Periodic Reporting

Amazon offers unique and very deep analysis data that can do wonders for Amazon Sponsored ads management if used wisely. We use that data to report progress and devise strategies.

Competitive Analysis

We put you ahead of the competition in your niche with techniques like reverse ASIN analysis, competitor analysis, listing audit, and active brand recognition campaigns for your eStore.

Why Outsource Amazon PPC Services to SunTec India?

Support all your Amazon goals with SunTec India- a 25+ years-old eCommerce outsourcing company with a volley of success stories from across the globe. With a careful combination of ingenious Amazon PPC management services, listing optimization , and Amazon Sponsored ads management, we drive your brand and business towards profitable growth.

As a revered industry leader in the outsourcing sector, we offer the best industry practices, complete control over the proceedings, and quick onboarding of professionals.

  • ISO Certified Processes
  • Internationally Compliant Quality Standards
  • A Global Pool Of Talented Resources
  • Remote/Offshore Amazon PPC Services
  • Flexible Outsourcing Models
  • Proven Operational Approach
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Industry’s Best Project Turnaround Time
  • Customized Amazon Ads for Websites & Social Media

Get cost-effective, budget-friendly Amazon CPC services attuned to your requirements. To know more about how we can help your Amazon business reach new heights of success in the eCommerce landscape, get in touch with us at

Amazon PPC Management Services: FAQs

When selling on Amazon, you have the advantage of a filtered user base. On an online marketplace as large as Amazon, any customer typing a search term is already looking to buy. With smart Amazon PPC management, you can impress that customer to buy from you.

That is where we come in! With the right keyword placement, wording, and design, our Amazon PPC services create an ad that will turn a potential customer’s active buying intention into a conversion for your store.

Amazon PPC Ads can be classified into three categories.

  • Sponsored product ads
  • Sponsored display ads
  • Headline search ads/Sponsored brand ads

Despite these different choices for PPC advertising, Amazon maintains a hierarchy and a system. Our specialists track that algorithm, experiment with its outlooks, and develop strategies for ads that are highly likely to convert.

Budget estimation and optimization is a critical part of our Amazon PPC services. We follow a stepped (tried, tested, and proven) Amazon PPC management strategy to set a budget that can create returns without causing any monetary downfalls.

  • Identify the Average Cost of Sales (ACoS) with respect to your profit margins.
  • Determine campaign duration.
  • Based on the ACoS, determine the estimated expense you can afford for a PPC campaign.
  • Secure funds for the expected campaign duration.
  • Increase the chances of conversion and ad performance by choosing highly relevant keywords.
  • Calculate the average cost-per-click in your niche.
  • Use the CPC data to determine an appropriate bid amount.

With specialists from the SunTec India Amazon PPC agency, you can rest assured that your PPC campaigns will perform well without causing any budget-related hassles.

As a 25+ years old IT support company and an experienced Amazon PPC management agency, we understand the intricacies of Amazon Sponsored Ads management. Our experts use a variety of tools and techniques to improve your campaign’s performance and returns.

  • Start a PPC campaign with long-tail keywords (with low competition.)
  • Reduce ACoS by grouping high-ACoS products into separate campaigns.
  • Optimize the listing to improve your product’s visibility.
  • Create product targeting display ads for underperforming listings.
  • Analyze the ad placement report to alter bids by exposure and conversion statistics.
  • Conduct online user behavior analysis to understand your target user better.
  • Choose a default bid amount by assessing different PPC bidding strategies.
  • Create customized ads by user preferences and sales potential.
  • Target alternative keywords in your PPC campaigns.
  • Observe and analyze metrics to create better Amazon PPC management strategies.

From creating unified Amazon Sponsored Ads management plans to aggressive brand promotion via listing optimization, the SunTec India team does everything possible to push your sales and conversion up.

Both- SEO and PPC -are valuable ways to promote an Amazon store. However, it is critical to know when to use SEO and where PPC would be more suitable. You can drop that time-consuming hassle by outsourcing Amazon PPC management services to us.

Through a thorough audit, we determine what strategy suits your growth the most. Our Amazon PPC optimization experts also create hybrid strategies to give your eStore the best of both techniques.

This is a strong point of confusion and discourse, especially for new sellers!

Amazon PPC (Pay-per-Click) is a marketing approach used to create, promote, and optimize ads on the online marketplace. Amazon PPC management services are hired to increase ad visibility, engage more potential buyers, and sell more online.

CPC (cost-per-click) is a performance metric. It is used to measure the cost of every click and hence, the cost of the entire campaign to a seller. A gradually lowering CPC indicates a successful, relevant, and effective ad campaign.

What is the perfect time to launch a PPC campaign? None!

Amazon PPC optimization is an ongoing, iterative process. We create a PPC campaign as soon as you post a new listing. This ad is used to get actionable data which is then analyzed to create and optimize more effective, profitable PPC campaigns.

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