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Web Research/Data Mining Services

Harness the statistical power of online data with extensive web research & data mining services from SunTec India. We adopt data-driven approaches to study diverse samples and collate the most relevant, consistent, and accurate information for specific business problems and target markets. Through quick dispersion of processed data aggregated from thousands of web-based sources, our experts help you leverage the internet’s numerous public and private datasets to drive better leads, revenue, and sales.

  • Web Extraction, Mining, & Analytics
  • Qualitative Data Exploration
  • Customized Web Research Solutions
  • Extended Operational Efficiency
  • Real-time Information Relay
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

Drive Revenue with Effective Data Mining Services

Predict user behavior, prevent loss of data, and gain visibility into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with insightful data mining services.

At SunTec India, you are greeted with a data-centric platform designed to disseminate personalized, actionable insights through exhaustive web research services. We drive growth for your business by fishing for new opportunities via predictive data analysis and consumer-focussed business intelligence. We have just one aim- turning your niche-specific data into applicable methods, approaches, and processes that can bring in high-quality leads and enhance your brand reputation.

Our data entry company employ granular cross-referencing to discover trends in large-scale databases and apply spatial data to create cost-effective solutions to diverse organizational problems. With the help of interactive data visualization, we improve marketing attribution, maximize cost-savings, and guide you towards well-informed, substantial decision-making, thus improving operational efficiency.

Usage Mining

We use the latest data mining and processing techniques to reveal consumer usage patterns and better understand user behavior.

Structure Mining

We provide a comprehensive structure of inter-document and intra-document connections by summarizing hyperlinks between web pages.

Content Mining

By mining thousands of websites for text, audio, video, images, and other multimedia content forms, we create a store of unstructured & semi-structured data that is analyzed further to uncover user requirements and behavior patterns.

A Complete Suite of Web Research & Data Mining Services

Data Mining Web Research Services

Product Research

Employ our remote web research and data mining services to enjoy the benefits of qualitative analysis techniques and exhaustive product research, from defining the target market for a product to collecting critical information, specifications, descriptions, images, product categories, etc.

Business/Company Research

We are equipped with a globally relevant experience of serving across different industries. It enables us to come up with the latest industrial updates, financial reports, and benchmarking comparisons for your contemporary companies & competitors, helping you stay ahead of the rest.

Lead Generation & Contact Research

Get your hands on carefully collated data from public and private databases, analyzed and organized to recognize opportunities for lead identification and targeted marketing. We also collect, cleanse, and upgrade contact information for businesses’ mailing lists to facilitate effective user targeting while eliminating redundancies.

Document Data Mining

Our internet research services cater to diverse document data mining needs, including data extraction, analysis, and organization from online and offline sources like text databases, Word documents, research journals, legal documents, financial papers, magazines, white papers, thesis, news, etc.

Social Media Research

Streamline your brand reputation across all platforms with our social media data mining services, designed to uncover trends, decode customer conversation, accelerate product promotions, evaluate competitors, and enhance user engagement.

Price Intelligence

Our data experts excavate the web for products and companies in your domain and monitor their product placement and pricing data to spot patterns, fetch underlying formulas, and enhance your campaigns accordingly.

SunTec India: One-Stop Solution for Web Research & Data Mining Services

SunTec India has supported numerous companies worldwide with the latest and best data and technology solutions for 20+ years. Our unique positioning in the industry as a leading web research and data mining service provider, coupled with cross-domain experiences, enables us to work on a wide array of business problems while preserving precision and creating successful outcomes.

eCommerce & Retail

Empower your marketing strategies with full-scale comparative analysis and web research for all leading eCommerce marketplaces, including Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, Target, etc.

Real Estate Data Research

We collect raw real estate data from thousands of websites across the internet and convert them into insightful information through granular research and analysis to facilitate better decision making.

Equity and Risk Management

Mitigate risks for your financial endeavors with end-to-end financial data mining and web research services from SunTec India. We mine relevant data from different sources, including Yellowpages, corporate websites, news feeds, etc.

Profile Research

Construct individual consumer profiles with the help of our behavioral data mining outsourcing services and redesign your marketing campaigns for efficiency with personalized content, preference-based targeting, and transactional insights.

Job Aggregation

Use our job aggregation services to your advantage by collecting high-quality recruitment leads, sorted from different platforms and websites(LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) to match your constraints and requirements.

Brand Monitoring

Track online content, pricing data, competitor performance, social media conversations, forums, web pages, and any coverage that involves your brand name to get a complete picture of your brand reputation, as well as insights to improve your brand’s visibility across digital touchpoints.

Business Automation

Allow our offshore data mining and web research services to automate different internal processes for your business, thus enabling smooth data movement while enhancing operational efficiency, minimized overheads, and maximized time-utilization.

Product Development

Leverage our exhaustive web research and data mining services to fuel product development lifecycles with insights like market expectations, potential obstructions, marketing challenges, product face-value, price intelligence, etc.

Quick, Hassle-free, and Insightful Data Mining Services

1. Business Understanding

Client inquiries are studied to grasp their scraping needs, nature of web research, and types of websites they prefer to crawl.

2. Solution Design

After requirement gathering, analysis, and verification, our solution architects draft a plan to achieve the client’s expected outcomes in due time.

3. Crawler Design

Crawlers are created and customized to meet your web research and data mining service requirements.

4. Sample Data

We scrape and deliver a sample of data to the client and use the feedback to adjust quality, formatting, and precision thresholds.

5. Crawling at Scale

Post sample approval, we run the crawlers at a larger scale, targeting a large set of web pages and websites, to collect reasonable amounts of relevant data.

6. Data Evaluation

Collected data sets are organized. We remove ambiguity, fix errors, include annotations as needed, and conduct quality evaluations.

7. Formatted Delivery

Every scraped data set is converted into the chosen delivery format and checked for inconsistencies if any.

8. Crawler Maintenance

The crawlers are upgraded at frequent intervals to combat technical glitches that might affect the quality of scraped data.

Combat Web Research Challenges With Ease

Web scraping is not without its challenges, especially in large-scale data extraction projects. However, as a leading web research and data mining company, SunTec India has experienced and overcome several stumbling blocks pertaining to crawler creation, setup, maintenance, updation, overall web scraping, and data management. Our most prominent victories over such challenges allow us to reward our clients with flawless and steady web research and data mining services.

Web Research & Data Mining Services

Uninterrupted Bot Access

Our crawlers always ask for scraping permission from target websites. Additionally, we prepare a list of alternative target web pages with similar information to ensure continuous data extraction.

Crawler Adaptation

Our crawlers are updated frequently to respond to structural changes in website markup, thus preserving the quality of collected data while protecting the scraper from spontaneous crashes.

IP Proxy Services

IP blocking is a common web scraping challenge that we overcome by integrating our crawlers with the best and latest IP proxies. We work around most anti-scraping technologies legally and ethically.

Dynamic Content Scraping

Our crawlers can easily scrape websites that contain unpredictable and inconsistent AJAX and Javascript elements, despite the difficulty involved in extracting data from an automated interface, via sophisticated coding maneuvers.

Conquer Your Data Mining Challenges with SunTec India

When you outsource web research and data mining services to SunTec India, we commit to covering all grounds to help achieve your business objectives.

SunTec India supports businesses globally with accurate and reliable data, an optimum blend of skilled data professionals, cross-industry experience and technical know-how. Our outsourcing models and operational methods have been recognized by both academic and business organizations worldwide for their efficiency.

At SunTec India, our web scraping experts analyze a multitude of online and legacy sources, aggregate information fitting your data extraction project, and create customized crawlers to heighten the accuracy and quality of collected datasets. In addition to 360-degree web research and data mining services, our outsourcing company also provides data categorization, annotation, and detailed reporting services. Our customized solutions empower your business with insightful analytics, timely outcomes, and internationally compliant standards of quality.

  • Flexible Services
  • Processed & Formatted Data
  • High Quality; Complete Confidentiality
  • ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security & data confidentiality
  • Quick Project Turnaround
  • ISO 9001 certification for superior data quality
  • Multi-tier Quality Analysis
  • Secure data transmission
  • Scalable Operational Models

Through our web research & data mining services, we can help you gain reliable business insights and competitive intelligence needed to drive profitable strategies. You can connect with us with your specific requirements at info@suntecindia.com to know more or get a free quote.

Client Speak

Client Speak

As a real estate investment agency, we wanted a team of well-trained professionals that can provide us with real-time data on foreclosure, bankruptcy, sheriff sales, and auctions. SunTec India, not only gave us instant access to such a team but also made sure that we can collaborate with them at our convenience. Our remote resources took no time to become an indispensable part of our in-house team and started delivering more than what we had expected; thanks to their expertise and professionalism. We couldn’t have chosen a better service provider.

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