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B2B Offline Data Entry Services

The modern business landscape is dominated by digital technology, so much so that every company, be it small or large relies heavily on digitized data entry. However, a significant amount of business-critical data is still being generated in non-digital form. Documents such as forms, manual invoices, insurance claims, and other paper records are rich sources of data. You have to fall back on offline data entry services to process information from such sources.

Offline Data Entry Services

No matter how big or small a business you are, time is a critical factor while performing offline data entry. The quicker you are able to do it, the smoother your operations will be. Businesses that process their offline data in-house usually end up losing on productive time and resources. You can save big on both these accounts by outsourcing offline data entry services to SunTec India. We are a reputed offline data entry services company with a vintage of more than 20 years. Our offline data conversion professionals work on a 24X7 basis to help organizations of all sizes enhance their operational efficiency.

Offline Data Entry Service Professionals

By choosing SunTec India as your offline data entry services partner, you get the advantage of working with an industry leader. Having led the data services arena for more than two decades, we have developed our very own workflows that keep our clients ahead of the competition. With us, you get quick access to the most suitable skill sets and the ability to work directly with your remote resources.

Complete Suite Of Our Offline Data Entry Services

SunTec India offers the widest range of offline data entry services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or a large company, our highly scalable and flexible outsourcing model is designed to give you customized services within quick turnaround time. Apart from English, we provide offline data entry services in all the major languages including, Spanish, German, French, and many more. All our services are ISO certified for quality and data security.

The Array of Our Offline Data Entry Services Include:

Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites, and image files

Our offline data entry experts are adept at extracting data from a wide variety of offline sources including mailing lists and websites. They can compile the data in your preferred format to smoothen your operations.

Offline form processing

We have a specialized team of data entry experts that takes care of all sorts of form processing. Whether it is market research forms or healthcare forms, they can process the information contained in them as per your individual needs.

Offline data capture

Capturing the desired data from a wide range of sources is the forte of our data entry team. They meticulously study your requirements and accordingly come up with a customized data capture plan.

Offline entry of insurance claims

The team at SunTec India has a proven track record of simplifying the insurance claims process by entering and processing data from complex forms.

Offline form filling

Our offline data entry professionals can gather data from diverse sources and fill it in forms as per your individual needs.

E-books entry, business cards entry, catalogs, and labels entry

Our team can compile and update product catalogs by capturing the desired information from a variety of sources. Inserting images and data in e-books, capturing data from business cards, and labels also come under the purview of our offline data entry services.

Offline entry of data from one version/format to another

You can also offload the daunting task of making different versions of the same data to our offline data entry experts.

Data entry into database programs:

Our professionals are hands-on in all the major database programs, which means they can enter data with accuracy and speed irrespective of the program you use.

Survey forms data entry

Offline data entry experts at SunTec India are adept at entering data in survey forms. No matter how complex and detailed your survey form is, our professionals will make data entry a smooth sailing for you.

Tax forms data entry

We have a dedicated team of tax forms data entry experts who can process tax data in compliance with statutory guidelines.

Receipt, invoice, and bills data entry

Our team of offline data entry experts is adroit at capturing data from receipts, invoices, and bills. With their expertise on your side, you can get customized results well within the stipulated time frame.

Our Offline Data Entry Workflow

SunTec India follows a meticulous workflow to deliver quality services to our clients. With this approach, we have carved our own niche in the data services arena. Here’s how we deliver excellence in every offline data entry project.

Offline data entry workflow

The Unique Benefits of Partnering With SunTec India Also Include:

offline data entry - benefits of partnering with SunTec India

Amplify Operational Performance for Your Business with SunTec India

Our offline data entry services effectively impact operational efficiency for businesses through a well-woven cycle of data entry, cleansing, validation, and processing.

As a leading, 20+ years old data entry service provider, we understand the importance and implications of data management. Our offerings are designed accordingly to help you make the most of your offline data, monitor the market, build effective customer profiles, and track your progress.

Our professional offline data entry services cover a wide range of documents, including-

  • Applications
  • Invoice Summaries
  • Tax Forms
  • Receipts
  • Product Catalogs
  • Patient Reports and Records
  • Email Subscription Lists
  • Bankruptcy Claim Forms
  • Expense Reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys

Outsource your offline data entry requirements to the SunTec India team and receive compiled information with the guarantee of precision. You can send your queries to us at or contact us for a risk-free trial.

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Client Speak

Client Speak

At SunTec India we got just the best of everything: whether it was their product upload service or their timeliness in regards to delivery of services. For us, it was like getting quantitative work without compromising on quality. We have noticed quadrupled hits for our products that made our sales pass through the roof.

Ed Wolf, Italy
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