Outsource XML & DTD Design Services

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a data-description language that allows users to define their own tags, making it easier for them to exchange and share data, develop documents and enhance apps. The purpose of a DTD (Document Type Definition) is to outline the document structure using legal elements of an XML document. Completing these tasks in-house is often time-consuming, requires skilled resources and hence takes a toll on your finances. However, by outsourcing XML and DTD Design Services to SunTec India you can save up to 60% of the cost.

SunTec India offers a complete suite of XML and DTD design services, aimed at helping global clients in structuring content of all types for flexible re-use and web publishing. Our experts convert the content into XML format, enabling publishers to store, manage, locate and dynamically deliver it to readers. With SunTec India, you get easy access to expertise on Latex, InDesign, 3B2, QuarkXPress, Frame Maker, etc. These ISO certified professionals work exclusively for you from a world class facility in India to deliver tailor-made XML conversion services. As a result, you get significant cost-saving and customized services within a quick turnaround time.

What Are the Advantages of XML-DTD Conversion to Businesses?

XML- formerly known as Extensible Markup Language -is a readable, extendable, and Java-compatible language. XML is a robust format for effective information exchange, prominently used in web publishing, web search, information retrieval in mobile and web applications, and electronic data interchange in business to business applications.

DTD (Data-Type-Document) is a way to validate XML files. It checks the order of the elements, specifies their relation within a document, loosely defines the involved data types, and determines the number and types of nesting.

For a business working with XML, DTD conversion is a critical and valuable process.

  • It simplifies online publishing.
  • It allows flexible reuse of data elements.
  • It lets you define the XML file format.
  • It does not affect or slow down the application/process using XML.
  • It is a prevalent standard for validating XML documents.

And, when you outsource XML-DTD conversion to reputable vendors, your business gets the added advantage of prompt support, quick delivery, and cost savings.

XML DTD Design: XML Schema Construction, Testing, and Verification

SunTec India's XML and DTD design services are engineered to help publishers in storing and managing the web publishing documents, while enhancing the content for the audience to read. We make expert use of and adapt diverse 3rd party encoding standards such as DocBook, NLM, DTBook, TEI, S1000D, etc.

We analyze the client's requirements and ensure that the content is converted in tune with their business objective. As part of our service spectrum, we help you convert scanned, media-rich and unstructured documents into XML files. Further, our DTD production experts develop, refine and document the DTD and Schema to create dynamic products.

Our XML Design Services Include:

  • Analyzing the documents/ data
  • Developing DTD/Schema to be reusable, flexible and practical
  • Writing conversion specifications
  • XML encoding
  • Proofing

We also create detailed and complete documentation, called Tag Library, with every schema/ DTD suite.

As Part of XML and DTD Design Services, we Offer the Following:

Our PubMed conversion experts process complex images and scientific formulae in accordance with the content submission guidelines of the PubMed Central Library. Further, the content is tagged in tune with PubMed DTD/ Schema. Our QA team also carries out quality checks to ensure the error-free outcomes.

XML & DTD Design Services - Get the SunTec India Advantage

  • 15 + years of experience in delivering customized XML and DTD Design Services
  • Proven track record of serving diverse industry verticals across the globe
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certification for superior quality and information security
  • Stringent quality control to achieve 99.99% data accuracy
  • 24x7 customer support for instant resolutions of issues and queries
  • Flexible and scalable outsourcing model to suit your individual needs

Discuss Your XML-DTD Design Requirements With Our Experts

SunTec India has served numerous enterprises across the globe with a varied degree of IT and data support services. We operate in multiple verticals, maintain a rich technology culture, and ensure 100% client satisfaction, no matter the requirements.

Our XML experts produce dynamic solutions that align with your objectives while ensuring security, quality, and perfection at all stages.

Make a difference and create an impact in your niche with XML-DTD conversion services from SunTec India. Drop a line at info@suntecindia.com to know more about our comprehensive suite of eBook development services or discuss your project. We also offer a free demo session to help you understand our operations and process. You can request the same via email or by filling the form on this page.