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Amazon Product Keyword Research

Boost Your Product Listing Popularity and Increase Sales with High-Opportunity, Context-Rich Keywords

Outsource Amazon Keyword Research Services

Create a brand identity and skyrocket your eStore’s popularity and reach on the world’s largest online marketplace with full-cycle Amazon keyword research services from SunTec India. We treat Amazon as the search engine it is, assembling a careful combination of relevant keyword suggestions that can successfully direct a search query to your Amazon product listing.

  • Professional Amazon Keyword Research Services
  • Backend/Long-tail/Search Term Research
  • Keyword Tracker for Amazon Ads
  • Meta Tag Keyword Research
  • Familiarity with Prominent SEO Tools
  • Amazon Keyword Volume, Bidding, & Ranking Strategy

We employ a result-oriented and performance-driven operational mechanism to enhance the incoming traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, and sales for your Amazon listing. The outcome of our Amazon product keyword research services is a profitable list of keywords containing context-rich entries of high opportunity and volume.

Our response-driven Amazon keyword strategies lead to-

  • Higher Amazon Search Result Ranking
  • Better Amazon Seller Ranking
  • Increased Click-through Rate
  • Higher Incoming Traffic
  • Improved Conversions, Sales, and ROI

Amazon Product Keyword Research

End-to-End Amazon Product Keyword Research Services

Amazon Product Listing Keyword Research

By extracting data from different Amazon SEO tools, keyword research tools, and internet search results, and arranging them by context, queries, and product category, we compile a list of keywords that are highly likely to increase the search engine ranking position for your Amazon product listing.

Backend/Meta Label Keyword Research

Our Amazon keyword research experts look for long-tail keywords that can not be adjusted within the character limit for product title, image tags, or bullets but are just as relevant and frequently used in user’s searches. These are added to Amazon search terms and can boost the visibility of listings.

Keyword Suggestions for Title, Bullets, & Description

In addition to in-depth keyword research, we also perform a thorough analysis of the collated list and come up with high-value keyword phrases that can be used in critical product page elements like the title, bullet points, image tags, meta description, and meta title.

Comprehensive Keyword Reporting

Every Amazon keyword search project at SunTec India is concluded with a report that contains a neatly arranged list of keywords, sorted by volume, significance, and context for relevant search results. The report also includes personalized suggestions by our experts backed by data to increase your eStore’s traffic.

Competitor Research

We find the keywords that your top competitors are ranking for and then use this data to reverse engineer their Amazon SEO strategy and utilize thus recovered insights to improve your Amazon listings’ SERP.

Manual Quality Analysis Product Variation Listing Creation

The keyword list recovered after automated QA processes is culled by our eCommerce SEO specialists to cull the unnecessary, irrelevant, and ambiguous keywords, ensuring heightened accuracy in the final list of specialized and generic Amazon keywords.

Amazon Keyword Research: Our Approach

Finding and analyzing relevant keywords for Amazon product pages is a strategic operation that requires a sound logic to guarantee requirement-satisfying responses. Keeping that in mind, we use the best premium and free tools for Amazon keyword research (SellerApp, Ahrefs, etc.) The collated responses are then passed through a rigorous set of constraints to achieve a narrowed and specialized list of search terms that can be used to make your Amazon listing search engine friendly and engaging.

We choose the final keywords based on a range of factors, including-

  • Target audience
  • Amazon’s search box suggestions
  • Google’s search box suggestions
  • Reverse ASIN lookup for top competitors
  • Competitive terms with good search volume and low competition
  • Search Volume differences in keywords, their synonyms, and alternate spellings
  • Country-based keyword search volumes
  • The relevance of keywords for conversions

By identifying high-priority keywords that work in your domain, product category, and region, we help optimize your eStore, attract the right traffic, and increase sales performance.

Popular Amazon Keyword Research Tools We Use

As a leading Amazon keyword research service provider company, SunTec India equips eCommerce sellers with an actionable, data-backed keyword strategy modeled to their target demographic, goals, and market requirements. For this purpose, we train and deploy data and research experts well-versed in a wide range of prominent and popular SEO and Amazon keyword tools.

  • MerchantWords - Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • Helium10 - Tool for Amazon Keyword Research
  • Sonar - Tool for Amazon Keyword Research
  • AmzOne - Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • KeywordToolManager - Tool for Amazon Keyword Research
  • Viral Launch - Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • Jungle Scout - Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • Google Keyword Planner -  Tool for Amazon Keyword Research
  •  Keyword Tool -  Tool for Amazon Keyword Research
  • SellerApp - Amazon Keyword Research Tool
  • KeyworX - Tool for Amazon Keyword Research

Business Benefits of Outsourcing Amazon Keyword Research Services to SunTec India

For a little over two decades, SunTec India has helped numerous global businesses with online and offline marketing and sales support. In today’s digital world, keyword research has become an inherent and critical part of that online commercial market and an equally vital part of our outsourcing service stack.

At our company, Amazon keyword research experts from multiple market domains come together to help you understand-

  • What is the ideal customer of your brand searching for?
  • What keywords are your competitors targeting to gain visitors?

In addition to Amazon keyword tips, product listing optimization, and ad campaigns setup, we also conduct Amazon keyword trend analysis to fuel your eStore’s growth through data-driven insights. As an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified organization, we work in close coordination with your in-house team and ensure the highest standards of information security and data quality.

Improved SERP

By designing your product page content to closely match a high number of potential user queries, we increase the chances of your listing getting ranked by the Amazon search engine algorithm, A10.

Increased Conversions

Highly-optimized Amazon product listings attract well-qualified, high-quality leads, thus directing more traffic to your page and increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into buyers.

Higher Seller Ranking

Seller ranking and brand reputation on Amazon are directly proportional to an improving SERP and decent buyer experiences. Additionally, we maintain consistent communication with your customers to listen to and resolve their queries, thus ensuring seamless buyer journeys.

Aggregated Actionable Outcomes

Through keyword data aggregation, grouping, and automated and manual, two-tier sorting, we collect a single sink of filtered keywords that can be used, studied, and analyzed to attract more high-value prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Better Buyer Comprehension and Competitive Advantage

Amazon keyword research is a continuous learning process that relies on tracking and understanding buyer behavior, search patterns, and usage by region, marketplaces, domains, and demographic sections. The data thus collected during keyword collation is of great value. At SunTec India, we use such critical data points as a fuel for our on-demand marketing and sales support services, giving your eStore and brand the advantage of analytics and data-driven operational efficiency.

Discuss Your Amazon Keyword Research Requirement With Us

Leverage our 20+ years of industry experience and attract the right traffic to your Amazon product listing. To know more about how our Amazon product keyword research services can help boost your click-through rates and conversion figures, reach out to us at

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