Stock Photo Editing Services

Stock Photo Retouching

You need dedicated resources for stock image retouching to help you edit and prepare images for possible commercial/micro stock sale. With Stock Photo Editing Services at SunTec India, you can get your stock images shorn of background or with pure white background, proper color and exposures throughout the picture, and with realistic shadows, where needed. Our photo editors are proficient at making the colors as vibrant as possible in a natural way without over saturating.

Stock Photo Editing Services

Stock Image Editing: What We Do?

SunTec India is equipped with a team of experienced graphic editors who retouch and enhance your photos , and work hard to ensure our deliveries are in sync with your requirements and within the promised frame of time. Several facets of a stock photo are meticulously edited by us – making it ready to be put on a Stock Photo website or to be used otherwise.

  • Removal of noise
  • Elimination of dust, spots and blemishes
  • Removal of logo/trademark names
  • Removing any unwanted objects
  • Color corrections
  • Adjusting curves
  • Optimum brightness and contrast

Our Stock Photo Editors are Richly Experienced in:

  • Image retouching for stock or micro stock sale
  • Retouching images that are isolated on a white background
  • Image retouching for commercial models
  • Retouching images with disturbing lighting, exposure and colors

Why Choose SunTec India for Retouching Stock Images?

  • The retouched images produced by us are suitable for commercial sale or micro stock use.
  • SunTec India has a team of dynamic and creative professionals adept at editing stock photos.
  • Since the inception of our photo editing vertical, our customers all over the world have been well satisfied with our flawless stock photo retouching services .
  • Extremely stringent measures for quality control that ensure desired output
  • Free trial for all our new customers. Upon the successful completion of the trial, we will commission a team of dedicated photo editors, who have closely worked on assignments that are similar to yours, for your stock photo retouching and editing project.
  • Flexible services are offered at SunTec India, tailored precisely as per your needs
  • We offer rapid turnaround time.

Stock Image Editing: What is it all about?

Stock photographs are licensed photographs used specifically to accomplish the needs of creative assignments, usually at a lower cost. As nowadays, stock photos can be purchased through the internet, stock photography obliterates the need for hiring a photographer.

However, stock images might not always reflect your best and finest aspect. Stock photos may look sterile and contrived. Some of the stock images may look far too perfect - so conspicuously staged - that they become unreal, while some others may have insufficient lighting, exposure and color issues. Stock Photo editors should be skilled at solving such issues and thereby producing good results, and cutting an experience that's unique to you.

Discuss Your Stock Photo Editing Requirements with us

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Client Speak

Client Speak

It's good to see someone stick to their professional commitment like you did. You completed all the work with absolute precision and gave us a good turnaround on our orders. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your support and hard work.

Christina Maldonado
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