Wedding Photo Editing Services

Exceptional Image Retouching Service for Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Editing Services

Transform your images into their best versions with touch-ups that elevate your brand and impress your audiences. Wedding image editing services from SunTec India help you deliver the quality your client wants within 12-24 hours.

Wedding Photos Edited by Artists

With a large team of professional photographers and photo editors, our wedding photo retouching services bring the best out of your images through a creative touch toned to your preferences.

Get Results within 12-24 Hours

Outsource wedding photo editing services to us and get results within a day. Despite high-quality editing and retouching, color correction, and other advanced fixes, our turnaround time never wavers.

4 Simple Steps to Exceptional Photos

Our wedding image editing services operate in four simple phases. Shoot the weddings according to your schedule. Upload the pictures. Give our team the link, detailed editing instructions, and any references. Download your digitally enhanced results via secure means within a day.

Quality, Always!

As a leading and veteran wedding photo editing service provider, we strive to create personalized outcomes with unique twists- images that impress, inspire, and delight your clients and audiences, put your message across, and not only adhere to but shift industry paradigms.

At SunTec India company, wedding photo editing services are modeled with a unique approach- one that mimics your style, focuses on your client’s preference, and reflects an amalgamation of these visions.

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Our Wedding Photography Editing Service Offerings

Every professional photographer wishes to get their images right in the camera. However, flawless wedding photography is a nuanced art that requires post-processing to turn the photos into art. Our wedding photo editing services help you achieve just that!

From quick modifications, like black-and-white conversion, dodging, and burning, to complete makeovers involving body contouring, head swaps, sky change, portrait retouching, etc., our team handles multiple levels and types of editing styles. From the image quality to content, everything is carefully weighed in via a frame-to-frame process to ensure consistent imagery. We also customize our wedding photography editing services to suit your client’s aesthetics while giving you the most control over the edited photos.

Culling & Color Correction

We select the best shots, fix issues related to colors, hues, and undertones, and ensure delightful tones to the image.

HDR Photo Blending

We combine multiple shots with different exposures to create a single image that brings out the best of your bride & groom.

Portrait Retouching

From smoothening the skin to removing wrinkles and creases from dresses, we make sure every portrait looks like a digital masterpiece.

Background Removal & Retouching

We remove light or bad backgrounds, correct their perspective, remove unwanted objects, and adjust elements to create a realistic yet aesthetic image.

People/Object Removal & Addition

Our image retouching services for wedding photographers shift the focus from distracting elements and onto your photo’s object.

Change the background/environment of your images with high-quality, composite manipulations eased into your pictures with finesse.

Make-Up Adjustment

To add a natural-looking touch to your portraits and group photos, we implement makeup adjustments, like enhancing glow, fixing color, and adding or fixing makeup.

Skin Tone Fixing

Bring your wedding photographs to a natural hue with healthy tone adjustments implemented across a wide range of solo and group photographs in multiple settings.

Custom Photo Selection

Our photo editors spend a good deal of time wading through your picture bundles and picking out the best choices to simplify sorting.

Wedding Album Design

Our creative graphic design team employs a unique design, photo selection, and presentation technique to create fascinating wedding album designs.

In addition to these wedding photography retouching services, we also offer a range of services that make life easier for wedding photographers. You can choose only what you need on every order. These include:

  • Correction of color and exposure on every image
  • Artistic/creative edits on maximum images as per your choice
  • Custom black and white edits on the duplicate set of images
  • Image sorting and renumbering
  • Delivery of fully edited JPG and RAW files
  • Event archiving and retrieval
  • Custom album designs with and without templates

Why Outsource Wedding Photo Editing Services to SunTec India

As a prominent IT outsourcing company operating globally for 20+ years, SunTec India has carved a unique spot for itself by providing wedding photo editing services for professional photographers. We are well-appointed in this domain with an experienced photo editing team, advanced technology culture, and continually upgrading skill sets.

Natural Look

Our wedding photography retouching services employ tools and techniques that make your pictures look natural.


We deliver consistent outcomes through frame-by-frame image editing, enhanced in line with your idea to impress the audience.


Our monitors are regularly calibrated to maintain the accuracy of the images in regards to resolutions and context.


We apply a wide variety of enhancements and effects on selected images to bring out the best outcomes.


Instead of operating on a batch at once, our wedding photo editing services are implemented to images one by one to ensure heightened outcomes.

Discuss your Wedding Photo Editing Services Requirements with us

Contact us for a FREE QUOTE and to receive more information about our wedding photo editing services. Be sure to email or upload the significant image(s) for Free Trial to get an idea about our quality wedding photo editing service. For more information or queries, mail us at

Editing requirements other than weddings are also invited for trial. We will work with you at an agreeable price. Contact Us today!

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